Sunday, July 30, 2006

Artfull day yesterday.

Since it was a delightfully rainy day yesterday, I spent most of it in the Art Room creating masterpieces,,lol. I did get 2 of my cards for the Art Card Deck finished.
The first one is Time- Ace of Hearts

The next card was Journey-Two of Hearts,,I love this picture of the girls traveling in the Stage Coach,,and I think the quote fits the picture.

This morning I made a ATC for a Alphabet ATC deck. This weeks letter was A, so I used the word Artist and used a picture of my most favorite Artist- Vincent Van Gogh! I love all of his art,,and I could relate to his mental health issues,,as I have suffered with depression for many years. Starry Night is my favorite picture and I guess one of his most famous.
Here's Vinny

I shall probably be in my Art room most of the week as it is going to get Hot here again. The mid 90s tomorrow and high humidity so it will feel like 100 or more.
I am expecting a package tomorrow. Daniel ordered us a nice patio table for our pond area and they are delivering it tomorrow in a 18 wheeler truck. Now this is always interesting,,when you get off of our exit there is a truck stop at the bottom of the ridge,,I mean you can't miss it,,its a Petro. Well for some reason,,alot of trucks go right past it(fatigue maybe?) and they head up the ridge toward our neighborhood. We have a very curvy road too. Well they get all the way to our 4 way stop and figure our they have missed the truck stop,,and they will sit at the stop sign blocking the road trying to figure out what to do,,lol. Our neighbor across the street use to be a police officer,,and bless his heart, if he is home he will come out and help them out of their jam by standing there and directing them how to turn around at the 4 way and go back down the hill. I have seen him out there one night in one of the worst thunderstorms and heavy rains helping these poor drivers out. I bet tomorrow he will wonder if he is going to have to come out and help my table delivery driver out,,lol. I want to go down to the truck stop and meet them there but I don't have truck,,I might try to talk Daniel into keeping his truck and do this,,but he's like "No,,they can bring it to us",,,Stubborn man,,lol. It should be interesting.
Hope every one has a wonderful sunday!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stormy Saturday

I woke up this morning to the wonderful sounds of a gentle rumble of thunder and some nice rain falling. We have been needing rain so much this summer. Its been raining all morning and my beautiful flowers have been laughing and singing with happiness,,lol.
I didn't post yesterday because I spent the day with 3 wonderful women in my life. My Aunt Adelaide is my mother's oldest sister,,she is 87 and still going strong! She had 4 children but 2 have passed away from cancer,,she has 13 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren,,and they keep her young. She had been spending the week with Mom,,then my niece, Emily, came up from Alabama yesterday to spend the night with Mom. Emily is my mom's first grandchild. She is 30 but you would never know it. She looks like a teen-ager. She is a very talented artist. She paints wonderful pictures with oils and water colors,,I will try to post some of her art soon.
We all went to lunch and then we took my sweet Aunt home. My Uncle passed away several years ago,,and she lives in a very pretty Apartment. She can't drive any more as her eyesight is not very good. Her Children and Grandchildren take her every where,,and they take great care of her. She gave me some old jewelry she had been saving for me to use in my creative art projects,,and said she would give me more when she finishes going through it.
After we dropped my Aunt off, Mom, Emily and I went to Hobby Lobby and Booksamillion. It was so a great day and I so enjoyed being with these precious women,, Here are a few pictures that we took.

This is Emily, Mom, and Aunt Adelaide(I call her Aunt Addie)

Me, Mom, and Aunt Addie

I have been working on a few projects that I found in the new Somerset Gallery magazine. One of them is this banner. I made it to hang in my ART room. And yes Mom,,I will make you one too,,lol.

This is where it hangs in my art room.

