Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bye to Jane!

Today was a bittersweet day for me. I had to say Good-bye to Jane. It was such a wonderful week getting to spend time with her. After 3 years of conversing with her on our great art group and on e-mails, it was so awesome to meet her in person and share a little bit of our world with her. She is a very sweet person and so talented.
Yesterday was the greatest. We headed out early in the morning to take Jane to a store called Hobby Lobby. She doesn't have a Hobby Lobby where she lives and we wanted to take her there. We also had 2 other wonderful friends join us. Jill, who lives in Alabama and is in our group, made the trek up here to meet with us. And then Rosemary, who lives nearby us in Tn., also joined us. We all met up at Hobby Lobby, and did a little shopping. Jane really liked the Hobby Lobby, she couldn't buy much because it would have been hard for her to get it all in her suitcase.
After we shopped for a while, we went to a very quaint restaurant in a downtown Franklin, a place called the Merchantile restaurant. We had a delicious lunch of gourmet chicken salad sandwiches and fruit tea. We pestered another customer into taking a picture of all of us.

Top row is Jane, Jill, and Rosie, and thats Mom and I sitting at the table. Of course we all didn't like the picture,lol, but we all agreed we never like pictures of ourselves. But don't we look happy? It was great!
After that we left and went to sweet Rosie's house. I am here to tell you that she has the most prettiest house that I have ever seen. It is beautiful! The reason why it is beautiful is because it has the Rosie touch to it. As Jill said , "it looks like a home out of the "Southern Living magazine", but I thought it looked even better than the ones I have seen in it. It just has the most comfortable feel to it and just so beautiful,,did I say that already? lol I have been in some very nice homes before,,but hers is the best of the best. And her hospitality is what made it even more awesome. She is the sweetest of the sweetest, and a excellent hostess.
She had made some yummy Mulled Cider,,but we had to have some ice in it as it was pretty darn warm outside yesterday.
Then we went in her dining room and sat at her table and dear Jane taught us how to do Paper Quilling. Now that is a fun art to learn. Jane even brought us each a kit and was a excellent teacher. What fun we had learning that technique

Now don't we look like we know what we are doing? We made little ATCs with the quilling. I made a picture of Rosemary's candy cane, but my camera battery was croaking and it came out blurred. To see more pictures of our great day, go to Sweet Rosie's blog. She posted the best of the best yesterday,,her talent in art and in writing amazes me,,and this particular post is a riot.
After spending such a fun time at her house we said bye to Rosemary and headed back to Moms, in rush hour traffic,,yuck.
Once we got back there it was dark. We all got our comfy clothes on, ordered some Pizza, and gabbed the rest of the night away. Jill spent the night with us too.
Have you ever just met someone and felt like you had known them all of your life? Well I felt that way the first time I met Rosemary, and again when I met Jane and Jill , this week. I think you migrate towards friends who maybe you might have crossed paths with , somewhere or some other time. Thats the way this felt this week.
This morning we all had to part ways. I took Jane to the airport, Jill followed behind us but went toward the south and we went to the east,,we waved to her, and I know we all felt happy, but yet sad, sad that it had to come to an end. At least thats how I felt.
Jane rented a car and headed east, up toward the mountains of east Tennessee, to spend time with her Nephew and his family, she will fly out of east Tennessee on Sunday, back to her home in NY.
It was wonderful weather for her visit here, we couldn't have asked for more nicer weather. Warm and pretty,,very unusual for this time of year. But cold weather is coming in tonight.
High today was the mid 70s,,highs tomorrow,,high 30s,, and snow and sleet. But thats ok,,I had a warm and cozy week,,with some very special Women, and I am Thankful to my God for this wonderful week.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fun day!

I have had a fun day today with my Mom and our dear friend Jane. Jane flew down from New York yesterday to spend several days with us. She is in our ATC group and we have finally got to meet her.
We picked her up yesterday afternoon at the airport, we took her back to my Moms and I took her through downtown Nashville to show her a few of our landmarks. When we got to Moms we had a late lunch, and then she gave both me and Mom a present. It is was Ostrich eggs that she had hand painted. They are beautiful. I will post a pic of them later in the week. She is so talented. She also had made us both a beautiful papermache box too,,loved them both.
We looked at some altered book and decos that we all had worked in and others had worked in too. Then I taught Jane how to do Iris folding. She caught right on.
Jane is exactly how I thought she would be,,very fun and such a great personality. She feels like family!

