Monday, May 21, 2012

A little more Art.

Gee, I am doing pretty good here.  It's only been a week and I am posting again.  I am really trying to get better about it too.  I do have more to blog about now that my Sweet Granddaughter is in my life.  She sure keeps me and her Mommy pretty busy.  But I really can't imagine not having her in my life now.  I sure enjoy the snuggle time that her and I have in the mornings.  We let Mommy sleep in since Larriyah doesn't sleep to good at night.  They go and spend some time in Nashville with other family and the first day it's pretty nice having some solitude.  But after two days I am ready for that Sweetie to come back home.  But I know one day they will leave and start their own home.  But Kalyn has promised that I can keep Larriyah as much as I want too.  
So, I did a few pieces of Art this past week.  Another Zendala for the challenge at The Bright Owl.   I don't think I am going to keep doing that challenge though.  They pretty much stick to legitimate "Zentangle" patterns.  I am a renegade and like to design them the way I want too.  So,,I may just have to "challenge myself.
I really enjoy doing the Zendalas.  So I may just use the templates, and do my own thing.  I guess if I don't post them on FB or Pinterest I will not get in trouble. LOL.   I did see on Pinterest(what an addicting site) a Zentanglish,,or a Zendoodle that someone did on an old book page.  I thought it was pretty cool and had to give it a try.  I have a very old book and the pages are falling out of it. It's called "Weeds and Useful Plants"  it would probably be worth some $ if they pages were not falling out.  Copy right date of 1865?  Almost 150 years old.  Guess that's why the pages are falling out.  Here are the two pages that I did.
The flower page above has a small tear in the paper on the right side.  But I still like it.  I just have to be careful of bearing down hard on that thin of paper. I just love flowers and nature and I can't seem to make myself do the more complicated tangles.  I guess I need to practice on them a little more.  I think what I do is actually zendoodling.  Which is a little bit of doodling and tangling.  But that's what I enjoy the most.
Well, that and being outside playing with my flowers,,,I Love doing that too.  Guess that's why I have flowers and insects always on my brain.  Here are a few pics from the garden and my flower beds.

And last week we had some Skies that looked like this below.

Which caused this to happen.

And did we really some rain!  It had been a while.  Of course I have to add a few pictures of  my Sweet Lala  before I end this post.  Her and Mommy are coming home today and I can't wait to see my Little Sugar Pie!

I hope all my friends in Blogger Land are doing well.  I will try to visit as much as I can this week.  Have an awesome week!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

I have been working on a little art here and there.  Mostly doing Zentangles and Doodling.  This a recent one that I did for a new blog  that I found, The Bright Owl.  She does a challenge every week.  This is from last week and the theme was " Mexico".   Erin was on a Cruise and she came up with the Template and told us to Zentangle whatever we thought would go with Mexico.  The template has Surfboards,,almost like a Mandela. I Loved doing this one, and I cut it out and glued it on the Blue and Yellow scrapbook paper.  I think I am going to frame it and hang it in my "newly painted" bathroom.  :-)

Busy, Baby, and a little bit of Art.

  Hi Blogger Friends,,it's been a while,,but of course that's the way it has been for the past few years.  But things are calming down some now. Sweet Larriyah is now 6 weeks old.  She is starting to smile and is getting quite chunky.

She, of course, has me completely wrapped around her pinky!  The only problem we have had so far is that she is still not the best sleeper.  She wakes up every 1 to 2 hours.  We have tried every thing to get her to sleep longer at night. We tried cereal but she still wakes up so we stopped that as we don't want her to get to heavy.  Her Mommy is so wonderful,,she gets up with her all night long.  When I wake up in the early morning, I wait till I hear her start fussing and then go and get her so her Mommy can sleep for as long as she needs too.   And I sure do enjoy that early morning snuggling and loving time that we spend together.  It's our bonding time.  

This is a sleep bag and hat that my Mom (Larriyah's Great Granny) made for her.

She Loves her bath time!
I am doing a small garden this year,,VERY SMALL!  I only have 10 tomato plants, 6 cucumber plants, 2 bell pepper plants, and several different herbs. Life is too busy for me to do much more than that.

This is my Oregano.  It comes back bigger and better every year.

And of course I am still in to all my flower gardens in the yard.

I hope all of my friends are having a great Spring.  Not much longer and it will be Summer.  I sure hope to post a little more often too.  My next post is going to be a Zentangle that I did for a challenge on another blog.  Much Love to every one! XOXOXO