Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesdays Wonders

This is just a blend of many things that I have been wanting to post lately but haven't got a chance to do. First off, I want to show off a few treasures that I bought a few weeks ago at my favorite Flea market/ Antique store. Its called "Yesterday's treasures". Its a hugh old building here in my town and it has many booths of wonderful goodies in it. People rent the booths and sell their treasures in it. Most of the items are very reasonably priced too. I was lucky on the saturday that I went because several of the booths has sales in them.
The first booth I came to the owner was there and she was marking down every thing as she was going to stop selling because she was moving. Well, she had the prettiest Antique fans hanging on the wall that I just oohed and ahhed over. She told me I could have all 3 of them for a $1 a piece. So here they are!

The fans were in remarkable condition too. Right now they are in my Art room but when I re-do my bedroom they will go in there. Notice the beautiful lace that the fans are laying on? Its a gorgeous square table cloth and she sold me that for just $3. She also had a beautiful old ceramic planter with 3 geese on it, I got it for $1.50, but didn't take a picture of it as I want to plant some hen and chicks or some ivy in it.
Next booth I found this old green glass bottle. I love green glass anything and I got this for $1 too.

It kind of reminds me of the Dream of Jeanie bottle. If only she would pop out and grant all my wishes, ha! I also found a very cool Flamingo Avon bottle too, again another $1.
I think I want to put some pretty pink colored water in it. I got a big jar full of old buttons too for $1.50 and several pieces of old jewelry very cheap that I can use in my art and in jewelry designs. Next time I will take a picture of the store itself as its just chock full of goodies.
Ok, the next picture is of my little Owl that I made recently. I got the pattern from my blogger bud, Lollychops. If you haven't been to her blog, well you don't know what your missing. She has so many templates and designs and ideas that she freely gives to every one to download. She dabbles in everything from sewing to jewelry making to cardmaking and on and on. Stop by and visit her. So the little owl is named Danny, after my hub. He loves Owls so he was a Valentine present for him. He sits on his computer down the his Man cave in the basement.

I think he is so handsome even if he does have a little femine side with his flower hat. And Hub is pretty attached to him.
Next, but definetly not last, are some cute pictures of my Great Nephew, Samuel. He is now 4 weeks old and I think he is the cutest baby in the world, but I am a little biased! Enjoy!

And look at the bottom left side of the next picture and see his little buddy, Maggie the Boydkin Spaniel.
Thanks for letting me share some of my Wonders on this Wednesday night! Hope every one has been having a great week!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Birthday!

Yesterday was my Mom's 80th birthday. We celebrated it on Saturday. My brother and his wife came up from Alabama to spend the day with her. My stepbrother grilled out some delicous steaks and we had baked potatoes and I made a yummy salad. I gave her a Alan Jackson CD where he sings the old gospel songs. She LOVES Alan Jackson and loves the old time gospel songs. Our friend Jane who came to see us in November sent her the beautiful flowers she is holding in the picture above. It was a nice day. I was saying my prayers of Thanks because last year I wasn't sure she was going to be here for another birthday after going through her botched back surgery.
She came home with me on Saturday night and I rented the new Richard Gere Movie
"Nights ins Rodanthe" we both had been wanting to see it. It was good but rather sad at the end. But whew,,,Mr. Gere still looks mighty fine.
I hope every one had a wonderful week-end and a Happy Monday!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday surprises!

Today when I got home from work I had a box in my mailbox. And inside of it was some beautifully, wrapped presents!

It was birthday presents from my dear friend, Jeanie from the Marmelade Gypsy! I Loved the wrapping paper that she used. I carefully opened the presents so I could save some of the paper for Art projects.
Look at wonderful presents that she sent to me! She does know that I LOVE Butterflies!

She sent me some wonderful notepads, journals, butterfly cards, butterfly shaped papers, stationary appliques, and a wonderful recipe booklet. Plus, she made me a ATC, a wonderful collage picture to hang(already hung in the art room), and a beautiful tag!

And last but not least, this gorgous, Sparkly Buttgerfly with a little clip on it so I can hang it up in my art room too!
It really made the end of the work week so much better to come home to this wonderful package of goodies! Thanks so much, Jeanie! You sent me so much happiness and Love in this wonderful package!
I hope every one has a wonderful week-end!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop by Jess's blog and enter her contest.

My dear friend, Jess, who is like a daughter to me, is giveing away this beautiful photograph. It is her celebration for her 1st Blogaversary. So make sure you stop by her blog and leave a comment so you can be in on the drawing. She is a great photographer, and I Love this picture.
So stop by Jess in Focus and maybe you will be the proud owner of this lovely print.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another year older!

This was me 47 years ago . Just a little bitty baby in a New Big World. Helpless and clueless and totally dependent on the ones who loved me.
I started this post on Sunday which was my actual birthday. I don't know why I didn't finish it or post it. I just couldn't get in the mood.
I had a nice birthday. I got some cards from Dan and my Mom and my brother and niece gave me cards on saturday. My niece also gave me a sweet framed picture of Samuel. My brother and his wife gave me a cute Gnome for my garden. Mom gave me $ and so did Daniel.
On sunday Mom and I ran out to Michaels and I got a Cuttlebug machine. They had them for 50% off. Mom and I played with it when we got back to my house and its really cool. It embosses paper or you can use die cuts with it.
Daniel cooked us a very good lunch and I made some strawberry short cake for desert.
My kids came out later to see me too.
I just don't know whats up but I just really have the blahs lately. Maybe its cause I am getting older, maybe its winter, maybe its just a lot of things. So, I may not post too much till I get a little more perkier.
I hope every one had a great Valentines week-end and hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine Love!!!

