Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally Friday!

Yay,,,I do love Fridays!! And its such a beautiful friday too. It really feels so fallish today! Highs are only 66 today, and chilly 40s tonight. Its been a busy week for me at work,,so I am glad its over.
My good friend that use to live next door to me spent the night with me on Wednesday night,,so it was nice seeing her. Tonight I am taking my parents to see Ray Price at the Ryman. He is an older country music singer,,back in the old Hank Williams days. She is so excited and I am glad I am taking them.
This week my good friend Rose and I swapped ATCs. Hers are so pretty! Its some of the first ones she made and her first swap. I am glad it was with me,,she lives right here close to me,,our towns are just a few miles apart. I am going to get her to join our ATC group. Here are the lovely ATCs she sent to me.

Beautiful aren't they? Thank you Rose,,,I do treasure them!!
I also finished my Quilt art page for another swap that I am in. The theme this month was "Coffee or Java". I found the picture on the internet and then I printed on the ink jet material paper. I love that stuff,,heres the pic

It has glitter highlighting the letters and the curves and then a charm on the cup. I just love the picture.
Well I guess I better go say hi to some of my friends and then get ready to go get my Mom. I hope everyone has a great week-end. I will try to write again on Sunday!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tagged twice!

<Yes,,,I was tagged twice in the past 2 days. Yesterday my dear blogger friend, Rosa, who also lives close by tagged me. And today,,my other dear friend Vicci tagged me. So I guess I will start will Rosa's tag first.

1. Which famous person would you most like to learn that you descended from?

Yes,,,it would have to be the famous flower artist, Georgia O'keeffe. I just love, love, love her beautiful flower paintings and would love to be able to paint just like her.

2. Which famous person would you hate to learn that you were descended from?

Mean old General Winfield Scott who drove my kin folks , the Cherokee Indians away from their land and practically annilated them.

3. If you could be an ancestor to any famous living person who would it be and why?
Ok,,that was a hard one for me,,,but I guess it would be Thomas Kincaid,,also a artist,,because I love his paintings and if I was kin to him I would have alot of his paintings that he would have painted just for me,,lol.

4. If you could go back in time and meet any known ancestor of yours, who would it be and why?

I am descendent of Sequoyah, the man who wrote the Cherokee Alphabet. I would love to meet him!! A very gentle and kind man from all I have read on him.


Me wierd,,no way!! lol

1. Fluttery moths give me the chills,,,I like moths,,just don't like them fluttering near me.

2. I cannot go to sleep at night unless I wash my face,,that might not be wierd but I just gotta have a clean face.

3.I will not walk on a swinging bridge,,,that gives me the heebie geebies.

4. I am tall and I cannot stand for my pants to be too short.

5.I always know whos on the phone when its ringing,,telepathic I guess,,,and sometimes I feel like something bad is going to happen and usually it does,,I get that from my Mom.

Ok,,for this one,,I choose to tag: Janet, Vicci, Jane, Mary Ellen, and Daisy

Now to Vicci's tag,,heres the rules:

The Rules are:
1. Grab the book nearest to cheating!
2. Open to page 123
3. Scroll down to the fifth sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on to your the book and the author. Tag 3 people.

My nearest book was a old, old book called "Literture and Life"(copywrite 1929)

"A brave new world, Benjamin Franklin's writings:
If your sitituation in life is a sedentary one, your amusements, your recreations, at least should be active. You ought to walk or ride: or play at billiards. But let us examine your course of life.

Hmmmm,,,now I went to the page it said and scrolled down to the fifth sentence,,,I do believeth that old Ben was talking directly to me on that one,,lol. How WIERD!!!

Now I have to tag 3 people,,,I choose Janet, My Mom, and Lisa.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great time last night!!