Here is a funny story about my ART banner. Last night Daniel put some more shelves up for me in my Art room. He looked up at the banner and said,,"What is ATR?",,lol, I had put it together like that,,I even took pictures of it yesterday and didn't even catch it,,so I had to take it down and change the letters,,duh!
But I do like it and it was fun to make.
Well I hope all my friends out west are cooling down some. Its suppose to heat up here again by the middle of next week,,so I will probably be inside doing more projects.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today is a perfect day to finish up some of my art projects. Its a cloudy, raining looking day. We are suppose to have rain showers the rest of the week. And I am glad as my flowers really need more rain.
I feel so guilty because my good friends out west are suffering from this terrible heat wave,,and also my friend Daisy in England has high temps too.
I was thinking about how wonderful the internet is for making new and very good friends. And I have to tell this,,My Mom who is 77 has been online for about 7 years,,and she has met alot of wonderful friends. One of her friends flew down from Wisconsin a few summers ago and spent several days with her,,and then Mom flew up there the next spring and stayed with her. They still remain very close. The met playing card games on Yahoo.
Another friend of my Mom has sent her several great e-mails and pictures through the years. Mom has used alot of these pics with her art work. Well yesterday a friend called to tell her that this sweet lady had passed away. Mom had never met Doris,,but they had e-mailed and knew each other that way. Mom was so upset and cried yesterday because she will miss her so much. It just makes me think that even if you never meet your internet friends face to face,,they are still in your heart and mind,,and you treasure their friendship just like you treasure your friends that you see every day. I got to talk to my dear friend Vicci on the phone Monday,,and it was so cool. We just seem to have so much in common and it felt like I had known her a very long time. It made my week to have talked to her. Thanks again, Vicci!
I am going to post some oldie pictures today. Several of my blogger friends do this and I love to look at them,,so hope you enjoy these.

This is a pic of my Mom and Dad when they were dating. Dad was home on leave,,its a double exposure and it looks like they are floating ghosts,,lol.

This was my Mom' grade school picture,,not sure what grade,,but the kids look like they are about 6 or 7 years old. Mom is the second one to the left of the teacher. Most of the kids look a little unsure about this picture taking stuff.

This was my Mom and Dads wedding picture. Check out the hats on my Grandmothers. My Mom's dad died when she was 13 so thats my Nanny was all alone,,(sad).
I will post some more later. I just love vintage pics!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well finally Blogger seems to want to be nice to me. After 2 days of trying unsuccessfully to upload pictures, it is allowing it today. I went to their help group yesterday and there were alot of pissed of bloggers complaining about the same thing,,so I didn't feel so alone.
Just thought today that I would post some pictures of where I spend a good bit of my time. My precious Art Room. It used to be my daughter's room,,hence the purple walls,,(she's a purple lover like me). It is junky,,I know,,but hey,,I cleaned and organized it on Sunday,,so this is good compared to most of the time,,lol. This is my main desk where all my pens, pencils, and all the stuff necessary for my rubberstamping. Then there is my bulletin board,,which I love, with all my neat art stuff hanging on it. Underneath is my precious rotary paper cutter(Daniel got it for me for X-mas). All the white plastic boxes are full of ephemera and stickers,,lots of stickers. The first picture is my sewing area. And I have art all over the walls and on the shelves.
I made a banner yesterday. I saw it in the recent Somerset magazine,,and decided to make one that says ART on it. They are really fun to make and I will post a picture of it later. I also finished a fall deco, and working on a few more techniques that I had been wanting to try.
So today I am going to get out of the house for a few. I have been in here since sunday playing Ms. Artsy. I am going to go get my nails done and get some groceries. Now,,I am not the girly girly type,,but I do like having nails. I bite mine,,I have since I was a embryo,,and I have big manly looking hands,,so nails do make my hands look much better. And I use them alot in my crafts,,lol,, like having built in tweezers. Thats about the only $ I spend on myself,,and a occasional haircut and when I really want to spoil myself I do the pedicure too. Now that is a luxury,,sitting in a massage chair with your feet soaking in a delightful whirlpool. Then they scrape the dead skin off your feet and massage your feet and legs,,that feels so wonderful. I always tip the girls and guys quite well for the manicures and pedicures,,as they have just made my day,,lol.
Its suppose to be up to 92 today,,and humidity is rising. We have a bit of a tropical depression in the gulf that is headed our way and bringing some much needed rain,,but also more humidity. Ugh,,,2 weeks from tomorrow,,my butt will be back in the work mode,,yuck! But it has been a good excuse to buy some much needed new clothes lately. Last week I bought several Capris and blouses at Macys. They had a great sale on them. I bought some Fallish looking ones as I can wear them up till the end of October. It was so nice buying a new smaller size,,it helps to keep me motivated to keep on trying to lose and excercise.
Well I better go get busy and get ready to head out. Hope my friends to the west are staying as cool as they can,,I worry about you all out there!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My creation

