Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday's Art!!

This is a beautiful 4 x 4 chunky book page that my friend Jane sent me this week. I just Love it as its so SPRINGY!!! It is on display on my art bookshelf for right now and then it will go into my big Chunky Book.
Another beautiful 4 x 4 from another friend named Candy who is also a great artist. It also on display too.

Isn't this the sweetest ATC? This is from my dear blogger friend Vicci!! She sent it 2 weeks ago and I haven't posted it yet. She is a great Artist!!! Thanks Girlie!!!

These are some great Deco ATCs that my dear friend Maryellen(Vicci's cousin) hosted a swap for last month. When you put them together you can see the great design they make. She comes up with the coolest ideas for swaps.

This ATC is from Sweet Janet who sent it to me along with a great book. It is so awesome. It actually opens up, great technique and Janet has such talent!!!
So you can see what wonderful art I have recieved lately. I feel so lucky to have such talented friends!

Next the next few pictures are of some of the art I have created the past week or so.

This is a 4 x 4 that I made 4 of for my monthly Chunky page swap. Its a little blurry. Sorry.
This is another 4 x 4 chunky book page that I made for another group that I am in. The theme is Games. I just love that little guy in the pic!
I am back at work this week and its been busy. I do only have about 39 working days left until I am off for summer. I can't wait! Its still been warm here and we finally got a really good rain today. We have been in a drought this month. March is one of our rainy months but so far this year its been very dry. We have had several brush fires in our area. When you live with all woods in your backyard it makes you a little nervous.
Well I will try to post more this week. I know I haven't been very good with posting lately but I have been thinking of all of you and miss you!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Special

I just spent 30 minutes making a nice long post. Went to publish and it went bye bye. So this is going to be short and brief. I had a nice spring break. Dreading going back to work tomorrow, I was spoiled in being off but life goes on.
My son did have compications with his tonsilectomy. Ended up having to go back to surgery on friday night, I spent the night with him and was up most of the night at the hospital with him. He got to go home Sat. morning and is doing much better, Thank God. It was pretty scary for awhile. I took several naps yesterday and then played in my yard. Its been really hot here for the end of March and we had to turn our air on today as it broke a record of 88 degrees. I will post more tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great week-end! And have a great week ahead!

Friday, March 23, 2007

The WINNER is Naturegirl !!!!!

The winner for my One World-One Heart Spring Give away is Naturegirl!!! Sorry that I am a little late in making the announcement, life has been busy this week.
Thanks to all who entered the contest!!!!
Today my son is going to have his tonsils taken out so I will be at the hospital most of the day with him. Please send good thoughts my way as this is going to be a difficult time for him since he is older.

Have a wonderful Springy Friday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enjoying my break!!!

After the wonderfully, fun week-end in Tunica, I have enjoyed being with Mom this week. We have been pretty busy. Yesterday we got up and went to the bank to deposit most of our winnings. Then headed to Target, then of course we went to Michaels and bought quite a few things that we just "had to have". So now you know we didn't put all of our $ in the bank, lol.
Yesterday afternoon we worked on a few artsy stuff at my house. Then last night we watched "Dancing with the Stars" I am not really impressed with the stars on there this year. I do admire Paul's ex-wife that has the prosthetic leg. Sorry I can't think of her name, its late. But she danced amazing well, better than I could with two legs. Of course Joey from Nysnc could dance well, that was no surprise. I hope the show gets better next week.
Today I brought Mom home and I cleaned her house really good for her. Then we put together her "Spring Tag" books that she hosted. I will show pics of mine tomorrow, its very pretty. We are mailing them out tomorrow. This afternoon we did some more artsy stuff, and tonight we watched American Idol. Its not too bad this year, I do think Melinda is the best and of course I am partial as she is from Nashville, but she sings excellent. Don't get me started on Shanghi or whatever his name is,, why is he still on there? I think its because of the little girls like the one that was boo hooing tonight when he was singing,,he just reminds me too much of Michael Jackson.
I did get my new book today that I ordered from Amazon last week. Its called "Pretty Little Things" and its by Sally Jean Alexander. She shows how to do some excellent soldering projects that I am dying to try. Her art is just amazing. This is the front of the book.

She has some great eye candy in it, and wow, what a cool studio she has. Here is a link to her website too. Its, go and check out her awesome pendants that she makes, also lots of other delightful art.
Well tomorrow is the big day for the
One World-One Heart drawing. I have had several friends sign up for my pendant and bracelet. I am wishing everyone the best of luck.
Now I must get in bed as it is late. I am spending the night with Mom, then going home in the morning. I will post my winner tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great evening!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Lucky Lottie hit the Jackpot !!!

