Thursday, June 01, 2006

God's art show!

Last night I sat on my front steps and watched a Thunderstorm move slowly towards me. I am one of those people who truly love Thunderstorms! The light show is so awesome,,its like its just for me. And the power in the lightening strikes and the roar of the thunder,,it really does something inside of me. Sometimes its like how my life feels,,stormy. Sometimes it shows me just how much beauty there is in my life.
The breeze and the bending of the trees like they are bowing down to this mighty force that is heading our way. And after a hot and humid day,,I sit on my steps,,feeling so refreshed,,and Thanking my God for this wonderful show of his mighty art!

(picture is from webshots,,but I wish I had taken it)

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AnnieElf said...

Here's a name for you Beth. Thunderwoman. I like that name for you because you ARE strong and evening lightning could not strike you down successfully. I think that is why the storm allows you to be its friend.