Friday, February 29, 2008

Check out the new baby!

If you want to see something so cute go check out my friend Jessica's blog. She has the cutest "baby" that was born last saturday. I hope every one has a wonderful friday and a great week-end ahead.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not quite Spring yet!

So its not spring here yet. Late yesterday afternoon and last night we got a little coating of the white stuff. So you know I had to go out and take a few pics. Below is the Little Brat terrier in her Pinky Tuscadero Sweater. She is saying hello to Mommy's penguin.

I had to have that Penguin. And it was half priced at Lowes after Christmas. It is a white-washed color with a little baby in safe keeping. I Just LOVE PENGUINS! Ever since I watched "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet" they are some of my favorite birdys!
Don't those flakes look so pretty?
Of course, Miz Kitty Carl, doesn't quite like that cold white stuff. She would much rather sit in her Mom's craft room window and enjoy the snow in the warm comfort of home.
I Love those big pretty eyes looking out at me.
So, as typical of the south, we got a light dusting which was enough to cause some black ice, which was enough to close down all of middle and eastern Tennessee schools. I still have to work on snow days now that I am a 12 month employee. But my driveway and road was pretty icy so I off course went ahead and took the day off. I don't drive on ice,,not worth it.
I really enjoyed the day. I got alot done around the house and of course I got in a Artsy mood. I finished up Daniel's sisters birthday card.

She is a cat lover too. I also made a card for his Mom and made both of them necklaces which I forgot to take pictures of. Lori's is a cat necklace and Flowers for his Mom. Last sunday I worked on some St. Paddy ATCs for a swap that I am in. Here are pictures of them.

I also made a cute little ATC magnet for the hostess(below)
I am also in a "Things with Wings" ATC swap. I made 3 of the ATCs below for this swap.
I made a extra card for Mom too. She is a birdy lover too.
Speaking of Mom. She is doing a little better each and every day. She is still having some bladder issues and had to have a catherer put in night before last as she was not empty her bladder and was having some spasms(ouch,,painful). But all in all she is making alot of improvement. Today I cooked some Barbque chicken breasts, mac n cheese, and spinach and took that to her for dinner tonight. The food at the rehab is so-so,,sometimes its good some times not, and her appetite isn't the best yet. I am sure its from all the meds she takes and lasting effects of anthesia. When I was leaving tonight she told me to please bring her watercolor pencils and some stamped images to her tomorrow afternoon. She said they have "hobby" time during PT. Alot of the women quilt and I guess the men play cards or games. She wanted to do some coloring on some Easter pictures for some up coming ATC swaps she plans on joining when she gets to come home. That just made my day!!! My Art partner is getting better!!! So I went straight over to her house and got all of her supplys together so my Dad could take them to her in the morning. God is Good!!! He is definetly listening to all of the prayers that are being sent to him for her recovery. Thanks to all my wonderful Friends here, words can't express how much you all mean to me. I hope every one is having a wonderful and Artful week.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Deer family made another visit!

On sunday before I went to visit Mom, my husband said "Beth look out in the front yard". I was so excited to see our Deer family back. They were under the bird feeder helping theirselves to all the seed that had fallen out of it.

This is looking out my Art room window, and I was able to take some great pics of them.

The picture above is Ms. Hobble,,she has a bad front leg that she can't use. Its the front left that she keeps bent up. But she can run pretty fast on it.

Hmmm,, someone is growing some little Antlers!

On the way home from visiting Mom, I stopped at Wallys and got them a whole back of cracked corn horse feed to pour out in the back yard. I told Daniel that the whole Deer population in Dickson will be in our back yard soon.
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A yummy Hot Fudge Sundae on Sunday!!!!

Yes, thats my favorite Lady, and she is enjoying a well deserved Hot Fudge Sundae today. I stopped by the Dairy Queen today on the way to the rehab and bought her a treat. She loves Ice Cream and had no problem digging right into that baby. Bless her heart! She is still having so much pain in her legs and having alot of problems with her bladder too. But doesn't she look good?
Today she was pretty discouraged about still being in so much pain. They didn't do alot with her this week-end but told her to be prepared because tomorrow and the rest of the week she was going to be VERY busy. She is going longer between pain meds now and is more like herself.
This is her room and all of the wonderful cards that every one has sent to her.

And this is the banner they put up in her room for her birthday on friday and how they decorated her door.

There was also balloons by the door too but didn't get them in the picture. While I was there, our dear, sweet friend, Maryellen called her to talk to her. She has been so sweet to call her and Mom really enjoys it and it perks her up alot.

Also, Sweetie Rosemary called her yesterday and told her she would be out to visit her this week. She is really looking forward to that too. She has received so many cards and ATCs from so many of her wonderful Art friends. Her room looks like she has been there for weeks instead of just 3 days. I cannot tell everyone how very much it has meant to us for all the prayers and positive thougths that have been pouring in for her. Please keep it up, as she has a long way to go in her recovery. I think she is really worried that the pain isn't going to go away and she breaks down and cries thinking she might have to live in this horrible pain for the rest of her life. I have told her its just going to take time as she isn't a Spring Chick any more and as we get older it takes longer to heal.
I know she is missing home and my dad and her sweet doggy, Sassy. But I think she will make progress once they really start the PT with her.

I just wanted to post tonight and tell every one Thanks and to please keep on keeping with the out pouring of Love. I know it has gotten us this far and I know it will get us even farther.
You all are so wonderful. I hope every one had a great week-end!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday for Mom!!!