Today we got up and went shopping most of the day. Jane treated Mom and I to a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was yummy and I am still full from it. The picture above is Mom and Jane at the restuarant. I spent last night up there, but had to come home tonight.
Tomorrow we are going to meet with two other great friends from our art group. We are meeting Jill who is coming up from Alabama, and Rosemary who lives close by. We are all meeting at Hobby Lobby, and then going to eat a great restaurant. Then we are headed over to Rosemarys and Jane is going to teach us all how to do some paper quilling. That is going to be so cool! Later Jill is going to follow us back to Moms house and spend the night, we will stay up late and do some art and gab alot.
On Thursday morning I will be taking Jane to the airport and then going back to work,(do I have too?). This is going to be a wonderful week to remember. I will post more pics of the fun we are going to have. Its been so warm here every since Thanksgiving. But now they are saying cold front coming in Thursday with a mix of rain and snow on friday. Bye bye nice weather,,hello winter.

Well I will be going and resting up for the big day tomorrow. Hi to all my blogger buds,,and I will be trying to catch up on all of your blogs as soon as I can.
Have a great day tomorrow!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Delightful Thanksgiving week-end!

This was my table on Thanksgiving Day. And all my precious loved ones gathered around it. Dinner was great, and spending time with all of them was even better. I modified the picture in PSP8. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Holiday week-end.
I will post more hopefully later today!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yes,,today is mine and Daniel's 6th wedding anniversary. We got married the day before Thanksgiving. Kalyn was my maid of honor and Kyle was Daniel's bestman. We went to the County Clerks office that was at the Courthouse in our counties seat. It was a very pretty day,,and they had this lovely Gazebo on the Courthouse lawn, so we decided to get married there. It was just us and the kids. Thats the way we wanted it. The only camera we had was a cheapo polaroid so the pictures aren't that great!
The wind was blowing pretty good so our hair looks kind of wild, lol. I just had a cast taken off of my left ankle. I had fell on Labor day and broke it really bad, I had to have a plate and 3 pins put in it an couldn't walk on it for 6 weeks. So I had to hobble around for my wedding day.
It really was a wonderful day. I can't believe how little the kids were,,now they are all grown up.
Daniel gave me a gift card to Macys last night inside a beautiful card. He always picks out the sweetest cards. He also came home with a lovely centerpiece for the table for Thanksgiving too.
Very pretty peach colored calanchios surrounding a chimny and candle. The pot that it is in is so pretty and unusual. It will look great for Turkey Day.
I have to get him something today, but I did surprise him with some socks last night,,lol. He is really picky about his socks and he likes thick warm ones in the winter. I picked up several pairs the other day at T.J. Maxx. Not sure what else I will get him today.
The past 6 years have had their ups and downs, he drives me crazy and I drive him crazy, but he is my DaddyBear and I am his MamaBear, and we would be lost without each other.
I Love you DB!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Not a whole lot for me to talk about today. So just going to post some ATCs and a Christmas tin. I made these yesterday. I am happy that tomorrow is my last day at work and looking forward to a nice long week off, and a great visit with my good friend Jane!
Below are the ATCs that I made for Maryellen's 9x9 ATC swap.
I had to use my camera as my scanner is being a pain and not working properly right now.

Next is a Christmas tin for my partner this month. I lucked up and bought the tin at Michaels, it already had the snow print on it, I just added to it. I added little ephemera on the inside with some tags.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Creative sunday!

Yes, I have been creating all day! Trying to get all the swaps that I am in finished before Thanksgiving. I have almost completed all of them, whew! It was the perfect day to stay inside and work in the Art room. It is a cold, blustery winter's day. It even sleeted for a few minutes this afternoon. Daniel was bored and put up our Christmas lights. We are the first on the block with our lights up,lol. They are really pretty, I haven't been out to take a pic of them yet, but I will soon.
Friday night was nice. My daughter Kalyn came out and spent the night. I so enjoy having her around. She is really growing up and starting to mature. She is going to school and taking Data processing and also working at Macy deptment store during Christmas. We built a nice bonfire in the fire bowl and sat outside talking.
Yesterday morning I had to take her to work. Then I ran to Michaels and bought Mom a Christmas pad with wonderful papers in it, I had bought one earlier in the week and she wanted one. I ran it up to her and then went to Wallys and bought a good bit of our Thanksgiving staples. I am lucky as Daniel is the Turkey and Dressing cook. He loves getting up really early and making it. I do all the sides and desserts.
Well I decide that today I would post a meme, that has been in several friends blogs. I have not done one in a while. So here I go.

