Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hot and Humid, summer in the south!!!

After two days of some pretty good rain(which we really needed) and cooler temps, its heating back up here. Mid 90s by tomorrow and 90% humidity. But thats the way the it is in the south in the summer. It sure took my husband a few years to get use to our lovely southern summers. He moved here from beautiful Washington State. The summers in Washgington were hot,,but not humid,,nor were there alot of bugs. He loves his beer, but learned really quick that you cannot drink much of it in the hot sun here,,lol. Now he just does gatorade and water,lol, and has a couple of beers in the evenings when its cooler. He is a hard worker, and makes our house look so nice. He has built a beautiful sun room on our house. Also numerous flower beds and our pond area. He is a civil engineer during the day and comes home to be a carpenter at nights and week-ends. He has almost finished with our flooring,,he puts extra care on his finishing work. His work is very precise,,he is not a" slap it up and call it good" kind of guy,,he takes his time and makes it look awesome! I feel so lucky to have him as a husband. Our relationship is good and gets stronger every day. Everyone says that he is so skinny,,but he eats and eats and doesn't gain a pound(how lucky,,),,,he has weighed the same for the last 25 years. He is also very strong. He is also a good father! The picture is how he generally looks on the week-ends,,his do-rag on, and paint all over him, or saw dust, spackle, glue, dirt,ect...,,but he cleans up really nice too! He is truly my partner and bestfriend!! I Love you DB!!!

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AnnieElf said...

Lucky you. Gifted with abilities and the motivation to use them. The perfect combination.