Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunny Tags for a Cloudy Day and gloomy mood!

This is the front and back of a tag that I made for a "color tag swap" in one of my groups. I had to make 10 of them. I chose to make yellow tags and I am glad I did. I really need alot of yellow and cheery things in my life right now.
I haven't been doing very much art at all lately. Things are just so sad for me right now and I cannot keep my mind on much at all. I try to be creative and I have made a few little things here and there just trying to ease my stress and my sadness. I guess the best way to really escape my issues right now is for me to read. I have been doing alot of that lately when I have the time, mainly at bedtime. I stopped friday afternoon and bought several art magazines and a couple of books and the new Birds and Blooms magazine, also a little magazine of "The gardener's Farmer Almanac. "
I guess the reason I am not posting so much lately is because I am pretty down in the dumps and most of my posts would sound whinny and pitiful. I am trying hard to keep my spirits up and to keep on keeping on. There are just so many things happenning right now that tend to keep me upset. Biggest one is my Mom's deteriorating health. She is still in constant pain and cries so much with the pain. Its killing me to see her this way. I worry that she will never be the same again and wish that she had never had that surgery.
Then there are other problems too, worrying about selling my other house in a market that seems to be in the worse shape ever. Worries about my children too. The combination of it all is wearing me down.
But I am survivior and will keep on keeping on. Life has got to get better, right?
Again, I am sorry for my bleak posts. But it does help to at least write about it and get it out of my system.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some pretty postcard ART!

These are some Great Postcards that I recieved from a trade in my fave yahoo group. I Love them! I haven't been doing many trades,,just a few here and there. Not alot of creating going on here either. Not alot of blogging either.
Life has been pretty busy lately and nothing really exciting going on. When its nice outside when I get home from work, then thats where I am at. Also visiting Mom and working on the other house that we are putting up for sale next month.
Mom is still hurting alot, good days are few and far between. Doctors say its just going to take time.
I am having some major allergy problems this week. Pollen is really high with the cherry, oak, and pine trees putting out alot of it.
So, my posts may not be so frequent in the next few months. But I will be visiting all my friends blogs and saying hi.
Hope everyone is having a great week-end!!!
Hugs to you all!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Just wanted to say Happy Easter to all of my blogger buds! I wish I could say its been a wonderful Easter for me but unfortnately I have had a rough time this week-end. My Mom has taken a turn for the worse. She has been in constant pain for the past 4 days. We are not sure what is going on with her. She was able to get up out of bed by herself and get on her walker but now she cannot. She cries from the pain she is in and the pain meds are not helping to ease her any more. She will be going back to the doctor tomorrow. On top of that, my step-dad's health has taken a downward turn too. He is a severe diabetic. Saturday morning at 3 a.m. my Mom called me and said she couldn't get him to wake up and that he was moaning and groaning and unresponsive. I ran next door and couldn't get him up either. I took his blood and his sugar level was at 21. I used the emergency insulin that we have to try to get it back up but it still wouldnt' come up. Next step, called 911. First response came and then the paramedics. They gave him a bag of dextrose by IV and brought him around. And then rushed him to the emergency room. My husband stayed with Mom and I went to the emergency room. They watched him for a few hours and let him go home after his sugar stablized. In the mean time I called my step-brother in Oklahoma and asked him to please come here and help me out. He was on his way by 8 yesterday morning and arrived here at 9 last night. He doesn't work because he has had several heart attacks and is on disability.
This morning we awoke at 6 a.m. to the sounds of sirens next door again. I rushed over and the same thing had happenned again. My step-dad's sugar had bottomed out again. They took him back to the emergency room and watched him again for awhile. While he was there they did a urinalyz on his urine and said that his kidneys are not functioning very well. They told him to not take a shot at bed time because he is not getting rid of the insulin he injects 3 times at meals during the day. They also told my brother to take him to his diabetic doctor and his urologist tomorrow.
So,,,its been a rather rough holiday for us all. I cooked a big meal today at Mom's house and we all sat down to a great lunch and said our prayers for better health for both of our parents.
Its killing me to see my Mom in so much pain. She just isn't the same since her operation. And I am so worried and so scared. Please keep her and my family in your thoughts and prayers. They have helped us before and I do believe in them.
Sorry for such a long post but I had to pour it out somewhere and you all always give me such love and encouragement.
I hope I can post in the next day or two that things have changed for the better.
Much Love to you all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springy things!

