Thursday, June 01, 2006

The A-Z of Thunderwoman!

accent: Howdy Ya'll (does that give you a hint)

booze:yes,,I partake occasionally

chore I hate:cleaning out cabinets and drawers

dogs/cats: Ranger-a hugh dog in the back 40 who is very old, but still scary, Lady- a very spoiled Rat Terrier who is OCD, and Carl-my good kitty,,the best of the bunch,,lol.
essential eclectronics:my computer, and my digital camera
favorite perfume/cologne:tre'zor
gold/silver:silver(most affordable), but I do wear gold too,,so 50/50
hometown:Nashville, TN- thus the "Howdy Ya'll"
insomnia:off and on
job title:Attendance Officer(use to be called Truancy Officer,,,ugh)
kids:3 spoiled ones -Allison 24, Kyle 21, Kalyn 19
living arrangements:a humble little shack
most admired trait:I am a peacemaker,,hate turmoil, turmoil causes stress, stress sucks
number of sexual partners:whats sex? lol,,
overnight hospital stays:tonsilitus, 2 wrecks, 3 c-sections, gallbladder/appectomy, hysterectomy, broken ankle,,,nothing left now that I can live without.
phobias:snakes and derranged lunatics
quote:"I can see the world tonight, look into the future, see it in a different light, I can see the world tonight- Paul McCartney
religion: baptised a baptist,,but more of a unitarian now.
siblings:5 brothers(3 are stepbros)
time I usually wake up:6 a.m-but when I am off in the summer I force myself to stay in bed till 7:00 a.m.
unusual talent:I can reach high places because I have long legs,,does that count?
vegetable I refuse to eat:not to fond of artichokes-is that a veggie?
worst habit:smoke and eat too much,,but trying to control both,,lol
x-rays:way to many to count,,I probably glow
yummy foods I make:uh,,not much of a cook,,grilled steaks?
zodiac sign:Aquarius-which is definetly me as I am a water lover

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AnnieElf said...

Hi Thunderwoman - Hah, I like that if I do say so myself. I love tearing into cabinets and dumping stuff. So satisfying. I've seen pictures of the little shack. It's CUTE! Long legs for reaching YES - good talent, I can't reach a "dern thang". Ms. Elf laughing