Monday, June 26, 2006

Awesome week-end!

What a great time I had this week-end. The wedding was so lovely. Kalyn and I went down on friday night to their cabin. I had never been there and didn't know what to expect. Well, it was beyond my expectations, thats for sure. We got off the interstate and went several miles back into the wilderness,,winding country roads and then gravel roads. Then we came to the driveway to the cabin. The fence by the road was fully decorated for a wedding, so we knew we were in the right place,lol.
This cabin is smack in the middle of 108 acres. There is a big lake that they just put on the property that is fed by a spring. The Tennessee River is less than a mile away. The lake is fully stocked with so many different kinds of fish. And alot of ducks.

The brides father is a sportsman. He hunts everything and fishes too. We have a big deer population here in Tennessee. I don't like to see anything killed, espeically cute bambis,,but it must be done in order for the deers to not over populate. We already have numerous deers died on the interstate. He does not waste any thing he kills,,they use the meat and hides,,so if thats in redeeming quality then thats probably that and keeping the population down. (Can you tell I am not a hunter?)
Ok,,back to the cabin. The land was bought by her Dad's father in the 80s,,he was a sportsman too. They have built this cabin into a very beautiful show place. The inside looks like something out of a hunting magazine. Every kind of animal and fish on the walls. Its actually pretty neat,,It is a hunting lodge feel to it. There is 2 lofts on both sides. Kalyn and I slept in one of the lofts,,it was a little creepy sleeping under a deers head,,lol.
Her parents and her were so tired when we got up there on friday night. Her mom and grandmother and Aunts, had been decorating all week and it was so pretty. We ate dinner then sat on the big porch for awhile,,Hillary gave Kalyn a beautiful necklace for being her Maid of Honor. They have been bestfriend since 6th grade. After that they went to bed early to rest up for the big day.
Kalyn and I sat up for awhile on the porch. It was so nice. You could hear no traffic, no cars, nothing,,,but quiet and animals and birds. So peaceful. And I treasured sitting there with my daughter and talking and laughing. It was healing for us.
The next day was busy,,getting the cakes , dressing the bride and her attendants. Bathing the baby,,and meeting all of her very nice family. The wedding was so pretty,,and Hillary was gorgeous,,so was Kalyn. I took over 150 pictures for them. I will be burning them to a disc for her, her parents , and the grooms family. I am also going to print some and make a small scrapbook for Hillary to carry around with her. Her Mom and family will take the discs and have printed what they want to print. They are just really nice people,, I was so glad to be a part of this special day and celebrate Hillary and Chris special union. And also see my daughter looking so grown up and beautiful. My prayers are for the couple's wonderful beginning for a life of togetherness and much Love!

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