Sunday, August 30, 2009

A cool August Sunday!

We woke up to another delightfully cool morning in August. So I had to take a nice walk around the yard with my camera. My Moonflower trellis is beautiful now. More flowers every morning!

I am always excited to wake up in the mornings and see these beauties! The are right outside my bedroom window too.
I also have some of their cousins, Morning Glorys.
I Love to take pictures while I am on my early morning stroll.

The Gourds in the pictures above are 2 birdhouse gourds that I managed to grow in the garden this year. I plan on making birdhouses out of them.
I hope you enjoyed the stroll around my yard this morning. It is certainly feeling like Autumn here in Middle Tennessee right now. We have had such a delightful summer and I am looking forward to a beautiful Fall.
I hope every one has had a wonderful week-end!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi to all my Blogger friends. I am still around. Just been so busy getting use to being back at work again. I wish I was like the woman in the picture, sitting around studying a bird, that would be sweet! Its finally slowing down some so I think I can do some more art projects and maybe get out and take a few pictures. I just didn't have to much to post about in the past few weeks so I just took a small break. I have tried to pop in to some of your blogs and keep in touch. So hopefully I can start posting several times a week now.
I hope every one is well and please know I have missed you all!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fun and Creative time on Tuesday!

So its been a week since I have posted. I have been busy this week. Well, really I have been having fun this week. Its my last week of play before going back to work on Monday.
On Tuesday, a very Dear Friend of mine and Moms, came over to spend the day with us. She is so talented and creative. Charlotte is also Hawaiian and so pretty too! She told me what my name is in Hawaiian.
She brought some fun goodies to play with too. She brought her Color Mists sprays. They come in so many amazing colors. We all made several background pages using the Mists. Charlotte also brought some stamps that her daughter, Lotus, hand carved. Oh boy, did I have fun with them. I had bought a Speedball stamp carving kit at Mi*chaels a couple of years ago and had never used it. But now I am having a ball carving my own stamps thanks to being inspired by Lotus's stamps.
Charlotte also brought some goodies for Mom and I too. My favorite is a material that is actually made in Hawaii. Its made from bark from the trees over there and then dyed and has patterns in it. I am going to cover some books with mine. I will make a picture of it for a later post.
But I used the color mists background pages and the stamps and made some Journal pages.
I am going to make some more today and not write on them. I hate my handwriting but I wanted to remember the fun day so I went ahead and Journaled on the pages that I made.
Charlotte's name in Hawaiian is Halaki. My name, Elizabeth, is Elikapeka. I guess it is "Peka" for short.
Of course I was having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures, I hate when I do that. But I will always remember the fun we had together. Lotus still lives in California and I hope I get to meet her one day.
I hope every one is doing well and having a great week. Have a fun week-end too.