Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursdays art!!!

Woke up today to a nice cloudy sky, and a slight chance of rain. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get it. Amazing that just west of us in Texas and mid-west they are getting floods and we haven't seen a drop in over 2 weeks. My flowers need rain, the old hose pipe chlorinated water just doesn't work as well.

I work outside most of the afternoon, had to yank up the pansies(saved a few to press). By this time of year they dying back. I replaced them with some favorites, periwinkles. I was up by the road yesterday playing with a sprinkler and this guy stopped in his truck. I am thinking he is going to ask directions, instead he told me what a beautiful yard I have and that is always looks great. Well that makes all the hard work worth it. When a stranger stops and says such nice compiments.

Today I am staying in and doing a little much needed house work,,then its in my art room the rest of the day. Tomorrow my son and I are going to go canoeing together, should be a fun time.

I am leaving you with some ART. The pic above is the cover to a deco that I made. In one of my groups we are doing tip-ins for decos. Which means you send 4 people the pages and the theme for your deco and they make pages for you and send them back. My theme is "By the sea".

The pages below are by my good friend Colleen.

Next 2 pages are from my dear, sweet mother, Lottie!!

The next 2 pages are by another friend, Sherrill.

Like I said, some wonder art for my deco. Doesn't it make you want to go to the beach? I hope every one has a excellent Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesdays Walk

I am going to take you on a little walk around my yard and show you my flowers and the creatures who hang out in this pretty little world.
Below is a pic I took of one of my thirsty little hummers. The feeder is in my window boxes on the porch. I have to fill these feeders up at least once or twice a day.

Below is my patch of pretty pink primroses. They are so full and beautiful this year.
Next is the tranquility corner of the pond that my buddha and oriental statues are in. See my kitty Carl likes to hang out here and meditate.
Next is the first bloom on my Clematis vine that is also in the pond area. I Love the color!
Next is a flutterfly friend that is enjoying some pollen from my dianthus patch.
I Love this time of year as my flowers are so amazingly awesome. Even though its dry they are still putting on a glorious show of colors. I hope you enjoyed the little walk in my paradise. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yes, its definetly summertime. We are in a drought again. No rain in over 2 weeks. They are saying we might get some by the week-end. I sure hope so as my water bill is going to be ridiculus after having to water every day.

Even though I am now off work, I am running around doing so much right now. I went to my friends over the week-end and that was fun. Then spent most of sunday and monday working in the yard with Daniel Today I picked up my Mom and we went and got my sweet Aunt so she could spend the week with Mom. I left my car at the brake shop to get a brake job,,needed it badly. Tomorrow a few more errands to run. Next week and the week after I will be resting and also packing for our trip to NY to visit our friend Jane.

Here is a little bit of art that I did for a friend's tip in altered book. The pages were made with some pictures she sent of her father. She had a little story about his life so I tried to incorporate pictures with what she told about him. Enjoy!!! And more tomorrow!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday week-end! Just stopping now to remember those who have served our Country in the past and in the present!!! We will never forget you!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Summertime, and I am free!!!

Ahhhhh,,,it sure feels great knowing I am free for the summer. I LOVE Sweet summertime. Yes , yesterday was my last day. It was bittersweet because my principal is also retiring too. He is the best principal that I have ever worked under.
Also another bitter blow. My other supervisors at the Board have decided that they are going to pull us out of our schools and stick all the Attendance Officers in a building together. They are only into numbers now. They want more petitions being filed in court than what we have been doing. So I guess we will all be crammed together in a building with the bosses standing over us making sure we are pumping out petitions. Because its the numbers that count,,not the children, or at least thats how I am feeling right now.
Needless to say I am very unhappy about this whole scenerio. I Love the school that I am out. I have been there 2 years and its a really great school, and I have made some wonderful friends there. But thats the way our system works. Try it a mere 2 years and not give it a chance to work, then shake it all up again. Its assine!!!
So I have to sit all summer wondering what my future will be like in August. I am just going to try to forget it and have fun, but the thought will still be in the back of my mind.
Last night was a real blast! We had our end of the year Karoake party for the faculty and staff. We have it a swimming and tennis club that is close to the school. Everyone gets to loosen up and have fun after a long, hard year. I wasn't brave enough to Karoake,,but it was so fun to see everyone else up there being crazy. Alot of them had a few drinks and they were singing away and dancing. It was just a real fun time.
This afternoon I am going to go see my close friend who use to live next door to me for so many years. She lives several cities away from me now so I will spend the night and we will stay up late talking and laughing. I will be back tomorrow and have more to post then.
I am leaving this post with a final dedication to my fave principal ,,,Burro Bob!!! This is a pic of him when he dressed up for our Homecoming this past school year. We are going to miss you, Burro Bob, you are the Greatest Burro Leader!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3 more days!!!