My creation
Originally uploaded by gardengurl62.
fun with flickr

Monday, July 24, 2006

Life path number

Your Life Path Number is 8

Your purpose in life is to help others succeed

You are both a natural leader and a natural success. You are also a great judge of character.
You have a head for business and finance. You know how to make money.
A great visionary, you can see gold where other people see nothing.

In love, you are very generous - with gifts, time, and guidance.

You love to inspire people, but it can be frustrating when they don't understand your vision.
Great success comes easily for you. But so does great failure, as you are very reckless.
You are confident, and sometimes this confidence borders on arrogance.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday's delight.

It is a delightfully wonderful Sunday. The temps. are so awesome. We are below normal in the temperature. Last night we sat outside and grilled steaks,,I actually got a little chilly,,this was the first time we were able to sit outside in well over a week. I am hoping this cooler weather will head west to my dear friends in California,,I know you need it. Heat can really cause alot of stress and it makes you down right irritable,,at least it does me,,lol.
I wanted to say thanks for all of the kind comments on my art work that I posted yesterday. Alot of you asked about the first picture of the tree,, well it is a page that I did for my "quilt art page swap". I have never done a quilt art page before so its not the best,,but I have to do one a month for the next 8 months. The rest of pictures were postcards that I am enjoying doing and then the one with the Lady's face is a ATC for a swap that I am doing. So I was in a creative mode last week while the heat was blazing outside and I was trying to chill inside.
Yesterday, Mom and I went out to our favorite stores in Dickson. One of them being the Scrapbook nook. They have the best prices on paper,,so we bought some really pretty paper. The store is in a building in downtown Dickson,,it also has some antiques in it too. And at the end of the building is the neatest little boutique called "The blue Hydrangea",,with some of the cutest jewelry and handmade purses, and just really neat foo foo stuff,,lol. Mom and I both bought a bracelet that had dog charms on it,,so cute,,and only $5,,so not bad.
Then we went to another antique store,,its like a little mini mall with dozens of booths in every part of the building. I love going there,,you can find some of the neatest items there.
I espiecally love the antique books they sell for as little as $2. I always look for the ones in foreign languages. I found one yesterday that is about Julius Ceasar and the Gallic War. The first part tells about what life was like during that time,,the rest is I beleive to be Gallic,,or is that a language,,lol. Any ways,,,I will use the pages in some of my collaging. The book isn't in that great of shape,,but I just love the foreign language look on collages. I also bought another little book that is full of some wonderful quotes that I can use for collaging and cards. The best things I got were the ATC sleeves. In part of the store they sell baseball and sports cards,,and they have the cheapest supplies for them. I bought 3 packages of the card sleeves with 100 in each pack for $1 each,,and then the hard plastic top loader with 25 in it for $2. These were quite a steal compared to what they sell them for in the stores that sell baseball cards. I also bought a package of coin holders with 25 in the pack. I have seen some of the cutest pins made out of these with vintage pictures in the middle. I will post some pics of them when I make some.

