Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesdays Wonders!

Its been a while since I have posted. Life has been busy as usual. I have student registration at work and also still trying to squeeze in visits to see my Dad. He will be leaving the hospital today and going to go to the same rehabilitation center that my Mother went to after her back surgery.
He is really weak from the heart surgery and needs some help getting some of his muscles in his legs to start working. Good thing is the rehab is in the same town that we live in and we won't have to drive so far to see him.
Last night I went out and took some pictures of the yard and all my flowers. The picture above is of one of my Moonflowers that are blooming on my arch in the new flower bed that Daniel made for me this year. It smells heavenly! And here are few more pictures of the yard.
Here is the new flower bed with the arch covered in Moonflower vines.
And the swing in front of the bed is a favorite place for Carlita the kitty to hang at.
Another pretty view of the flower bed.
Above is a picture of our favorite place to hang. The deck gets the best breeze on a hot summer night. We sit up there and listen to the pond and relax after a long stressful day.
This is one of the wagon wheels that we have at the end of our driveway. I planted some of my Orange cosmos there. I think they look so pretty with the wheel.

Last night while we were hanging on the deck I spotted this visitor hanging out on one of my plants. I think he was having dinner on it too.

He's kind of scary looking but what really scared me was when I got up closer to take his picture he jumped on me,,YIKES! I squealed pretty good on that one. He didn't like being the subject of my nature photography is all I can guess. Ok,,,now, please tell me what kind of bug this is?
If you guess it right then you will win a prize. I will send him to you in a special package,,,NO,,,just kidding but you will recieve a handmade made necklace that I have been working on when I have some spare time. If I get several correct answers then I will draw a name from the correct answers. Or I could find him and see if he would mind drawing a name!
Hope everyone had a great week-end and also having a great week. Stay cool!

Friday, July 25, 2008

So far its all Good!

My Dad made it through the surgery yesterday. It went well and he is doing fairly good right now. He did have to have a few units of blood and last night had a slight temp. But they said that is all pretty normal. He will be in the Critical care for a couple more days and if all goes well he will go into a room hopefully by the week-end. Thanks so much for all the prayers and wonderful thoughts sent our way and keep them coming!!! You all mean so much to me!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Angels to watch over us!

I am asking the Angels to watch over our family today. My father will go into surgery at noon today. He is strong and a fighter and I have much faith that he will be fine. My Mom is the one I worry about. She is tired and very worried. Please remember us today!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wordle fun

I found this cool this site today! Its called Wordle and you can type in your blog address and it will go there and use the words on your blog to create the word box above. Fun!
My Step-father's operation will be Thursday afternoon. They are going over him from head to toe to make sure his body is going to be able to with stand the operation. He has alot going against him but he is a strong man and I do feel that he will make it through just fine.
Thanks for all the support you all are giving me!!! I Love all of you!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on Step-father!

Hi to all! I hope every one had a great week-end. It was another long one for us as it has been the past several months working on other house. We did meet with realtor on saturday. She didn't tell us what we wanted to hear so that was a real bummer. More on that some other time.
My Dad did get in a private room on friday. He seemed to be doing really well but they still had heart moniter on him and oxygen. His kidneys had improved alot and so had his blood count. But they decided to do a arterialgram this morning.
He has 3 major blockages in his arterys. They are transferring him by ambulance this morning to a major medical center here in Nashville. He will be having by pass surgery either tomorrow or Wednesday. This was also news that we didn't want to hear.
They did say that the first heart attack didn't damage his heart and it appears to be strong so we hoping that all goes well with the by pass surgery.
Of course my Mom is pretty upset with this latest news. I am going to hospital after I leave work to check on him. The new hospital is right down the street from my office.
Please continue to remember us in your thoughts and prayers,,,as I do know they work!!!!
Thanks to all my wonderful friends!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

Thanks so much for the prayers for my Step-father!(see previous post) Yesterday He was moved to a room that is a step down from the Intensive Care Unit. They are now saying that his heart was not damaged by the Heart Attack. They have his blood sugars under control too.
His kidneys are still not in the best of shape but are better than when he arrived in the ER.
They gave him 2 units of blood on thursday along with a shot to help his body to produce more blood. They are not sure where he was losing his blood but feel it might be coming from the intestines and will do a colonscopy before he leaves the hospital. He is eating very good and seems to be more himself the past few days.
My step-brothers are all here now to help out and that is such a big relief for me and Mom.
Mom is doing good just a little tired from going to the hospital. I think she is going to stay home today and let the brothers go visit with Dad. My middle step brother is going to go ahead and move in with them. My dad didn't really want him too as he is a very proudful man and independent, but sometimes you have to forget pride and realize what is best for you.
This makes me feel so much better as I have worried about them so much when I am away at work during the day and 40 miles away from them.
Today I have a realtor coming to the old house to let us know if it is ready to have a For Sale sign placed in the yard. I sure hope so as Daniel and I both are worn out from working on it every week-end. Next prayer? Please God let it hurry up and sale!
Thanks again for all the prayers and positive Thoughts sent our way. You all are the best and I am always here for you all too!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prayers and Thought requested!!!!

This is my dear Step-father but who has been my Father for almost 25 years. My real Father passed away 21 years ago. On Tuesday afternoon we had to rush him to the hospital by ambulance. He has brittle diabetes and takes several shots of insulin a day.
We thought he had a stomach virus and had gotten dehydrated and it made his blood sugars soar to a very high number. He was a very sick man.
They admitted him to the hospital to get him hydrated and to get his blood sugar under control.
I spent the night with my Mom who because of her health problems cannot stay alone. We recieved a phone call at 12:30 tuesday night that he had been put in Intensive Care.
His blood work started showing that he had a Heart Attack. Needless to say we didn't sleep much after that call. When we got to the hospital at 6 yesterday morning to visit him we got to talk to his Cardiologist. We were then given more bad news. It seems his kidney function has dropped to very low 15% and that he might also be bleeding somewhere as his blood count and blood pressure was very low. The cardiologist didn't want to do a artilligram because they would have to put him on dialysis in order to do it. It seems he had the heart attack sometime Monday night. He never experienced any pain because diabetics often never have pain with heart attacks.
He has been alert and talking when we go in to see him. By late yesterday afternoon when we went in he seem quite a bit better.
My youngest Step-brother came in late last night from Georgia. I sure was glad to see him! He will be staying several days to see what all is going to take place.