I haven't posted in several days, mostly because of being really busy,,and because of the weather. But last night I didn't post because I went to an awesome concert at the Ryman Auditorium. I went with my niece and her husband, we went to see "Nickel Creek". They are one awesome bluegrass/rock band! It was a absolute great concert. The Ryman is a very old building in downtown Nashville that use to be a church back in the early 1900s. Then the Grand Ole Opry was held there for many, many years. They built a new auditorium at Opryland and for many years the Ryman sat unused and run down. They refurbished it several years ago and it looks very close to the same as it did when it first started. Old wood church pews in side,,and very intimate. The accoustics are amazing and one of the best venues to see a concert. And being in Nashville the band had several other muscians come up and before with them on the stage, one of them was Bella Fleck from the Flecktones,,whom I love!
The pictures are not the greatest because you could not use your flash inside during the concert. As you seen they had very few instruments,,but boy was the music delightful. Below is a picture of my niece Emily and I inside the Auditorium.
Before the concert we went out to eat at a great restaurant downtown. The after that we walked around downtown Nashville. If you have never been there its all bars and famous restaurants. It rained on us but we had umbrellas. We walked down to the water front park and I made a picture of Emily and A.J.,,the Titan's football stadium is in the background across the river.
So I just had a wonderful night last night.
Yesterday I spent most of the day finishing several projects that I had been working on.
I finished my "Daisy friendship quilt piece" for Lisa which I will mail out tomorrow. I am pretty pleased with the piece and I am hoping that Lisa will like it. She said that she didn't mind that I post it here. So here it is.
I also finished my "chunky book" pages for October's chunky page swap in one of my groups.
I did like the way they turned out too. For me to like 2 things that I created in one day is unusal,,I am very critical of my art and always unsure of it,,but love it when I do approve,,my own worse critic,,lol.

Today I have to finish another quilt page for another swap that I am in. I also want to work on some ATCs to swap with my good blogger friend, Rosa. And some greeting cards for some other friends who have sent me some nice fall cards.
The weather today is so nice after a rough past 2 days of high humidity and high winds, and storms and flooding rain. Driving home last night after the concert was not fun,,I hate driving at night in the rain as I can't see very well at all,,but I made it.
I hope all my friends are having a great week-end!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday

Yes,,I do think Wednesdays are wonderful,,because when you work, it means just 2 more days left after wednesday,,lol,,Hump Day is what we call Wednesdays,,your almost over the hump.
So yesterday was a scary day for me. I guess some darling student at school didn't want to take a hard test or something in 3rd period, so he called in a Bomb threat. Which meant we had to go into lock down mode. Now its not much fun being locked in your office while our School police officers scour the building looking for mysterious packages,,and your wondering if this is the last place you'll see in your life,,not fun at all. But it was a hoax,,thank goodness!! They will evacuate if they think it is a serious call,,but it was felt certain that it wasn't so the procedure was to stay in a lock down mode to the whole thing was investigated. We go in lock down modes alot,,sometimes they bring in dogs to sniff out certain areas of the school for drugs or weapons. Thats a good thing,,and they did it last week and there were none found in our building. My school is one of the safer ones in the city. But its always kind of scary when your locked in your office and can't go out till its all over.
So enough of that,,,I am posting some of my art today. I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep,,so I just got up and decided to blog a while.
The picture above is a Deco page I did for a Round Robin that I am in. Its for a Fall Deco and its for my friend Kim. This is the tag that you make to put in the pocket on the inside cover.

The next picture is the ATCs that Mom and I made this past friday night when she spent the night. They are for a Leave ATC trade. We made them and then dipped them in melted beeswax,,I love to play with beeswax. It smells so good when you have it melted.

And the last picture is of some ATC Vintage Nudes that I made for a swap. Its so funny to think that women would pose like this back in the old days,,but I guess we have always had a little naughtiness in us,,lol. I hope they don't offend anyone,,but I think they are tasteful.

So I am headed to the shower now to start off another wonderful day. It is so Fallish outside now. The low this morning is in the low 50s and the high today in the mid 70s. The leaves are starting to fall. AUTUMN is here! Have a great day my friends!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fun at the Fair!!!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. It was so much fun at the State Fair. We got there when it openned at 10 in the morning. It wasn't so crowded at all and a nice little breeze. We went to the exhibits first,,and they had some very pretty quilts.

Some delightful cakes,,,look at the bride chasing the groom on this cake,,Daniel and I laughed so much at this one. And this pretty wintery cake!
And now for this hugh pumpkim. Over 1000 lbs.

And my sweet Hubby in front of his stinky tobacco plants. This is how tobacco is dried. Tennessee and Kentucky grow alot of this crop.

Now time for some cute critter pictures!!

Time for a little pig racing

And last, but not least,,some great art for the side shows. I thought these paintings were really cool.

We had a great day yesterday. It was just so nice to get away from the house and spend some time together. It was really hot later in the day so we made our way to our favorite mexican restaurant and cooled off with some frozen Margaritas and Fajitas. Today its been raining off and on and suppose to be cooler the rest of the week. It is going to feel very Fallish,,and I am more than ready for it. I hope all of my friends have a great week ahead too!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fabulous Friday!!!