So,,today I am going to work in the yard this morning,,and then work in the art room this afternoon. I am still doing some rearranging in there,,to get some of the clutter down and make it more Beth friendly,,lol.
I hope every one has a wonderful Sunday!
I am going to try to post a picture of a butterfly on one of my zinnias that I took last week,,if the blog monster will let me,,lol.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stormy Saturday!

Well what a difference a day makes. Its a nice 66 degrees today and drizzling rain right now.
I got totally scared yesterday afternoon. I was out shopping most of the afternoon. When I came home it was miserable,,,not a breeze around and felt like a hot oven. There were a few clouds to the north but the sun was shining and blazing hot. Well I brought all the groceries and packages inside, and was dripping wet after doing that,,so I went into the bedroom to change. Well the lights started blinking and I heard this roaring sound. I ran to the front door and the wind was blowing about 70 miles a hour,,dust was blowing every where and tree branchs and all kind of debris were flying about and it was getting darker. I thought "oh no Tornado",,,I turned on the T.V. and saw it was just some very severe storms coming in. Well I went outside and stood in the wind and it started to sprinkle and I just stood there,,no lightening or I would not have stood there,,lol. It felt so good!

It rained really hard and then Daniel came in from work. After it quit we went outside and it just felt so wonderful,,after being in broiling oven all week it was like a Fall evening. The storms were really bad for alot of folks around us,,power outages every where and lots of hail.
It had been so dry that the trees were totally dried out,,so alot of branch and limbs blew down,,and yesterday evening a family in Nashville was coming home from vacation and a tree blew over on there car on the way home and killed the father,,,isn't that terrible?
Well I am going to go up to Moms today,,going to take some yard sale stuff for a yard sale we are having in the fall. Then we will probably work on a few things in her art room. Well I am going to try to post the pics of my art work that I could'nt post yesterday,,maybe blogger will let me today.
Hope every one has a great Saturday!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cooling down

Finally friday and its not going to be so hot today. Which means that I must venture out and do some shopping. Mainly just going to the grocery store. Kalyn may call me and want to go eat lunch if she isn't working. Mom and I are suppose to go to our Stamping group tomorrow, but the weather is suppose to be pretty nasty, storms and heavy rain. I hate driving in storms and rain and with have about 50 miles to drive to the meeting, so not sure if I want to go or not.
As I get older, driving has become nerve racking to me. I get very anxious if its raining or if its dark,,I just can't see that good so I don't care to drive in either condition. And this is coming from a person who use to drive big Limousines part time for a couple of years,,lol. Another lovely quality of getting old.
For the past month and a half I have been working really hard to lose weight. I don't eat bread, potatoes, or pasta. I only eat chicken, fish, and lean beef, I also walk/run on my treadmill 2 to 3 miles as often as I can and do strenght training with weights 3 days a week. Well finally its paying off,,since the first of summer I have lost 20 lbs. Alot of the first 5 or 8 lbs was water I am sure,,but the rest was just eating sensibly and excercising. Now I am use to the way I eat and not hungry any more,,still a little bitchy sometimes though,,lol. I do feel much better physically though.
I have been doing alot of artsy stuff this week since I got back from Georgia,,too hot to be outside or do any thing else..Yesterday I cleaned up my Art room,,,yes I did,,I am going to be doing some remodeling in there next week,,putting in more shelves and getting rid of some crappy drawers that dont' work very well and don't hold as much as I need them to hold,,lol.
I find the plastic drawer thingys work better for me,,they hold alot more. But I have done a good bit of art work and am posting some pics of the Post cards I did and also a ATC that I have done for a swap.
Now one last thing,,,I just want to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VICCI!!!!! I hope you have a great one and I hope you get my packages today! Well of course I couldn't load pictures again today,,I will try later!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

pictures finally

Moonflowers and Hibiscus and Heat!!!