A is for age:
I am 44 years young.
B is for Beer:
I love Beer, but I only drink Rolling Rock light as it has less carbs in it.
C is for Career:
I am the Lady that makes you go to school. Its funny because I would have had someone like me chasing me when I was in High School, lol. Yes,,I skipped occasionally.
D is for my Dog's Name:
2 dogs, Lady, the Brat Terrorist, inside dog, and Ranger, the protector of the back 40.
E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday:
I would say the computer, but I do use the tolit too,lol.
F is for Favorite T.V. Show:
Grey's Anatomy
G is for Favorite Game:
Cribbage and Backgammon,,I love both of them and Daniel and I play alot of both.
H is for Hometown:
I was born in Nashville, TN, moved to Decatur, Alabama when I was 7, came back to Nash when I was 19 and have been here since.
I is for Instruments I Play:
I can play the piano, took lessons for 3 years when I was young, but I am not that good at it, I would never practice, but I can read music.
J is for Favorite Juice:
V-8 juice,,it is what I am drinking right now,,I use it to make great Bloody Marys.
K is for Whose Butt I’d Like To Kick:
Can't think of anyone whose butt I would like to kick right now.
L is for the Last Place I Ate:
At home.
M is for Marriage:
Yes,,I am.
N is for my Name:
Sandra Elizabeth Kimbrough Deegan
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays:
Way too many for someone so young, lol.
P is for People I was With Today:
Just Daniel
Q is for Quote:
In his garden, every man may be his own artist without an apology or explanation.
-Louise Wilder
R is for Biggest Regret:
What good is regrets, you can't change the past.
S is for Sport:
Football, Football, Football
T is for Time I Woke Up Today:
5:30, hard to break a habit
U is for Current Underwear:
Blue with little flowers of course.
V is for Vegetable You Love:
All of them
W is for Worst Habit:
X is for X-rays I Have Had:
Too many to list
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today:
Pizza for lunch and Tater Casserole will be finished soon.
Z is for Zodiac:
I am Aquarius, the water bearer, and I love any kind of water, but the oncean is my favorite.

For some reason my scanner is not cooperating today so I can't post pics of what I made until I use my camera to take them. So I leave you with some more Winter Postcards. The picture at the top of the page is also a postcard.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chilly Thursday!

The past two days have been very, very rainy. Today has been windy, cold, and rainy. We have had a little over 3 inches of rain since Tuesday night. Am I ready for sunshine now,,yes I definetly am ready for that bright ball in the sky!!
I was so thrilled last night that Emmit won Dancing with the stars. I felt like he would win. Mario was really good,,but I just liked Emmits personality.
I haven't really been doing much art this week. I come home from work and I just cannot get motivated, I am so tired. I guess its just the winter blahs, I will adjust. It will be nice only having to work 2 days next week,,so that will be great! Then my good friend will be flying in the monday after Thanksgiving and I can't wait. I won't go back to work until after I take her to the airport the Thursday after Thanksgiving, nice long break!
This past sunday I did make my ornaments for Janes ornament swap. I got this idea from last years Christmas Somerset.

I actually disected a glittery butterfly that I got at the Dollar tree in oder to make the Angels wings. I also made the slide mount with a template that I have. The heart is very pretty little heart bead. The scan doesn't really do it justice.
Here are a few of more Christmas Postcards for the Postcard swap.

The snow family, snoopy and the penguin are ink jet transparencys. I put white ultrafine glitter under snoopy and the penguin, so they were real sparkly. I love Snoopy, doesn't everyone love Peanuts. I always loved Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I still watch Charlie Brown's Christmas. There are a few Christmas shows that I must watch during the Christmas season. Charlie Brown, Rudolph, The Christmas Story( You'll shoot your eye out with a BB gun), and one of my very, very favorites is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase aka Sparky. I still laugh like crazy every time I watch it.
Well I guess I will try to visit a few of my friend's blogs and then try to do a little art tonight. I hope every one has a great night.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I haven't got to post since saturday, and I have been having blogger withdrawals!!! My internet has been acting crazy the past several days, sometimes high speed cable isn't what its cracked up to be.
The weather has been so bleak the past 2 days and really quite chilly, very Novemberish. Its suppose to storm tonight and tomorrow and then get even colder. Todays paper was saying a slight chance of snow on sunday. We might get a few flurries but the ground isn't cold enough for anything to stick. Still,,just enough to get you in a holiday mood.
Yesterday was an Awesome mail day. My mail box was full of goodies. I came in openned my packages, "oohed and ahhed", then took pictures of all my wonderful goodies so I could post them on my blog. But no,,,I couldn't get on line,,,called the cable company,,they said must be something wrong on my end, not theirs. I think it is their end,,not mine. But if I keep having these issues I will have them come out and check. So,,,,here is what I recieved yesterday.
First off,,I got the loveliest Christmas tin from my dear friend Rosy. And it was that sweeties birthday yesterday too. Happy late Birthday my dear friend!! Here is the tin, its just so pretty!