Yes it is my favorite day of the week, espiecally when I am working,,lol. I will probably say this same thing every friday until May, when I will be off work again, so get use to it,,lol. The weather is absolutely beautiful today. Mid-80s, and no humidity and a good breeze. Its suppose to get pretty warm by Sunday,,upper 80s,,but with no humidity thats not too bad.
Then rain on Monday and then its going to really cool off and Autumn will start moving in at a faster pace.
Mom is coming down tonite and spend the night. We are going to be making some ATCs and some cards, and just having some fun!
Then on Sunday, Daniel and I are going to get up early and go to the State Fair in Nashville. Sunday is the last day. We love to go and see the exhibits,,the animals, and veggies, and quilts,,and walk around and eat funnel cakes and cotton candy. I am so thankful that he enjoys doing this as much as I do. I am going to take my camera and take alot of pics. We don't do the rides,,I am not much of a rides person,,espiecally roller coasters are ones that go upside down and backwards and really fast,,,uh ,,no way!!
But its going to be a nice week-end,,last week-end I was sick and didn't enjoy it at all,,so this one will be great!
The pictures the above are what I see on my ride home every day. I take the scenic route instead of the nerve wracking interstate. And its not much farther going this way,,maybe 5 miles more,,but well worth it. Lots of horse farms and creeks and no one riding your bumper.
Hope every one has a wonderful week-end! I will try to post pics of the fair on Sunday night!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday already??

But I am happy that today is Tuesday. Glad that yesterday is over. Yesterday was sad,,I was depressed, and work was hard. I came home from work extremely stressed. I decided the best way to relieve that was to jump on my treadmill. So thats what I did,,then I did a few weights. I felt so much better!! Then I went outside to my pond and I meditate a long time. That made me feel even better. I just couldn't watch any more news or programs about 9/11,,they just got to me too much. I made the mistake of watching the 1st part of the move "Leading up to 9/11" on Sunday night. That made me extremely pissed off at our Government,,why did we have to handle the Bin Laden situation the way it was handled. I know it has been said that parts of the movie weren't true,,but I just don't know. I think it was really bungled,,and too many people lost their lives because of the mistakes. So,,thats all I am going to say on that. I just couldn't watch the rest of it last night,,of course Mom told me about the rest of it today,,lol.
So,,,tonite,,,I am going to watch one of my favorite shows!! "Dancing with the Stars". I just love Dancing,,love to watch Dancing,,and love to Dance. I get it naturallly,,both of my parents were dancers. Not professional dancers mind you,,just a man and a woman who loved to dance.
They were jitterbuggers, foxtrotters, square dancers, buck dancing, and disco ers,,lol. They just loved dancing,,any kind of dancing. And they were good too!
I remember when I was around 6 years old. They would go out every week-end with their bestfriend couple to their Square Dancing Club. They would travel to other cities sometimes too. Mom is a wonderful seamstress and she would make her dresses,,and buy shirts for my Dad that matched her dresses. Those big ole fluffy cantina skirts!! Sometimes they would host the dance at our house in our full basement. I can remember sitting on the steps that went down to the basement and watch them dancing,,and hearing the calls. It was so awesome to watch!!
Later when I was a teen,,and Disco was the in thing,,"Saturday night Fever". They would have parties on the week-ends and couples would come over and disco,,,, I even would do the bump with my Dad,,and wasn't even embarrassed,,lol.
So I guess my love of Dancing is a gift!
Here is a picture of my parents during their Square Dancing Days,,

Of course it was a Valentine Square Dancing Party,,don't ya just love my Dad's hair cut and glasses? lol. And yes,,Mom made that dress too! I wish I had a picture of them jitterbuggin when they were young,,or Discoing,,lol.
So you know my Mom will be watching the show tonite too! And I am sure my Dad would be too if he was still alive. I like to believe that he is still dancing, and that one day I will see those two dancing together again.
Watch the show tonight,,Jerry Springer is going to be dancing,,that should be a hoot!!!