Another hot one today! The temperature was 100 yesterday with heat index of over 110. Our electric department broke a record yesterday of the most energy ever used. But after today's heat we are to have storms and rain tomorrow and saturday with a cold front coming in. I hope we don't have tornadoes.
My moonflowers are blooming now. They look so lovely on the new metal lattices that I bought for them this year. They only bloom in the evening,,and die the next morning. But they smell heavenly and the big white blooms glow in the moonlight,,hence the name. They are kin to the morning glorys, except you have to collect their seeds from the pods and replant the next spring, where Morning glorys reseed and are very invasive.

My beautiful dinner plate hibiscus is now blooming too! It is covered in buds so it should be awesome this summer. It has a funny little story to it. I got the seeds 4 years ago in a seed trade on the internet. I planted them in a pot to get them started. They never came up so I thought they didn't germinate and threw the soil out into my flower beds. Well last year this one popped up and when it bloomed I was just amazed at how big the flowers were. I have never seen a hibiscus bloom this hugh. Then this year another one popped up in my pond area. I don't know if it will be the same color or not as I do remember getting 2 different colored seeds from the same person. I moved the one from the pond to the front of the house to get more sun and now its got buds on it. It want get as big as my white one this year but next year I suspect it will be as big.
Well I hope every one can stay cool today,,,I know I am going to try! Ok,,so blog is being mean today too,,won't let me post pics of the flowers,,I will try later!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home!!!

We made it home yesterday afternoon from Georgia. It was a nice visit. We pretty much relaxed at my brother's house. They are Psychologists and stay pretty busy with clients that come to their house. They have 12 acres and a house that is a replica of a 1800's Williamsburg Colonial home. It is in a town called Dallas,,about 50 miles north of Atlanta. They are very into their horses and have 3 right now, talking of getting another Apaloosa very soon. It was very hot there,,but we stayed in the pool most of the time. My brother uses the horses in therapy with some of the children and teens that he treats in his sessions. My Mom enjoyed seeing my brother, she had not seen him in 3 years,,as it is hard for him and his wife to travel because of work and the horses. I had a nice time,,but was glad to get back home. There is no place like home,,lol. The pictures are in the following post!

Georgia farm

This is the sweetie horse,,and I thought she was very pretty. Her name was Chyenne.

View from the barn over looking the hills of Georgia.
The barn.

This is Dan,,my brother's horse. The mask has mesh over the eyes to keep the flies out of his eyes.

These are the deer that come to eat every evening at the barn,,my brother gives them feed,,some cute little fawn. This is the pool, looking down from their sunroom,,my Mom and Dad are relaxing.

This is CJ,,another handsome boy! The front of their house.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cowgirl time

Ok,,I am headed out this morning to Dallas, Georgia. Going to see my older brother who has a horse farm. Yes,,I will be trying to ride a horse(I can ride pretty good). But mostly I will be lounging in his swimming pool in this horrible 90s heat. I am taking my camera and will take plenty of pictures to share on my blog. Looking forward to getting away a few days. Hope everyone has a wonderful sunday and monday,,I 'll be back on Tuesday.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nature's beauty

In my Garden there is a large place for sentiment. My Garden of Flowers is also my Garden of Thoughts and Dreams- Abram L. Urban

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Brat dog poem.