The pictures above are some of my Robins that hang out in our yard. These were made during our last little snow storm. I Love Robins and they make me think of my dear friend Rosie. She saw my Robins the last time she came over for a visit and she Loves Robins too!

Below is a picture of a necklace that I made for another friend of mine. I love the colors as they are so springy. She really liked recieving it too.

So today is my last day of work for the week. I am off tomorrow for Good Friday. Its suppose to be really pretty too. Highs in the 70s. I know I will be outside playing in the dirt. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring day. Today is the first day of spring! Yay!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

Top of the morning to all my blogger buds! I hope all is well with everyone and that you all had a great week-end. Mom is home and doing pretty good. Recovery is a long process espiecally when your 79.

Please have a great ST. PADDY'S DAY, you all are in my thoughts!!!! What season are you? Check below to see what I am. Got this from dear Annie's blog.

You Belong in Spring

Optimistic, lively, and almost always happy with the world...

You can truly appreciate the blooming nature of spring.

Whether you're planting flowers or dyeing Easter eggs, spring is definitely your season!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is here and Mom's coming home today!!!

Yes, its true, Spring has sprung on us here in Tennessee. Yesterday was beautiful and warm and I stopped by my old house and loaded up my garden tools to bring to the new house. I am itching to play in some dirt.
I am off of work today and tomorrow. Today is going to be wonderful as I get to bring my Sweet Mom home from the hospital today. She is doing alot better and is more than ready to be back in her own house. She hasn't been home for over 3 weeks. So this morning I will go get her and bring her Home, Sweet Home.
Tomorrow she goes back to her surgeon for a check up and I will be driving her into Nashville for that visit. She still has a ways to go but she has determination. She wants to be able to go to Michaels and to go to our Art classes and retreats. So with that in mind I do believe she will keep on keeping on.
Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive to us through all of this long and weary recovery time. Your thoughts and prayers are what has pulled us through!!!

Mom and I in Florida, back in our younger years,,look at those legs!!!!
Hope every one has a wonderful spring day were ever you are at too!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Waking up to a Winter Wonderland!!!

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning! We had a late snow storm come in on friday night. It was so pretty. And very cold.

And yes this is yours truly with a snow shovel in her hand. Did shovel the whole driveway. Uh, nope, no way. About a hour after this picture, the snow storm was gone and the sun popped out and melted the driveways and roads very nicely. Thats the thing about March snows in the south. Here today and gone tomorrow. But we really enjoyed the pleasant surprise and the opportunity to take some great pics.
My daughter came out on friday afternoon and spent the week-end with me. We made it to the rehab to see her Granny before the snow started on friday. Mom was tickled to see her and Kalyn was glad to see her too.
After the snow melted off the roads on saturday afternoon, Kalyn and I took a little trip to our local park, Montgomery Bell, and took some great snow pictures. It was still really cold and windy but we braved the elements in order to have a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed being with her.
This is a beautiful, old Presbyterian Church that was built in the park in 1810. The next picture is the sign that tells about it.
They open the doors during the day and you can go inside. Its so pretty inside with a old piano and awesome stained glass windows.
Thats Kalyn at the pulpit ready for a sermon. And a little Brat terrier inside there with us too.

Kalyn is playing a little tune on the piano.
This is a replica of a cabin that it is next door to the church where Samuel King, the minister who founded the church lived. You can actually look through screens into the rooms which has the old furniture inside. The pictures didn't come out though, all you could see were the screens.
Behind the Church and the cabin is a little stream with a bridge over it and it looked so pretty with the snow on it.
And pretty Kalyn on the bridge! "Oh Baby, its cold out here!"
Montgomery Bell park is a National Park and covers several hundred acres. There is a Inn, cabins, campground, a church camp, and 3 lakes that you can fish and swim in. My parents would go all the time when they were dating to swim at one lake. And we went as children growing up and I took my kids when they were young too. We went to one of the lakes that has a resevoir on it and took a few more pictures.