Why yes, my wonderful mother hit it big in Tunica this week-end. She was so lucky. We got there on Saturday afternoon, checked into our motel and went to our favorite Casino, Sam's Town. She preceded to win about $500 saturday night, while I lost, lol. We went back there on Sunday morning. I won back my $ and she won $1000, then we played a little longer. I was on a machine next to her and she calmly looked over and said "I just won $5000!" I was like "WHAT ?" I jumped up and looked at her machine and she had 3 Wild Cherrys on the payline!!! She was in total shock,lol. I was jumping up and down and everyone around us had to rush over and gawk and congratulate her. So,,we got the money and headed home, feeling very lucky! She even gave me, her chauffeur, a nice fat tip!!! It was a great week-end. Usually we drive home feeling very broke and very depressed, but not this trip!!! I am so happy for her! And I think she will remember this fun time for a very long time!!
I am off work this week for spring break, and you know we are headed to Michaels this morning with our coupons and winnings. Of course we will stop by the bank first and deposit most of the chunk. She is going to use alot of it for our trip to New York in June to see our dear friend Jane!
We are going to try to go see "The phantom of the Opera" on Broadway, if Mom is up too it.
I just had to post the cute pic of Mom and her winnings.
I hope everyone else had a great week-end too. I will try to post more this week since I am on break.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break at last!!!

Yes, I am now officially on Spring Break!!! YAY !!! My goodness, I am sure every one has thought I have completely disappeared from Bloggersville. Not true!! My days at work have become more intense! When your a Truancy Officer, spring can be your enemy. The dear children get spring fever and think its alot more fun to ditch school and have fun in the sun. Not to say I can blame them, but if I have to work, well by golly they have to come to school. LOL
So I have spent the last few weeks trying to convince them that they must come to school as its not fun to be going to court.
Yesterday we spent 3 hours locked down in the school building. The police were on an intense man hunt for a 17 year old who was locked up in a secure facility who managed to escape when he was at a doctor's visit. He had shackles and handcuffs on and was missing in action for 3 hours in our area. NO,,he was not one of our students, but we have to go in lock down when there are dangerous situations in our vicinity. You are locked in the building, you can't go out and no one comes in. You keep the kids in their class rooms until there is an "all clear" call. Now keep 1200 teenagers locked into classrooms for 3 hours and see how much fun that is. So you see why my job isn't the most wonderful job in the world. Its worse for the teachers though. I do admire them for the jobs they do and how little pay they get.
So enough about that. I am free for the next 8 days, and I am going to have some fun.

Tomorrow Mom and I will being going to Tunica for the night to win big money in the casinos there. Hey, its St. Paddys day,,we will have to be lucky right?
I did manage to post my prizes for Lisa's
One World-One Heart give away. Please sign up if you think you might like the prizes. Not alot, but right now its about the best I can do.
I will be posting alot more next week,,PROMISE!! I really do miss all my friends here and think of you all constantly! Please have a wonderful St. Patricks Day tomorrow. And wish me luck in Tunica tomorrow! And,,,,,,
Sign up in the post below for the give away!!!

One World-One Heart

I am finally able to post my art that I am giving away for the One World-One Heart give away. This was my wonderful friend, Lisa's idea! I have been so busy the past few weeks at work, but I have finall manage to finish my prizes! And here they are!

The necklace is one of the first Microscope collaged pendants that I made and soldered. It comes on a ball chain with 4 silver pony beads. The bracelet is made with bamboo tiles from a placemat that my dear friend Rosie sent me. Please sign up for these as they will be packaged along with some other wonderful goodies. The flowers are just for decoration, but you might get some flower seeds too, unless you live in another country, then I might not can send seeds. Thanks for participating in this wonderful way to bring us Artistic bloggers together. And many thanks to Dear Lisa!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring fever!!!!

I can't believe that its been a week since I have posted here in my little blog. I am feeling bad that I have ignored it for a week, but its been a busy one at work. When the weather turns nice and spring has sprung, well, my kids at work decide its time to bail on school and have fun. Can't say as I blame them, I want to do the same thing, lol.
It certainly has felt very springy this week. Temps have been in the 60s and 70s and sunny every day. So when I get home,,I am out playing in the flower beds or just chillin in my pond zone. Can't bring myself to stay inside after being inside all day on a computer. So if I am missing in action during this time of year that is the reason.
The back is finally hurting less but still taking it easy on doing alot of bending. Thats hard to do when I have alot of flower beds that are begging for attention. I just get my handy dandy cart and sit and roll on it and clean out the beds and talk to the flowers.
On my last post I spouted out that I was going to do a contest and I am still going to do it. My I think I am going to wait and combine it with Lisa from "Heart of the nest" One Heart-One Art" event. Its just a little simple contest, but it will be easier on me to do it then as I am will be on a wonderful Springbreak that week. OH I can't wait,,just one more week of work and then off for a week YAY!!!
I have did make a new artsy project last sunday. I joined my friend Dotee's doll swap as I just think they are so cute and had to give it a shot. So of course I had to make one to see if I actually have any talent in making the Dotee Dolls. So here is my very first Dotee Doll.

