Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My add for Artella!

I am a member of the wonderful art and writing group at Artella! Well recently I took the challenge to create a add for "Artella's inspiring adds". They send you some vintage adds and you re-do them and create adds the inspire creativity. I Love playing around in my Paintshop Pro, and creating digital art. So,,thats what I did with the add. I sent it back to them several weeks ago, and wasn't sure if they were going to publish it or not on the site. Well, I got my news letter today and there it was. I was so excited. This is a great site,,I love the inspiration that I receive at Artellas! I am posting a pic of the original add, then the add that I altered.
Please check out Artellas site,,you will love it!


AnnieElf said...

Nice ad, Beth. Isn't it fun seeing yourself displayed on the monitor and know that it is someone else's choice to put you there. Very validating. Bravo for you.

vicci said...

This is awesome Beth! Great job! Sounds like you had fun doing it also...try to stay cool!

Naturegirl said...

Well congrats to you! I love the way your butterfly wings were fit into the
creation. The salt sprinkling over the fairy! Much more exciting than original! I was informed this week that my little site was mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle on Sat.! This blogging just amazes me!!