Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Spring

Sure has been a busy one.  Between many Doctor's visits with Kalyn and some remodeling on my bathroom and trying to get my Headbands, Bows, and Hats business to going, I haven't had much time to blog lately.
I can't believe that I am going to have a Granddaughter in 2 weeks! The Doctor is going to induce her on April 9th, unless she goes into Labor before then.  We are ready for her to be here, especially Kalyn.  The gestional diabetes has been really tough on her.  The farther along she has got the more her sugar has gone up. She is now taking 4 pills a day and trying so hard to keep her numbers down.  The past few weeks she really hasn't felt good at all.  Her Ultrasound last week shows that Larriyah is doing good but is a little small.  She was measured at 5 lbs 12 ounces.  We are hoping she will be at least 6 lbs by the time she is born.  I pray constantly that her and Kalyn will be okay.  We go back to the Doctor again today too.
The weather has been really amazing this Spring.  I think we actually went from a mild winter to Summer.  We had to run the Air Conditioner all last week as it was so warm.  It has been a little more normal this past week-end.  And I have been taking some of my plants out of the greenhouse. Still scared to bring out too many as you never know what can happen in April.  I managed to take a few pics of spring flowers.

But not nearly enough that I wanted to take.  Bummer part,,all my Tulips that I had planted along the side walk did not bloom at all. Well I had 2 that bloomed and that was it.  I am pretty sure that the millions of Moles that we have in our yard have managed to eat on the bulbs and caused them to not produce this year.  It's very disheartening.  Last year they were gorgeous.  I have been fighting the Moles but have just about given up on them.  Our whole neighborhood has so many Moles.  Just so hard to have a decent yard and flowers with those horrid pests.
A couple of weeks ago when the moon was full I did get a good picture of it.
I Loved the way it turned out.  Kind of Spooky looking.   Today is going to be another beautiful day.  After the Doctors appointment, I hope to come home and work in the yard some more.   I hope every one is doing well.  And hope you all have a great week.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Fun time at Baby Shower!!!

So I am finally posting pics of my Daughter's baby shower last Saturday.  Her Stepmother and Father and Grandmother held it at her Father's house.  Wow, she received a lot of wonderful presents.  Mommy and Daddy were both there and had a great time.  Only bad part was that Kalyn had a small piece of cake and some punch and her blood sugar went up a little too high.  She has been good about keeping it where the Dr. wants it to be.  So he was forgiving of it when he checked out her numbers on Monday.  Now for a few pics of the Fun time.

Daddy and Mommy and Step-Mother Faith.

Kalyn's Dad.

Happy Mommy and Daddy!

Stepmother, Larry, Kalyn, Great Aunt, and Nana

Ann Marie has been Kalyn's bestfriend since Middle School. Her cute daughter  Tamera.

Faith does Calligraphy and is great at it.  She did this picture with a Bible verse from Psalms.

Cute Swaddler and Hat that my Mom Crocheted for Larriyah. I added the flowers. Mother also bought Larriyah's baby bed.

Diaper bag that I bought for Kay.

Daddy, Kay, and Faith
My Baby and I .

I think we now have every thing we need for Larriyah's arrival.  Only 5 more weeks.  I just can't wait to hold that little "Sweet Foot".   That is her Indian name that my Wonderful Friend, Rosemary gave to her.  
I hope every one has a great Week-end!  xoxoxo

Friday, March 02, 2012

Sweet Little Foot!

Kalyn at 33 weeks of Pregnancy!
It seems like my Sweet Granddaughter just does not want to let us see her face. The past several times that my daughter has had a Ultrasound, Larriyah keeps her hands in front of her face!  Yesterday they even took a horn device that they called a baby simulator and put it on Kalyn's stomach and honked it.  Larriyah moved her hands but not away from her face.  The Tech. did it again,,this time Larriyah just waved her little hand, as if to say, "I hear you, Bye Bye, leave me alone now!"   She already has a reputation with the Ultrasound Techs. at Vanderbilt as being Stubborn and Camera Shy. 
But other than being stubborn, she is doing really good!  We always get to see her little heart beating and all of her other organs.  Oh,,and she is really good about showing her feet!  Well, at least she isn't always showing her butt. Ha Ha!  I Love this Sweet Baby so much and can't wait to meet here  FACE-TO-FACE!
And I also want to kiss that Sweet little foot!   I hope every one has a happy Friday and a Great Week-end.  We are under the gun for Tornadoes again today. Getting tired of Severe Weather,,ready for a mild spring.