Just wanted to say Hi to my friends. Thursday is my last work day for the summer and I can't wait. I will be posting every day after that. The picture above is of my Finch's taking a bath.
Hope every one is doing good. More later this week!!
Hugs to all!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

wonderful wednesday

My Lilys are starting bloom!!!
One of my hummer's taking a rest on my garden arch!!!
My hungry goldfish having some dinner!!!
My begonias in my froggy pot!!!
Hi to everyone. This is a shorty. I am working hard at work right now, only 6 days left,,YAY!!!
I am sick of the computer after being on it so much at work, so I am not writing alot. The weather is wonderful today after a cold front came through last night with some much needed rain. I will post more soon!
Thanks for all the wonderful and kind comments that everyone posted about our loss of our beloved Ranger. Its still hard to look out in the backyard and not see him there. But he is in a much better place, we always try to remember that.
I will try to post more tomorrow, thanks for letting me share some of my beauty of my flowers and Nature.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Loss of a wonderful family member

Yesterday was a very, very sad day for me. Our wonderful protector and friend had to be releashed from his very old and broken body. Ranger has been with our family for 13 years. He was a beautiful, gentle, giant part Mastiff dog. He was in our back yard and no one came in the back yard if they didn't know him.
He had been going down health wise for the past few months. I came home yesterday afternoon and he couldn't get up any more. When Daniel came home we managed to get him up the hill and into his little manger(dog house). We called it the Ranger Manger. Daniel always had fresh straw in his manger. I called our vet and he knew that we couldn't bring Ranger down to him at the clinic. He lives right down the road so he came up here after work.
Daniel and I stayed by Ranger in his nice, peaceful backyard. He gave him a shot to make him go to sleep and then another to release him from his old and broken down body. It was very peaceful and gentle. Daniel and I were pretty tore up but we also were glad that he wasn't suffering any more. Right after the vet left we had the nicest Thunderstorm with alot of lightening and thunder and rain. We talked about how it was our Ranger up in Doggy heaven Rocking and Rolling and enjoying being in a brand new doggy world, free of pain.
Today we will bury him in the backyard. He had a favorite place he laid in all the time. It was a little place that Daniel kept sand in and it was in the shade and very nice and cool during the hot summer time. So thats were his remains will be.
Good-bye my wonderful friend, thanks for being an Awesome pet and friend.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday, 1 down and 2 more are left.

Another Monday is almost over, and I only have 2 more left until I am off for the summer! I am so ready for May 24th. Its a pressure cooker for me the next 2 weeks, but the end is in site.
It was a great week-end. Mom and I had a fun Art meeting with our Stamper group. Had several classes and made some really fun cards. We also learned some new stamping techniques. I even taught a class on stamping on bamboo tiles and making them into necklaces. I made little baggies with the rubber string , beads, and charms. I sold the baggies for $3. We had about 28 of us Stampers at the meeting and I sold all the kits. Everyone really enjoyed making the necklaces. I of course forgot the camera so I didn't get pics of it. We all had fun and there was alot of great food too.
Yesterday, Daniel and I were at Home Depot by 8 a.m. I bought alot of flowers and he has been making me a new flower bed this past week-end. It is looking so good. I will post pics of it when its is finished tomorrow evening. I spend all my free time outside so I am not being too great with posting. But in a few weeks I will be posting alot. Just wanted to say HI to all my blogger buds and know I am thinking of you all.
The flower above is one of my new Dahlias. I had to do a zoom shot of its beauty. Here are a few more pics of my beautiful flowers and yard. Talk to you all soon!! xoxoxoxoxoox

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesdays Art and Flowers!

Well its been another whole week since I have blogged anything. Its been rather busy at work this past few weeks. Winding down and only 18 more working days left. HURRAY!!! I am ready for the summer. This past week-end we went down to my brothers in Alabama and spent saturday night. My sister-in-law and I traded some plants so when I got home sunday, Daniel and I spent Sunday and Monday being yard warriors. I was off yesterday and Daniel took the day off too.

The picture above is the front of a Shadowbox that I made for my friend Kim, who is in one of my groups. We are doing a Shadowbox swap and this is the one I made with an old cigar box. This is the inside of it.

I just really enjoyed making this little box of art. And of course its full of my favorites, flowers, friends, and butterflys and birds. The girl on the right is holding a little net that I made. Here is another pic of it standing.
The next pic is the bottom of the box. I just had to do all sides as I was having fun!
Its in the mail tomorrow headed to Kim. I hope she likes it. I am going to make one for Mom for Mother's day. She had a fit over this one. Maybe I will be the little girl in it. LOL.

I am in a alter book page tip in for another group. We make our book and send pages to our partners and tell them what theme we would like them to use. Mine is going to be a "Sea and beach" theme. This is the front cover of my book.

You know I am thinking about summer with this theme. The next pictures are pages I did for on of my partners for her book. It was a vintage theme.

I used mainly rubber stamps on those pages. I hope she likes them. The next 2 pictures of some 4 x 4 chunky book pages for another monthly swap. I painted the background with shimmering H20 water colors. And then I rubber stamped the flower images over the paint. They are really pretty in person. I even made one to keep for myself.

So thanks for looking at my newest art. I have really missed every one and I will be back in the swing of posting, espiecally in 18 more days. I hope everyone has a great night!