Have a great Evening!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The day before 9/11

Its just so hard to believe that its been 5 years since 9/11. My heart is still so sad about that time. I just can't imagine how the people that lost their love ones feel when this date comes up every year. I remember that day so clearly. I was still at home, at that time I worked at home alot. He called and said, "did you hear that a plane crashed into the Trade Towers?" I quickly turned on the t.v., just in time to see the second plane crash into the other tower. Then that dreaded feeling of thinking, "whoa,,this is not accidental,,something bad is happenning to our country",,,I remember feeling very vulnerable,,wanting to rush to my childrens school and get them out, calling Daniel and my parents,,wanting to be with them. I just didn't want to be by myself. I went next door to our bestfriends house. Buddy, was home, his kids at school, and wife Ginny at work. They were from upstate New York,,about a hour north of NYC. I remember us sitting there glued to the T.V,,and when the first building fell,,we both started crying. We knew the second one would probably come down too. Then they showed the pentagon,,and talking about a fourth airplane headed for the White House. It just felt like it was a movie,,,but it was real.
Later when I did pick the kids up from school,,they had been watching it all day at school,,luckily they were old enough to understand it,,but were still very afraid. Asking "what if they start bombing us Mom?",,,reassuring them that it was ok,,that we were safe, but also telling them to pray for all the people who were missing their Loved ones,,or who were seriously injured. I wonder if any of us will every forget that day? I know that I will never forget, nor do I want too,,because I am more wary now,,more cautious,, always watching whats going on around me. I learned that day that we were not indefensible,,that the U.S. was capable of being hurt, and being hurt bad.
I don't like the wars that are going on right now. But yet they do seem to help us from being attacked again. Or is it because we are more strict and our guard is up? I don't know. We almost lost alot more people if the terrorist activity in London had not been discovered in time to prevent it. I do think that one day,,,we will be hit again. I just pray that we will be prepared for it.
So,,I guess you can tell that this is heavy on my mind today. But I will remember it forever as I am sure everyone else will too.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

YAY,,I do feel much better today!

So today I will not whine about any thing,,,just so thankful to feel so much better. I am going to do alot of artsy stuff today. I want to work outside in my flowers, but I think I will give that a few days. I really don't want to get a set back of this awful stuff. Afraid if I get out there and get too hot it might make me feel yucky again. Its not too bad here,,the humidity is really low now,,so that it doesn't feel that hot when the temps get into the mid 80s. I really do feel Fall in the air. So,,I will just say to every one,,Have a great Saturday,,I know I will. Here are a few pics of some Art Cards and ATCs that I had finished but had not uploaded yet.

Friday, September 08, 2006

OK,,ready to feel better!!!

I am so sick of being sick!! This is getting on my last nerve! Since I came down with this crud last Saturday,,I should be feeling better by now. I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Wed. He gave me a Z-pack of antibiotics, a decongestant, and some cough meds. But I am still not feeling that great! I went to work yesterday, still feeling like yuk! I had to go to court this morning on one of my truancy cases, as soon as it was over I came home and went back to bed. I have a terrible ear ache today. Called the doc to see about getting some ear drops,but they haven't called back yet. I sure hope this is the only time I get this stuff for the season. All I want to do is sleep. Its just getting real old. You know if I am not on the computer or doing my Art,,then I am really, really sick,,lol.
I am going to try hard to do some art this week-end. I just have no creativity when I feel so dang bad! And I miss all my wonderful friends here in bloggersville! I hope I will be writing in here tomorrow that I am all well and feeling great! And I will post pics of all the art I have been creating since I will be feeling much better,,lol.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Still kicking,,barely!

