Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas ATCs!

Even during this hectic and crazy time in my life right now I just had to make some Christmast ATCs. I only signed up for 1 swap in my favorite group. I have worked on them the past 2 weeks in the few spare minutes that I had. Creating Art just has to come out in me no matter what. So here they are, the only ATCs that I will probably create for Christmas.

Below is the inside of the ATC above.

Below is the inside of the ATC above.

Below is the inside of the ATC above.

These were so much fun to make and put me in the Christmas spirit. I also made a Christmas shadowbox for a dear friend of mine. We decided to swap Christmas shadowboxes this year. I will post pictures of it tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well and starting to get in the mood for the wonderful Holidays that are rapidly approaching!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Painted Thanksgiving!!!

Thank goodness this was a blurry picture but I think you can still see how excited I am about scraping the border off my new kitchen wall the wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Actually I really was excited about getting busy on the new house! Thats exactly what we did the entire Thanksgiving holiday. We have most of the kitchen painted and the den, hallway and my art studio.
I Love the color and was thrilled when it turned out to be the color I was hoping it would look like on the wall. We worked till about 8 p.m. on wednesday and came back early the next morning to start again. Daniel got up around 4 a.m. on Turkey day and made the dressing, and prepared the turkey. We loaded up both cars and took the Turkey up to the new house to cook it there while we worked.
And work we did. Daniel is covering the floor getting ready to paint the ceiling.
We worked up till 2 p.m. and loaded the Turkey and Dressing and went next door to my parent's new house to have our wonderful lunch.
Here is the Hubster carving the bird. Is he impressive or what? Not only can he remodel houses and he cooks a mean bird too! Mom's kitchen looks so pretty and the rest of the house too.

Yep, even Mom's furbaby was waiting patiently for some of the good stuff!!!
After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner it was back to work time. I just love the pictures below of my Hub,,the window in the eating area in the new kitchen gets the late afternoon sun and it looks so cool.

Of course Daniel had to get a few of me too.

Over look my hair,,its called "the painter style", lol.
On friday, Mom and I ventured out to Lowes and I bought some new rugs for the kitchen and den. I also bought a air bed to put up at the new house and Daniel and I spent our first night in the new house friday night. Then we also spent saturday night there too. The bed was comfy and we were too wore out to drive home. We made a hugh dent in painting this week-end and also had a great time. Also,,we celebrated our 7 year wedding Anniversary on Thanksgiving Day too. What a way to celebrate, remodeling our new home.
I hope every one had a wonderful Holiday!!! I am tired tonight and back to work tomorrow, and more work next week-end,,but it sure is fun!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall at the new house!!!

Isn't it pretty? I am so lucky to have such a pretty yard and pretty fall trees. We spent all day saturday working on the kitchen and bedrooms. And we will spend most of the Thanksgiving Holiday painting the kitchen and den. We will be eating at Mom's house. Daniel will be cooking the Turkey and Dressing and Mom is cooking the extras. Lots of Turkey for me,,and a couple of bites of stuffing and some salad. I dropped 2 more lbs this week-end, scrubbing walls and stripping wallpaper is great excercise.
Our school system is on Fall break this week, but not me,,bummer. Just me and another guy here at the school today. Really quiet too. I will take Wednesday off and then I am off Thanksgiving and on friday. I earn vacation days now in the new position so its nice to take off when I want too instead of when the system made me take off. If I was still in my old position I would have had 3 days (mon-wed) off with NO PAY,,I only would have been paid for thurs and friday. Now that hurts right before Christmas,,have I said how HAPPY I am that I have this job now? My paychecks went up almost $200 a check too,,it makes working on the new house alot easier.
Well I guess I better go do some filing. Thats about all I have to do this week. Our Student management system is down for the week so I can't enter schedules and that was what I was planning on doing,,bummer.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Harry Scarry times!!!!

For some reason I can relate to this picture right now. It definetly represents me at the present time. So many things to do and not alot of spare time to get alot acomplished. I have been working and packing and on the week-ends getting Mom settled in her house. We have been taking small loads of boxes and furniture up to the new house too. This week-end we are going to prep the walls to paint while we are off for Thanksgiving. I am getting really excited about this part too.
We will probably bring alot more furniture up to the house by Christmas. The idea is to empty out our present house and get it ready to sell by March. I am planning on moving in the new house after the first of the New Year. The hub will stay at the old house and work on it and of course I will help him on the week-ends but I have alot to do at the new house. We are not that far apart in distance so we will see each other all the time but presently this is the best plan for us.
I just wanted to say HI to all my Blogger Buds and tell you all that I am still trying to visit your blogs when I get a spare moment.
Oh, the picture above is one I found at this web-site http://pennypostcards.com. It has some great and free victorian images.
Hugs to all!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A little bit lighter!!!

I have been doing low carb dieting for the past 2 months and today when I weighed this morning I have lost 15 lbs. WOO HOO!!! Now I have to start excercising, yuck! Of course I after a week-end of moving heavy furniture was a form of excercising as I was so sore afterwards. I am determined to have 50 lbs off of me by next spring. I have been doing great and have made it through alot of tempting times. Yesterday at work we had a meeting during lunch. They brought in alot of Papa John's pizzas that smelled heavenly. But I didn't eat one single piece. Now I just have to make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving will be easy except for not being able to eat dressing, but can eat alot of Turkey. Maybe sneak a couple bites of dressing. Christmas will be a little tougher what with all the candies and goodies that are sure to be around, but I have determination and will power. Just had to post my first bench mark. Hope all is well with my wonderful blogger buds!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Flowers, farms, fawn and storms!

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day. Temps got up into the 70s. I had to go into town to the store so I took my camera and went in on the back roads. This is a nice horse farm on the way.
When I got home I went outside to take some pictures of my flowers that were still looking pretty.

Also some pictures of the Fall sky. The trees are not as pretty this year because of our severe drought.

And of course some Fall Leaves too! I looked across the street and my neighbors had some visitors in their front yard.
Then the storm clouds came rolling in. We had some pretty strong storms and alot cooler weather has arrived today. Freeze warning tonight so no more flowers with this major cool down. I hope every one has a great day. Back to work for me today.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Moving day for Mom and Dad!!

We moved my parents into their new house this week-end. So glad it was only next door to thier old house. My husband and I and 1 other brother were the movers. Also a sweet neighbor, Amy, came and helped some too. The picture above is of my hub and brother acting crazy. Hub found a floppy hat of Moms and wore it for a while, then brother had to try it later too. It was still early in the day so I don't think they had mover delirium yet, just crazy!
Picture below is of Mom and Dad supervising the move.
Thank goodness it was a beautiful week-end here. We got them all moved in and so lucky that my brother from Oklahoma will be staying with them for the next 2 months to help with unpacking and setting up different things. We were all worn out by last night. I am staying home today from work to nurse a sore back and body. Storms and colder weather are moving this way by this afternoon. Again, just blessed with a wonderful week-end and great brother and hub. Next move will be for me and hub, but not till after the 1st of the year.
I hope everyone else had a great Fall week-end.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

One of those days!

I had to search through some of my women photos to find one that represented how I felt yesterday. This one was definetly it! FRAZZLED and WORN OUT! It was a rough day at work and I came home totally worn out and feeling rather rough. We don't get any Trick or Treaters here at our house(too busy of a road). So I had a little bit to eat and went to bed.
I hope today will be a much better day. And I hope every one had a wonderful Halloween!!!