Monday, June 07, 2010

Sweet Summer time!

It sure has been a while since I last posted.  And this new layout and adding images is quite confusing. Not sure I like it but maybe I just have to get use to it.  The picture above is of one of our sunsets last week.  Love the colors.
Last Thursday was my last day of work.  Before I left my principal came in and gave me this trophy from the School Board.  I have worked there 25 years!
I am rather proud of it too!  Some of you may know from my posts at Facebook, that I am contemplating taking a early retirement from the Nashville School system.  I am tired of the drive in and back home every day as since I have moved its a 35 mile drive in rush hour traffic.  Also, the school system has changed so much and the Support Employees are not being treated very fair any more. But, in order to do a early retirement I have trying to refinance my home.  It's been a very long and tedious process and many ups and downs.  It's looking promising right now but please keep your fingers crossed for me.
I have been working in my flower beds and in my garden alot.   The garden is looking great and so are my flowers.

The Corn is really growing fast and I have Birdhouse Gourds planted.  I am hoping to get several nice Gourds to make some Blue Bird houses.  Maybe doing some artsy creations with them too.
And I have some herbs that are growing great as well!

I Love Lavender!

And of course I got to have some Oregano, I love the smell of it too!

The garden really gives me a good work out.  I think I have lost about 8 lbs. since I have been off work. It's amazing what a work out the garden gives you.  And of course I must have my faithful Garden buddy as you can see below.  She Loves to be in the garden with me.

I have also been creating some Art.  I am trying to at least do some form of Art every day.  Right now I am doing alot of Zendoodling.  It's Zentangles and Doodling combined.

I really enjoy making the Zendoodles!  It's a relaxing form of art and I can also include flowers in with the doodles.   I recently did a cuff bracelet swap with my dear friend Jill.  I forgot to take pictures of the bracelet that I made her.  I also made a necklace to match and a Zendoodle card for her.  She received them last week and seemed really pleased with them all.  She posted about them on her blog yesterday. If you would like to see them please click on her name and visit her blog. 
I hope to try to blog quite a bit more frequently.  Also, I am now celebrating being a blog for 4 years now.   I am going to do a Blogaversary give away in the next couple of weeks.  So stay tuned.
I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful Summer Season and I will be visiting everyone alot more.