Ok,,I have decided that since its Poetry thursday,,I would try to write a poem. Its suppose to be a funny poem. Hmmm,,,so think and think. Then when the brat starts buggin me to go out and chase Dots,,,then I know,,its gotta be!
My neurotic, OCD , Brat Terrierist,,she is the subject of this poem. I have to explain what I am talking about.
Out in the pond I have a wire that is strung up all away around the pond. Its for windchimes and danglies. And I have alot of them. Well,,this past winter,,the hubby brought home a lazer light from work. He was shining it on the floor(not at airplanes in the sky,thank goodness), and the brat started chasing it. Well she got very obsessed with it. She would drive us crazy staring and whining at where we placed it on a shelf. She is so like that. Before the light it was the ball.
So finally we got the ball out and insisted she take it back up, because the lazer thing was becoming a problem.
Well this summer,,I had several old cds that I had glued together and put some jewels on them, and hung them up in the pond area. And when the sun hits them,,guess what? Yep,,to a little neuro dog the reflections seem like lazer lights,,lol. She will stay outside all day chasing the reflections around and around. If its a cloudy day,,she sits inside and pouts,,she knows that "Dots" only come out on sunny days,,lol. She will worry the snot out of us to get out there and chase those Dots! Ok,,the problem is this,,,the area that she is chasing them is in the yard of the house next door. The house has been empty for over two years,,(long story),,but we know one day someone will move in. Do we go over and say,,"Uh,,our dog has squatter rights to this part of your yard,,she has dots to chase",,,not,,lol. So Hubby says we will string up dot makers somewhere else when that happens. In the mean time,,,she will be playing in her Dot playground.
Here's my silly poem,,now bear with me,,its the first poem that I have wrote in a long time.

Dots, Dots, Dots
thats all you see
and you chase with glee.

You bark at them
sometimes you growl
your on the prowl,

Can you catch them
or chase them away
I think they will stay,
and Play, Play, Play.

We do love this little Brat,,her real name is Lady. I got her from a puppy mill 7 years ago,,for $50. She has costs me more than that(previous post) with broken ankle,,but she is my little comforter. If Mommy is sad and crys,,she will lick my tears away. She sleeps snuggled up to me every night,,and knows all of my secrets. She also loves her Daddy alot too!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday's babbles

Well I just looked at the calendar and realized that in less than a month I will be back at work,,yuk! Again,,,SUMMER GOES TOO FAST!!! lol.
So today I am going to head out of the house,,been in here all week being artsy. Dread going out because of the heat,,and the humidity is awful too. But I need to go to Michaels and use my coupon,,lol,,,I mean, dang, I can't let 40% go down the drain can I? A friend in another group got some cool frames that you can hang baseball cards up in,,but you know what I am going to use them for,,yep,,,ATCs,,thats what the friend did too! They are on sale,,so can't use coupon for those,,but I really want some new watercolor pencils,,so thats probably what I will use the coupon for. I also want to get some new shorts,,I really want to go to Old Navy because I love their shorts,,but our close mall is so pitiful,,no one hardly goes to it so most of all the good stores have closed in it,,so sad,,now to go to Old Navy I have to drive at least 30 miles,,and its not fun driving in Nashville,,espiecally if its raining and definetly not if it snows. Even on sunny days it can be harzidous to your health. So,,,looks like I will have to go to Macys,,which use to be Hechts, which use to Profitts which use to be Castner Knotts,,like how many times can they change the name,,right?
Whew,,had to rescue the Brat Terrier,,,the mean old yard mowers are here,,actually they are super nice,,but to a little brat dog,,they look very scary. Now Brat dog,,,well,,she is a whole other story,,but I will say this,,she needs a doggy pyschiatrist,,honestly,,,she is very OCD. lol,,but she is my little snuggly wuggly and the best dog and friend that I have ever had,,but also very expensive. I broke a ankle 6 years ago because of her,,had a plate and 3 pins surgically implanted into the ankle,,and months of therapy,,but still she is worth it.
Now,,I have to post a pic of the sweetest thing that I got in the mail yesterday. It is a "random act of Kindness" from my bestfriend,,,my Mommy! She made me this card and sent it to me. She is so sweet,,(she's really just buttering me up because I am taking her to see her oldest son this week-end,,lol,,,just kidding Mom!) Mom is the bestest of the best!!!
Yep,,going to good old Georgia on sunday,,to see dear ole brother. We aren't that close, 10 years apart and just different views on life. But Mom wants to see him and I understand that. Besides, he has a nice horse farm and a excellent swimming pool,,so it does have its bonus points,,lol. I love to ride horses,,as long as they are not bucking broncos,,just give me a old nag,,
I guess this will pretty much be my vacation for the summer,,as we used our $ to put our new flooring down. I am hoping that by September, Daniel and I can take a trip to the gulf,,granted if there are no hurricanes wandering around. Its so nice down there then,,and cheaper too. Some very beautiful condos right on the beach,,,Mom and I went about 3 summers ago and just had a blast. Sat on our balcony on the 7th floor looking straight out at the gulf,, the warm salty breeze blowing in ,,sipping some wine and eating some boiled peanuts,,life just can't get much better than that.,,lol.
Well I better get off of here and get ready to meet the heat,,and venture into town. Hi to all my friends in Bloggersville,, And of course blog won't let me upload pics again today,,arghhhh!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