I think she turned out pretty darn cute. She is bigger than the ones I am making for the swap. Well I don't know if you can see the writing on the charm on her necklace, but it says "breathe" on it. I have a very dear friend named Jeanie that lives in Michigan who just had surgery on her sinsuse. So, I sent her in a care package to Jeanie. I hope she likes her. I also made a little collaged microscope pendant for her too.
Its not a real good picture, but its fun to make these little charms. But I am really hyped about the dolls, fun to sew again. I still have a few art quiltie pages to make and hope to get them done while I am on my break. Mom is going to stay with me during my break as my step-dad is going to be in Oklahoma visiting his sons.
So, next saturday on St. Paddy's day, Mom and I are going to Tunica, Mississippi. I know your thinking what the heck is in Tunica. Well its just like Las Vegas but instead of casinos in the desert, they are in cotton fields. We like to go every once in a while, I have never been very lucky there but Mom is the Slot Queen. She will win alot, I come home broke. Its really fun to go on St. Paddy's day because they have alot of fun contests. And we just have fun getting away for the night. It takes about 3 hours to get there, its on the other side of Memphis. While I am headed that way I am going to pick up some brochures at the rest stop on Elvis, as I am doing a altered tin swap and the girl I am to send too loves Elvis.
Tomorrow I am going to go up to Moms because the scrapbook store where she lives is going out of business and is having a hugh sale,,its a must go too,,lol. Then tomorrow afternoon my good friend Ginny is coming over to spend the night. She use to live next door and now lives several miles away in another city, so its always nice to see her and get to visit with her.
Well now I am going to go visit my friends blogs and hope they haven't forgot who I am,,lol. I promise to do better,,but spring has sprung and I have the fever. Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mail Art makes me feel better!

Now wasn't this a wonderful surprise to come home and find in your mailbox? This is a friendship quilt piece that my very talented, dear friend, Lisa sent to me. She knows what I truly love, flowers and nature. She just amazes me with the work she put into this awesome art. Thank you so very much Lisa,,I just LOVE it!!! And thanks for the cute notepads and my favorite kind of papers you included with it. I will treasure this so much!
Next pic is of some wonderful bookmarks that I recieved in a swap from my ATC group, hosted by my dear friend Colleen.
Dee T.
Pam C.
Sue K.
I just love bookmarks, espiecally ones this pretty. I hate to dog ear book corners and always use bookmarks.
Next are some great St. Paddy ATC cards that I got from swap partner in swap-bot. Her name is Sarah, and she did a terrific job of these ATCs.

And the last pics are my St. Paddy ATCs that I did for my partners on swap-bot.

Yesterday's storms were not so fierce here in Tennessee, but our friends to the south in Alabama and Georgia were hit pretty hard. A High School in southern Alabama was destroyed by a Tornadoe and several children were killed. Also several in Georgia were killed too. It was a rough day and its not even spring yet. I hope this is the way spring is going to be this year.
I went back to work today but still having pain in my back and leg. Hopefully tomorrow it will ease up some.
I have decided to have a little contest tomorrow. So please come back and visit my blog tomorrow or sunday. Its a easy contest, all you have to do is pick a number. More details tomorrow.
Have a great rest of the evening and come back tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Storms and Pain

Yes, I am home today. I am having some pretty bad pains in my back and my right leg, thanks to a disc or two that want to bulge and put pressure on a nerve that runs down into my leg. I can't sit for long periods unless my leg is stretched out. I went to the doctor yesterday and got the good old cortisone pack, muscle relaxers and pain pills. Just alternating between ice and heat. It should be better by tomorrow.
We are under a tornadoe watch until 6 tonight. We had one round of thunderstorms this morning and some severe ones expected by this afternoon. I am ready for spring, but not for tornadoes,,I do love thunderstorms as long as they are friendly,,lol. I am trying to get my computering in before the next round hits.
Last night we sat outside and grilled out as it was really nice yesterday up in the 70s, not bad for the last day of February. And there was a great moon out last night too. That is the pic above. Daniel and I both love the Moon and these pics turned out great thanks to the new toy.
And here is out little moon watching partner!!
Yes, its the spoiled rotten brat terrorist Lady,,lol. Isn't she the sweetest little poochy? She is very glad that Mommy is home today because she HATES thunderstorms,,she shivers and hunkers under my armpit as far as she can. When I got her she was kept in a pen outside and I am sure that is why she doesn't care for storms. She is strickly a inside dog(shhh, she doesn't think she is a dog.)
And the next pic is of my lovely hellebore plant that is blooming. I love this plant because it blooms in February.

I just love doing the macro shots of my flowers,,looking at the insides where all the stamen's and pistols, and that interesting stuff. I love the color of this flower,,just a slight tinge of pinkish-purple on the green.
And while we are on the Green subject. Below are pics of my 4 x 4s that I did for this month. Of course I had to do a St. Paddy's theme!

This is the saying that is on the back of each of theses. I Love this saying!
Well I guess I should turn off my computer again as I hear some thunder in the distance. If I get a chance I will try to post later today. Also try to read some of my fave blogs too.
Hope every one has a artful day!