Mom is taking this very hard but is keeping her chin up. They have a very strong Love and we are keeping positive thoughts for his recovery. Just asking for others to keep him and us in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep updating as news comes in.
Thanks to all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesdays Peek!

So yesterday I showed off some of my babies at my old house. Now I am showing off some the beauty that I have inside at my new house. This is a little wood shelp that I have over my kitchen sink. I love to bring in fresh cut little flowers or plants that I am trying to root. I also love to collect old bottles to place them in. I bought 3 old bottles at a little yard sale last saturday for a whopping amount of 50 cents a piece. I also love my African Violets. I never had much luck with AVs until last year and I tried them again and they actually started blooming for me. When the hubby is finished with the old house he is going to build me a new little shelf for this window because the current one is old, cheap, and flimsy,,and its bowing in the middle but still seems pretty stable. Its one of the first items on his "honey do" list.

I just love this little test tube bloom holder. It has a suction cup on it that attaches to the window. I bought it at the Dollar Tree store and bought one for Mom too. I would like to go back and see if I can buy a few more.
This is one of the old bottles that I bought. Its a Mrs. Stewart's blueing bottle not sure how old it is but I say at least 30-50 years old. I just love Coleuses. I think they are some of the most prettiest plants and now they have so many varieties of them available. I like to pinch them off and start new shoots and stick them in the ground some where that needs some more color to liven things up. And they are very colorful thats for sure.
The flower in the brown bottle is a white Coneflower, it looks yellow in the picture. The little brown bottle was another one that I bought saturday and it says Listerine on it, not sure how old it is. The little blue bottle is one that I have had,,I have about 100 different colored ones of these sweet little minatures. Some are old and some are reproductions. Thats a sweet little marigold in the blue bottle.
I just wanted to share a little something that in my house that makes me smile.
Have a terrific Tuesday!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mondays musings!

Yes, Mr. Maximus finally left the house. I feel much better now. I spent most of the week-end down at the other house helping the Hubby do some more painting and I also worked out in the yard there too. My Coneflowers are so lovely right now. And below is a pic of one of my tiger Lily's. I Love the fiery color of those hardy Lily's.

Next is close up of one of my Cosmos. These are amazing flowers. They re-seed and come back thicker every year. By the end of August they are awesome too see. They get up over 6 ft tall and just so thick and full. I have a patch right by the road at the other house and several times people driving by would stop in the middle of the road when I was outside and ask me what they were and how they could get some of them. I generously gave seeds out as I do Love to share the beauty.
Another patch of the Coneflowers.
I was wanting to play with my camera and try some new shots. This is a silhouette shot of the cones. Love the blue sky behind them, just wish the wires weren't in the picture too.
OH,,,Look,,,its the little Brat Terrier, Lady, and she is trying to smell the Cones, she didn't know that they don't have a fragrance, they are just there for the pleasure of looking at them.
We grilled out Saturday night and right after we got the steaks cooked it started to storm. We got some nice rain all night and part of the day on Sunday. I woke up to some wet streets and every thing just looked so green and happy.
I hope every one had a wonderful week-end!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mr. Maximus

Yep, mean Mr. Mucus Maximus moved in to my sinuses and chest yesterday afternoon. I went home after work feeling extremely bad. I had some soup and went to bed. I didn't sleep very well since most of the night was spent coughing and playing the hot and cold game. I guess its just allergies from the high grass pollen we have right now. I guess it didn't help much by mowing my grass all day on sunday.
So I am taking some Mucinex and some antibiotics today and trying to make Mucus make haste and leave. I had to work as I have exhausted all of my sick days while taking care of my Mom. I have to build them back up again. I just had to whine and show every one the ugly Mucus Maximus,,hes meaner than the Grinch.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 07, 2008

6 billion others

I found this cool site today and just had to share with everyone, just clik on the pic. Hope everyone had a wonderful week-end and have a great Monday too!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Firework fun and a beautiful sunset.

It was a nice Fourth of July and a fairly quiet week-end. I grilled and cooked most of the day on friday. I did have my potatoe salad and deviled eggs made on thursday night so that helped alot. Mom and Dad came down at noon and I cooked out some hamburgers for us. Here's sweet Mom waiting on the burgers to cook.

My poor sweet hubby stayed at the other house all week-end so he could get some more work done on it for the long week-end. So my son and daughter and a few of my son's friends came up and spent the night with me. I cooked out burgers and hot dogs for them again in the evening and we shot some fireworks.
Thats my son in the middle with the brown shirt on.

There was a beautiful sunset that night too due to some rain clouds that were coming in.
I had my camera on my tripod to try to get some night time firework shots but we kept having off and on rain showers so I didn't want to leave it outside in the moisture. Oh well, maybe next year. The rest of the week-end has been fairly quiet. Hubby will be home this afternoon and I will probably mow the grass. I am going to try to take some pictures of my baby sparrows and Mommy and Daddy sparrows that have a nest in a basket on my deck. I hope every one has had a wonderful holiday week-end. Please check out my Friend Jessica's slide show that she did of the pictures she took at Nashville's Fourth of July Fireworks display, its amazing!!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008