Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our new babies!

I have to show the newest babies at our house. We have been watching 2 blue birds, Mom and Dad, sitting on a nest in the birdhouse in our pond area. We have had the bird house there for several years and it was mainly for decoration as we have alot going on in that area and didn't figure any birdy would habitat the house. Well they did and now we have 3 babies inside of it. So cute!!! I had to take some pics of them this morning. Mom is pretty use to me now,,so she sits in the trees and watches me snap photos. I am going to try to get a pic of her flying in with worms to feed the youngsters,,
I also have a slew of hummingbirds now too. I have 6 feeders and there are battles going on constantly. I will post some pics of them later too.
We are still working on our floors, Daniel took off yesterday and worked all day and night.
We now have the living room and dinining room finished. The hallway is next. It looks like a new house,,and I just love it! So glad I have a hubby who can do chores like this. He is a Civil Engineer,,but was a carpenter for many years before going to college to get his degree. A very talented man, and very good to me!
Mom and I are going to Artiscape III this week-end. It is about 100 miles west of here,,we went last year and loved it. We will be having classes all day on Saturday. We are going on friday so we can meet up with friends on friday night for a nice dinner. Also going to hit the hobby Lobby there. It will be so much fun.

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AnnieElf said...

Finally. Maintenance is complete. What amazing pictures Beth. Mama bird letting you get so close is even more amazing.