It looks like a little deocrated door. Isn't that the cutest idea? And the inside is so unique and it has a ATC in it. She is so talented.
Did I already say how much I love the tin? Well I do!!
I also got 2 Daisy quilt friendship pieces. The first one is from Daisy. It is the Lily, that she did of Georgia O'keefes art. I just love it! It so pretty, and I am a flower fanatic and also love Georgia! She also added some wonderful goodies with it too. Thanks sweet Daisy!

The next quiltie is from the wonderful Ms. Robyn. It is just precious! I love the whimsical touch and she also sent me some wonderful bath salts that smell delicous! I plan on soaking in it tonight. Thanks Ms. R,,,I do treasure it so much!
Robyn is so talented too. I just have so many wonderful talented blogger friends. And they made my day yesterday, to come home to great art instead of dreadful bills in the mailbox,,thats the best!! I also recieved some halloween postcards from a swap I was in,,a little late, but very nice. And the one on the bottom right is from my very own sweet Mom. We sent them to another lady and then she swapped them out and mailed them.
Scary huh? Loved them too!
So on saturday Mom and I got kind of crazy acting and we decided to do a little post on her blog about all the fun our good friend Jane is going to have when she comes to visit with us. She has been our friend for several years in our ATC Group. She is flying in on the 27th, the monday after Turkey day. She lives in New York, and she has a nephew here in Tn. that she is going to visit also while she is here. So Mom and I just wanted to give her a little preview of what her visit will be like here in the good "Ole South". Here is a link to Mom's blog, and if you want to laugh really hard, please go visit it.
So tonight I will be watching the last dances of Emmit and Mario. I am so pulling for Emmit and plan to vote for him. I hope everyone who likes Emmit will vote too. If you like Mario, well, you don't have to vote,,lol,,just kidding!! Have a great evening my friends!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

rainy saturday

After two days of beautiful warm, almost hot, days, we are now back into more seasonable rain and cool temps. Thursday and Friday were awesome. I came home on friday and spent most of the day doing some raking in the yard, and planted more pansys.
Yesterday I had to be in a computer workshop all day. It was totally boring!!! Basic computer. I was forced to attend by the big boss at the school board. Its amazing that some of the other attendance officers just have such a mind block against computers. Our supervisor has told everyone that they either learn how do their work on the computer or else.
So, we had to sit in a hot stuffy room yesterday and learn how to check our e-mails, do attachments, and how to make folders on the computer. I spent my time just checking my e-mails, writing friends, and surfing. Brad, the young guy that teaches the class, was like "why are you even here?" He knows that I am a little more advanced than that as I have taken his Word II and Excell II classes. I did try to help some of my friends that didn't know how to do some things on the computer. But good news is we got out pretty early and I came home and finished up my postcards.
Today I am going to go up to Moms and help her clean her house. Then we are going to go to this little outlet store that has some great clothes. Then probably do a little art.
Tomorrow her and I are going to go pick up my Aunt(her sister) and do a little more shopping, then bring my Aunt back to my Moms so she can spend the week with her. My Aunt Addelaide is going to be 89 in February, but she is still going strong. She did have a set back a couple of months ago, but has recovered from it. At first her children were trying to make her go to Assisted Living, but she is stubborn and said "hell no",,lol. She has a beautiful apartment and flat refused to move, so he children gave in, lol.
Well I don't have any more great news to blab about so I will just post another one of my winter postcards and tell everyone to have an awesome week-end!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bye to Joey

Awhhhhh,,,so sad. Joey Lawrence had the least amount of the votes tonight on "Dancing with the Stars." It made me sad. I liked him. I loved his enthusism and how he wasn't afraid to talk about his faith. Plus he had a really nice,,uh,,smile,,yes,,a smile, and other parts of him was nice too. For some reason I just felt like he would be the one to go tonight. I Love Emmit,,and I think he should win because he was the most improved. Mario is cute too, but to me, it seems like he has somewhere been a professional dancer before. I felt that way last year about Drew Laschey too, but he won too. I am sure Mario will probably win next week,,but still hope Emmit does. Ok,,enough excitement for me tonight, lol.
I finally finished all of my winter postcards and off the will go in the mail tomorrow. Just came home and whipped the rest out, after a hard day at work, its nice to do something fun. So,,heres another postcard,,although several have said, "no snow yet, please" lol.
These sure were fun to make. But 19 of them? I am tired of snow now,,lol. Hope everyone has a great night!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wonderful surprise in the mailbox!