trying to post my atcs again

Blogger must like me today!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mondays Muse

Well my little Art Muse has really been alive lately. I spent saturday with Mom and we made some really nice cards and played with some dry embossing. Also made some more postcards. She is so cute,,she gets so excited about the different techniques that we try. I get so tickled at her! I sure hope I am as active and my art muse is as active as hers is at 77.
Yesterday was a cloudy day,,kept hoping it would rain,,but it didn't, so I was out watering the flowers in the late afternoon. Today is the same,,but looks like we might get some rain,,pop up showers. Suppose to be that way all week.
Yesterday I made ATCs for some swaps that I am in. I have really gotten into my rubber stamps and have enjoyed doing ATCs and Postcards with them. Trying to learn new techniques with them too. I also made some more Postcard backgrounds. I have been using the penscore foam pads. You heat them up with your heat gun, then mash them onto textured back ground sheets. Then rub your ink pad on them and stamp them onto watercolor paper or cardstock. When you want another texture you just heat it back up, the old background disappears, then you just mash it onto another texture while it is still warm. So much fun! I use all kinds of different inks too,,mainly dye ink though,,as pigment ink takes too long to dry. I am posting the new ATCs I made yesterday. The butterfly is one that has the background technique on it. Then I stamped the butterfly on top of it and colored it. I love the cat ATC,,it is for a pet swap. I bought this stamp at Michaels last summer for $5. Its a big stamp,,but I used a portion of it for the ATC,,it also makes a awesome postcard too.
I am going to make a few more postcards today,,and then I am going to start de-cluttering the studio,,lol. Going to get somethings that I never use and put them in a box. This fall Mom and I are having a yard sale,,so I can put them in it. Of course as soon as I put them in a box,,,I will need something out of it,,lol. Never fails. Well today Blogger is chosing to not let me post my pictures,,maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sundays Scribbles

I told myself last week that I was going to take on the Sunday Scribbles this week. And the subject is Hotels. Well the first thing that popped into my head is this,,I know its not my own words, but it is one of my favorite songs,,does that count?

On a dark desert highway Cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas Rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy, and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night There she stood in the doorway I heard the mission bell And I was thinking to myself This could be Heaven or this could be Hell Then she lit up a candle And she showed me the way There were voices down the corridor I thought I heard them say Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely place Such a lovely place Such a lovely face Plenty of room at the Hotel California Any time of year Any time of year You can find it here You can find it here Her mind is Tiffany twisted She's got the Mercedes bends She's got a lot of pretty, pretty boys That she calls friends How they dance in the courtyard Sweet summer sweat Some dance to remember Some dance to forget So I called up the Captain Please bring me my wine He said We haven't had that spirit here since 1969 And still those voices are calling from far away Wake you up in the middle of the night Just to hear them say Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely Place Such a lovely Place Such a lovely face They're livin' it up at the Hotel California What a nice surprise What a nice surprise Bring your alibies Mirrors on the ceiling Pink champagne on ice And she said We are all just prisoners here Of our own device And in the master's chambers They gathered for the feast They stab it with their steely knives But they just can't kill the beast Last thing I remember I was running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before Relax said the nightman We are programed to recieve You can check out any time you like But you can never leave