Yes,,,I am in Love with this Sweet Bundle of Joy! I got to spend some time with him today!
This my new Great Nephew, Samuel B. I was so thrilled to get to see him for the first time and on Valentines Day too! He will be 4 weeks old next week.

Can you tell how that his Great Auntie was so mesmerized with him. There is nothing like looking into a newborn baby's little eyes. And to hold him and smell that sweet baby smell. It was heavenly.

I took my Mom and Dad down to Alabama today to see him for the first time. Of course his

Great Granny fell in Love with him too and I had to share him with her, but thats ok, it was wonderful to see her holding him too.

Of course his Great Grandpop had to hold him too.
Look at the Silly Great Granny,,cooing at him. Ok,,Great Grandpop,,hand him back over!
And then of courses my brother, his Grandpa, had to get in on the action too. Him and Grandma Sarah had to go ga ga with him.
And then I had to take a picture of the 4 generations.
Great Granny, Granddaughter Emily holding her sweet Samuel, and then Grandpaw Ricky.
Is that not so wonderful?
Look at him looking at his Grandpaw!
Next is the Happy Little family, Daddy Aaron, Mommy Emily, and their special Valentine, and the Star of the Day, Samuel.
So, YES,,I had an absolutely wonderful Valentines Day! I hope all my Blogger Buds had a wonderful Valentines Day.
Tomorrow is my Birthday. Another day older.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night at midnight was the end of sign ups for my ONE WORLD ONE HEART drawing.
This morning I went throught all my comments and actually wrote all the names down and numbered them. I have a few people who entered twice, its ok, I probably did that too as there were so many participants. But I only kept one entry for them. I then went to RNG and put in the number 242. These are my winners-

#36- Janet from The Lavender Loft. ( I never thought any one I knew would win,,but you did Janet, you were lucky # 36!)
#209-Jendy from Its not easy being green

Congratulations to these wonderful members who participated in this great event. I so enjoyed going to all these wonderfully creative blogs and I plan to go back and visit even more. Its so amazing all the various and extremely talented artists we have in on our wonderful planet!
There were 911 participants in OWOH and from all over the world.
I also want to Thank Lisa from the Whimsical Bohemian for hosting this contest for the 3rd straight year! I am proud to have particpated in all 3 years of this wonderful event. I know it was alot of work for Lisa and we all appreciate what she does for us all by bringing all of the Talent together for this fun time! Thanks to all that signed up at my blog and for all the great comments you made about my jewelry! I will be stopping by yours again!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Golden Girls Birthday Celebration

Yes, the Golden Girls celebrated their birthdays. They had a great time. I had to post their pictures of them wearting Tiaras that I made them. Arn't they precious. Thats my Mom on the left, then Aunt Adelaide, and last but not least, Aunt Doll. Below are seperate pictures of that my brother took.

My Aunt Addie, above, is having to move into an Assistant living lodging in 2 weeks. She has lived by herself in a beautiful apartment for the last 14 years. Unfortnately she is almost blind from Macular Degeneration and her children do not want her to live on her on. She doesn't want to live with them as they have tried to get her to move in with them. She had 4 children and 2 of her children have past away already. She had a daughter who died first while in her 50s of a brain tumor and a son who died a few years ago in his 60s of bladder cancer. But she has a very large family with all her grandchildren and great grandchildren and a couple of great, great grandchildren. She is not happy about having to move into Assistant Living. My mother feels that she will not live much longer after she moves there. I hope she is wrong.
I get very tearful when I look at these wonderful, strong women who have been we me all my life. And I know that too soon the day will come when they will disappear from my life, one at a time. But I will always have great memories of them and know that one day I will see them again.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tiaras for the Golden Girls

Tomorrow my Mother and her two sisters are going to get together for their annual Birthday luncheon. They were all born in February. My Mother is on the left, she will turn 80 on the 22nd. In the middle is my Aunt Adelaide, she turned 89 on the 4th. Last is my Aunt Doll( her real name is Anna Laura but has always been called Doll), she will turn 87 on the 10th. This picture was taken about 4 years ago. I had some recent pictures of them but lost them when my computer crashed last fall.
Unfortnately, I will not be able to join them for their Birthday celebration. But today I made them all some Birthday Tiaras to wear tomorrow. Below is the pictures of them.

I took them over to Moms tonight and she loved them! She is going to get pictures of them tomorrow wearing them for their celebration. We always call them the "Golden Girls". They have always been so close and have lived such a wonderfully full life. They have traveled together, cried together, laughed together, and have such wonderful memories that they dearly treasure. All of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, are so proud to have these strong and beautiful women in our lives.
I will post pictures of them wearing their Tiaras sometime this week.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Missing in Action

I can't believe its been over a week since I have posted. Well, mostly it was because I had some kind of virus or flu or something for most of this week. I was off work and in the bed most of the time from Tues till Thursday. Then I went back to work on friday. And of course I was super busy on friday.
I am feeling better now. My doctor called in a z-pac of antibiotics. And its helped the sinus part alot.

I did play on my laptop alot while I was in bed. Part of it was keeping up with my work e-mails.

I really didn't have much to blog about as I didn't want to whine about feeling so poorly.

I did visit more of the OWOH blogs to sign up for the giveaways. I also did some digital scrapbooking with my photoshop. For my birthday next week-end, I am asking for the newest version of Photoshop. It has a few more bells and whistles.

Below is a page I did of my daughter when she was young. It was when she dressed up as a Hippie for Halloween.

I also made a Valentine collage.
Now I am going to go visit and catch up on some of your blogs. I have missed every one.
Hope your having a wonderful week-end!