Look at this beautiful book that I received today in the mail. Its from my dear friend Vicci! It was just what I needed today. Its been a rainy, dreary day! It made me so happy and really brightened my world. I Love Thomas Kincaid,,his art is awesome! Vicci remembered that I loved him and she sent me this lovely book. Its full of his art and some wonderful poems and quotes! Thanks Girlie,,you know I Love Ya!!!
Today is my last day off from my fall break. I have spent most of it making some art projects. Several of my friends have birthdays this month, so I am working on some special art for them.
Shhhhhhhhh! :)
Also today in the mailbox I received a beautiful Quiltie art page from one the groups that I am in. We have been doing a page a fabric page a month. This months theme was "Scraps of Magic". Its it so awesome!
This lovely quiltie was made by my friend Lyn B. It has some great beadwork on it too.

Some of the art I have worked on today is my Winter postcards. I have to have 19 of them. I am up to 11 at the present. I will try to post a pic of one each time I post in my blog. Below is the first one I am posting.
Doesn't this make you want some snow? Hope every one has a great evening! Oh, and thanks for the compliments on my new hair style. I took everyones advice and made it my profile pic.


Monday, November 06, 2006

New du!

Just thought I would post a pic of my new hair cut and highlights. I really enjoy it like this, it so much easier! I look just like my Mom too,, this could have been her picture when she was in her mid 40s. She looks good now at almost 78, so maybe I will look good when I am her age.
I am so graceful I hope I make it that long,lol.(see my previous post)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full Moon, fab fall days, and wounded wing.

So I am finally able to type again. Yes,,Ms. Grace here took a little spill in some wet leaves on Wednesday afternoon. As I was bringing my trash can down from the road I slipped and tried to catch myself with my right hand. I should have just landed on the big cushion on my backside,lol. I guess it was just instinct to put my hand down first. Any ways,,I hurt my right hand. It swelled up and I had ice on it all night. I felt like it was sprained not broke as I could move it, but on Thursday the school nurse looked at and said I really should get it x-rayed. So I did, and of course it wasn't broke just sprained. I got a brace and a sling. Today is the first day that it doesn't hurt to type. And I can do some art today,,yay!
I did manage to have a yard sale this past week -end up at Moms. I just kept the brace on the arm and it was all good. I got rid of a lot of junk and made a little money. It was pretty chilly in the morning, but we stayed in the garage with the gas heater blowing on us so that wasn't too bad. Mom and I made some beads out of christmas paper and plastic aquarium tubing while we were sitting there. I will post pics of them after I make a bracelet or necklace with them.
Wow,,last night was awesome. The moon was just so beautiful. It was full. We had a nice fire again last night and cooked out. Daniel worked on the leaves all day saturday while I was doing the yard sale, so hopefully I can't kill myself on them now,,lol.
So,,how about some wonderful art pieces that I recieved in the mail this week?
First off,,here is the wonderful chunky book page that I recieved from my dear friend Jane!
Isn't beautiful? I Love it. Such great art Jane does! The next chunky page is from my dear friend Daisy!
I dearly love it too. I love flowers and fairys and this page covers both. Thanks Daisy!
The next chunky page is from another friend in our group named Michelle.
I think this is so cute! Just a real fun page! And below is my chunky page that I made and sent out too my 4 partners for this month.

I have alot of chunky pages right now. I am scanning them all and then I will make a album in my webshots and post all the pages in it. Its going to be an awesome chunky book. Its a fun swap to do each month. Thanks to Jane for thinking it up.
Below is a Quiltie page that I got from Kai. It is the first page I have recieved in the "Daisy's Friendship Quilt page swap". It is so pretty and Kai is so talented! I just love it too! Thanks Kai!!

So today I am off for fall break. All my chores are caught up, and its rainy dreary looking outside. I am kind of behind on my swaps so I must get busy on them. I have a vintage tag book to finish, 10 more winter postcards to do, and also working on Maryellen's ATC collage swap. First thing this morning I am going to go out and check on getting a new mattress and box springs. My bed is not comfy any more due to the mattress and springs being rather old and worn out. I must have a comfy bed and Hubby is ready for one too,,lol. I hope to be able to find something at a reasonable price, but when you have a king size bed, they are rather pricey.
The rest of the day I will be home and creating! Hope every one has a great day!!