Don't I look lovely? I have 2 layers of clothes on as it was COLD!!! We sure had a fun afternoon! And I loved having my Baby Girl to spend the day with. She loves the snow and we always have fun playing in it and making memories.
Sunday turned out to be a wonderful spring day. We woke up to a chilly morning but it got up to the 50s by the afternoon and just a few patches of snow in the shade. I took Kalyn home and then spent the afternoon with Mom. She is doing alot better and its looking like she may get to come this week. YAY!!! Sorry about the long post but it took me several days to post so I squeezed in alot!! Thanks for sharing our fun week-end with me! I hope everyone is doing well and also that you had a great week-end too!


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Update on Mom!!!

Here's my sweet Mom. Our dear friend Rosie took it on saturday. Her and I went to visit Mom and it was a beautiful day outside. We put her house coat on and took her outside to the court yard that was right outside her room. She LOVED it!!! First time she had been outside for almost 2 weeks. We sat out there and talked and Mom had a visit by another couple who are friends of hers and Dad. Below is pictures of Me and Mom and Rosemary and Mom.

Mom will not like her pictures when she sees these as her hair isn't fixed up. She is very vain about her looks and how her hair looks,,lol. But I think she looks wonderful. We really had the best time with her on saturday. After our outside adventure, we went inside and Rosie taught us how to make some Orgami Peace Cranes!!! It took us a few but we finally mastered the technique. We also took Mom a hot fudge sundae as she does love them. Rosie also made her some scrumptous blueberry muffins, Mom loved those too!
After a while Mom was getting a little tired and my Dad came in to visit too. So Rosie and I scooted on out of there. I took Rosie to the coolest Antique/junk store here in Dickson. We had the best time, spent almost 2 hours in there,,laughing and having so much fun. We did buy a few things and I am sure it will become a pretty favorite hangout for us when she comes to visit again. Then we had to slide by Sonics and have a few drinks and some of those delicous Cinnabons,,OMG,,they are awesome. We sat and talked and laughed while we ate those babies.
I tell you,,it was just what the doctor ordered for me. I needed a fun day and any time I am with my Girlie Rosie,,well I know I am going to laugh and have a lot of fun! Thanks my Girlfriend,,your the best!!!!
Mom is doing a little better each day. She is still having problems with her bladder not working and still has a catherer. They took it out yesterday hoping she could go with out it but unfortnately that didnt happen. So they had to put it back in and tomorrow a Urologist will be coming to see her at the Rehab. She is getting a little bit of her strenght back, thanks to the PT that she has been getting. They are just wonderful too her at the Rehab, and I don't think she would have got that good of care of she had went to one in Nashville. They Love her here and you can tell it.
Sunday was a beautiful day here. Spring was here for the day. It got up to 70 degrees and sunny. I worked out in the yard most of the afternoon. Then I had to take a few pics of my cardinals.
This is one of the better shots. Hard to get them to hold still when they are hungry. But what a wonderful week-end I had. Back to work on Monday. We are having our last registration of this school year starting yesterday until next week so I was pretty busy yesterday. Wore out last night too. We had storms last night and heavy rains. Yesterday was in the 70s again until the rain moved in. This morning it was 62 but a cold front came in and dropped us down to 37 this afternoon and had some snow flurries. Still having a few this evening too. What happenned to Spring? And now they are trying to make us believe that we are going to have a big snow on friday. Yeah Right. If they predict it, well it never happens, but I am hoping it doesn't. I am ready to get Mom well and home and do some gardening. My hands are itching to play in the dirt.
Please continue to pray and send positive thoughts this way for my Mom's recovery. She still has a ways to go.
I hope every one is doing well and having a great week so far. My thoughts are with you all!!!