Friday, June 16, 2006

Wonderful day yesterday!

Just had to post about what a great time I had yesterday. My daughter Kalyn called the day before. We had not talked for almost a month as I couldnt accept her boyfriend. Well she called and was so excited as she had gotten a job(that was such a happy bit of news for me too). She is going to be working in a Children's clothing store in the mall. She has only had one other job at that was at McDonalds when she was in High School. She is so happy about it too, and said the manager told her that she could have as many hours as she would like. She is also talking about going to College in the fall. It is a community college but they have a great graphic's art program, and she is so talented in setting up web pages. We talked for quite a while, and then she asked me if I would want to go to the river the next day(yesterday). I said of course! So we spend the day at the river,,it was a very hot day with a nice breeze,,we floated the river alot and laid in the sun,,and we talked and talked. It just did my heart and soul so much good! And the good news is she is getting pretty disgusted with her boyfriend. He is actually a grown man with 2 children who is doesn't support because he doesn't like to work. She is getting sick of his laziness,,THANK GOD! So hopefully when she starts making money she will not spend it on him,,I dont' think she will as she has told me of her plans and they don't sound like he is going to be part of them. Also good thing too,,,she is going to be in her bestfriends wedding next saturday. It is going to be at her parents lovely cabin on the river. Her friend asked me to take pictures(no,,I am not a professional wedding photographer,lol) at the wedding. She invited me and Kalyn to spend the friday night before the wedding with her and her mom,,so I am excited about more time with Kalyn.
More good news,,My son also has a job now. He has always wanted to be in law enforcement since he was a little boy. He had a hard time in school,,very smart,,but struggled with attention problems and didn't tolerate the medicines that they gave him for it,,and I didn't like that he had to take them,,the side effects were horrendous. But don't get me started on how they just think that giving kids pills will make it all better,,it don't,,tolerant teachers who are willing to look outside the mold is what helps kids with problems. Any way,,back to the story, Kyle didn't want to go to college for 2 years in order to be a Metro police in Nashville. So he signed up for Armed Guard training, and is working as a Security Guard right now. He is working 10 hours a night, then doing training classes for several hours during the day. Day before yesterday he had pepper spray and taser gun classes. He volunteered to be peppered and tasered. I didn't care for that part and asked him why he would do that. He said "if I am going to have to do that to people, I want to know what it will do to them",,well I felt proud of him for feeling that way. But I dont' care for the tasers,,I know several people have died from them. He told me that there have been studies on why people have died when tasered. He said all of them had very potent drugs in their systems(meth, coke, acid,,etc,,),,which causes what they call Euphoria,,which makes their hearts unstable,, so some how when they are zapped it causes their hearts to stop or skip beats even more. He said that the tasered companys have not ever been sued because of the findings. I still don't like them,,but I guess they are better than bullets.
He is going to go to a Police Academy in the fall in the eastern part of the state for 8 weeks. He will then qualify for positions with smaller city police department, state police , or sheriffs department. I really worry about this career,,, but this is his dream,,and to me its like if he was in the war,,,he is battling the wrong to make our world safer,,so I do feel proud in that aspect. He also says being in law enforcement you can help people,,and that is true. He is a very personable young man and never meets a stranger,,so I could see him a being the type that might could talk someone out of doing something that they would regret.

Whew,,this is a long post,,but I am just so happy,,,it does one good when they feel their off-spring are finally growing up and making better decisions in their life!!!!


AnnieElf said...

Beth, this is absolutely the best news. I'm so happy for you. I am thrilled for your son and the pursuit of his dream. And your DAUGHTER!! Well, that is absolutely beyond the best of news from you. Wishing you peace (for your son's dream) and many happy floating days with your daughter.


miss kay said...

i don`t like this entry too well because well, you know -- who i chose to date is my business not the whole world`s but its cool, i know who i love & who loves me back so i`m not worried bout it !