Well I am maybe a little bit better today,,but still far from 100%. This has been the wierdest bug or flu or whatever that I have ever had. First I had a terrible sore throat, headache, and neck ache on Saturday. Then by saturday night I was running a fever. I never run fevers,,usually my fever is below normal, but it was at 100 yesterday. By yesterday my throat had quit hurting, but my head and neck were still sore. So,,I stayed in bed all day yesterday too. I guess it wasn't too bad,,because the American movie channel was having a marathon yesterday and I got to watch alot of movies,,lol. Some of the movies I watched were re-runs,,but they were movies I liked alot so I can watch re-runs of those. I watched- "Sleeping with the Enemy" with Julia Roberts whom I think is a really good actress. Now that is a pretty scary movie,,I guess because there really are pyschos out there like the husband she had in the movie. Then I watched "Lunch money" with Melanie Griffen in it. I like her too,,her voice kind of gets on my nerves but I think she is a pretty good actress. Then I watched "Domestic Disturbance " with John Travolta and Vince Vaughn. It was new one for me,,and it was ok,,but not that great,,lol. I really wanted to read some,,but my head hurt too much for that.
So today I woke up and couldn't even talk,,I just croak pretty much like a frog. I did feel a bit better though. Headache and neck ache are gone,,but have a cough now too. And really dizzy,, and now it just comes in waves,,feel ok for a while and then feel like crap for awhile.
Daniel has taken such good care of me,,he is a absolute wonderful husband in my book right now!
Ok,,so you know I got my newspaper yesterday and I knew that Michaels was going to have a big sale for Labor Day,,they always do. They had a 50% off coupon in the sales paper,,good for yesterday and today. Well,,,,,,I have been dying for a "crop-a-dile". Whats a crop-a-dile you ask? It is the best eyelet setter that is on the market right now. If you have ever fooled with setting eyelets then you know what a pain some of the setters can be. Well a couple of members of our stamping group had them last week-end,,and I fell in love with them. They are so super easy to use. They look like big pliers. But they make setting eyelets a breeze. They are a bit pricey,,$27. Mom went there yesterday and got her one and used her coupon,,so they were only $14.
Well I got up today and told Daniel,,that I really wanted to go get one of those. My sweetie said,,"well I need to go to Home Depot, so I will take you to Michaels",,,now is that a good hubby or what? He didn't want me driving cause of being dizzy. So we went there first thing this morning. He even came inside with me and didn't complain about me looking at other items either,,lol. Bless his heart! lol. Of course I found other items that I just had to have too,,lol. Then we went to the store and came home. I bought the new "Rubber Stamping Madness" magazine too. So when we got home I ate come good old Chicken Noodle soup and laid down for awhile looked at my magazine. I started feeling better again and was able to get up and do some art for a while. I finished my shipping tags for the Fall shipping tag swap that Mom is hosting. I also finished some art cards and some ATCs. They are drying right now as I used glitter and pearl ex and some glaze on them,,I will post pics of them later.
I am hoping that I will feel like going to work tomorrow,,,but who knows,,like I said this has been a very nasty bug. Daniel has slept out in the sunroom on the futon for the past 2 nights,,trying hard to not get it,,I sure hope he doesn't as he is not a good patient,,like most men aren't,,lol. But if he gets it,,then I will definetly take good care of him like he has me.
I am going to post some pics of some digital pictures that I have made with filters and layers on my Paint Shop Pro.
I hope none of my wonderful friends here get this awful stuff,,cause it ain't fun!!!
Hope every one has had a good monday!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crud for the week-end!!!

Well don't it figure,,,I woke up sick yesterday morning. I have some kind of crud. Sore throat, neck, and headache. I sound like a frog this morning. I spent most of yesterday in bed feeling absolutely awful. So,,,didn't get much creating time in or working in the yard. I HATE being sick,,espiecally on such a nice long week-end. Daniel has been great to me,,he just got back from the store with lots of juice, lemon tea and honey, and some cold medicine, then cooked me a great omelet. The weather has been perfect for being sick,,cloudy and cool. If it was sunny outside I would really be mad,,lol.
Guess I won't post a pic today,,just not feeling up to it. Maybe later. Now I need to go lay down again. Hope everyone else has a great day!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Yes I do Love fridays,,espiecally when they start off a Long week-end !!! Ahhhhh,,not to have to get up at 5 a.m. for the next 3 days,,,YES!!! And the weather is going to be gorgeous here. Highs in the very low 80s and lows down into the low 60s,,now that is my kind of weather!!
Last night I got the camera out and took some pics of some of my flowers. I have the most prettiest yellow cosmos growing this year. Last fall I was over at my ex-mother-in-laws house and she has these all the way accross the fence in front of her house. They were full of seeds so I got a bunch of them. I planted them this spring and they are gorgeous now. And they come back every year. If any of my wonderful garden friends here like them I will gladly send you some seeds this fall.

They are up by the road and they are so tall,,the big zinnias are pretty with them too!

I also took a picture with the flash on of one of my roses that is blooming. Now that the weather is cooling down they will start to bloom again until late October.
So last night Daniel and I just sat out by the pond and listened to some good smooth jazz and really enjoyed the weather. It even sprinkled but we were sitting under trees and we didn't get wet. Its so nice to sit out there and chill after a long day of work. It is our little sanctuary. Here is a pic of my hubby,,the man that drives me crazy but yet makes me laugh so hard. He is my bestfriend and partner and makes our house look so good with his excellent carpenter skills.

He took the day off today and I took off at noon. We met at our favorite Mexican cantina and had some delicous Fajitas and a pitcher of frozen Margaritas,,,YUMMY!!! That was nice,,we love to do that together. Well I sure hope every one has a wonderfully nice long week-end. I know I will!