Yes, it is my Mom's birthday today. And Yes,,she did get to go to Rehab!!! I am so thankful that the insurance finally agreed to let her go. I took her there straight from the hospital about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. She is still in quite a bit of pain, espiecally when she is sitting or standing. But I pray that once they start managing her pain and working with her at the Rehab that will take a turn for the better.
I made her this card this morning. I am just too worn out physically and emotionally to go back to work so I am resting up this week-end and will be much better for it on monday when I do return to work.
I am going to go to visit her after lunch. My Dad is there now and when he comes home I will go. She is only about 10 minutes away from us now and that is great. They all seem really nice there at the Rehab too so I think she is in good hands.
I am going to buy her a little springy plant and some cupcakes for her and the nurses and techs to share with her. I feel so relieved now and just hope that she will start making some strides in her recovery.
Words cannot express how much it has meant from all of you Dear Friends who have been sending prayers and positive thoughts our way. Believe me when I say that I firmly believe the reason she did get approved was because of yours and all of friends, family, and my co-workers, keeping us in their hearts and thoughts. You all are a true blessing to me!!!
I will keep you posted with how she is doing! Thanks again for being here for me!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Early morning worrys!!!

My beautiful Mom in her young and carefree years!!!

I woke up at 3:00 this morning with a heavy heart and alot of worrys. My dear Moms surgery went well but she is not out of the woods yet. She is still having alot of pain her legs and they are having to keep her on quite of bit of pain meds. The doctor's assistant has been trying for the past 2 days to get her placed in a rehabilitation center when she has to leave the hospital today. So far the insurance company is balking about it. Its seems that even if you did just have back surgery at 79 years old, have Parkinsons disease, and a pacemaker and can't even barely walk, you still don't qualify for rehabilitation services.
My parents have great insurance too. But of course Medicaid has to be your Primary Insurance when your this age, and the good insurance is secondary.
I just don't know what is going to happen if we can't get her into the rehab today. They have a bed ready for her, just waiting on the insurance approval.
Mom can't hardly get up and walk. They have tried to cut back on her meds, but then she starts hurting again. She is staying so medicated that she is just sleeping constantly. I have tried talking to her, telling her to fight that pain as much as she can, but when your 79 and just had your back cut open, its hard to fight it.
If the rehab doesn't take her, then it looks as if they may can get her in a Nursing home. I really don't want that even if it is short term because Nursing Home staff are extremely overwhelmed, and would they be able to work with her and give her the Physical Therapy that a rehab could give her? I think not. I am afraid they would let her sleep most of the time too.
So this is where we are at right now. And to top it off we have freezing rain moving in this morning which could cause problems for me to even get back to Nashville and pick her up to take her to a rehab(if that happens) or home. My heart and mind is extremely troubled. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today. They truly have helped so far and I do know the power of prayers espiecally from my wonderful friends here in Bloggersville.

My dearest friend Rosie has the sweetest post on her blog for me and Mom, and a great picture she took of us last month when we had our fun day out.
Thanks to all for being here for us. And I will keep every one posted!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun Sunday and nervous Monday!

Now isn't this the sweetest picture? Thats my precious Mom and my bestfriend. She is holding a antique teacup with a beautiful flower arrangement that she made yesterday.
We got up yesterday and since it was a pretty, sunny Sunday. And there was a wonderful 50% off coupon in the paper for our favorite store, Michaels, we went there and I got to use my gift card that my hubby gave me for my birthday.
When we got home, Mom came over and we made these pretty arrangements. She had alot of antique teacups that were my Grandmothers so we used them.

We really had a lot of fun making these fun little arrangements. And it made us feel so springy.
It also helped us to get our minds off of the operation that Mom will be having this afternoon.
So, this morning I am getting ready to take her to the hospital. Her operation will be at 1 p.m. this afternoon but she has to be at the hospital at 10:30 this morning.
I have been dreading this day for the past several months. I am trying to have faith that all will turn out fine and that she will be pain free once she heals from the operation. I am still pretty nervous.
I know that one day I will have to be without my Mom in my life, as she is getting older, but I am just not ready yet. Just the thought of it makes me physically sick. I just want to have as many years of fun with her as I can. When I was a young teen-ager I didn't get along with her as most teen-age daughters don't get along with their Moms. But that all changed when I matured and became a Mom myself. She has been with me through all the hard, hard times and all the good times too. There is nothing she wouldn't do to help me and there is nothing I won't do to help her.

Unfortnately, my daughter who is almost 21, has very little to do with me right now. I don't know if that will ever change or not. I pray that it will as I would love to be as close to her as I am to my Mom. I try to accept my daughter's differences but some of her ways are very self-destructive and it just hurts me so very much. All I can do is pray that one day she will realize what she is doing to herself and try to change the negatives into positives. I Love her so much and only want her to have some happiness and Love in her life.
Well, I guess I better get off of this machine and get ready for a very long day.
Please keep remembering me and my Mom in your thoughts and prayers. I will try to keep everyone posted as best as I can. I will also get my dear friend Rosemary to post on her blog how everything is going. It might be a while before I can post again.
Much Love to all my friends!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Birthday celebration

I had such a great time last night for my Birthday. My brother and sister-in-law came up from Alabama. Rick's birthday was on the 3rd of this month, mine was yesterday, and Moms is next friday. We ate dinner at Mom's house and had cake and Ice cream too.

We didn't have any candles on the cake so I was pretending to blow out the candles. Mom was laughing at my goofy antics. Rick was trying to not burst out laughing. Daniel came in with presents for us all. I got a great card with Money in it and a gift card for $50 from Michaels(guess where Mom and I are going tomorrow.)
Daniel found some cool Ionic salt lights at Walgreens. He bought one for Mom and Rick and Me. They are suppose to be very healing for such ailments as Arthritus, Asthama, and other general aches and pains. Here is Mom with hers, she is pondering whether it might work miracles for her,,lol.

Daniel also bought her a new vacuum cleaner which is just like ours that she liked so much. She was really tickled over it. Theirs was old and heavy to push and this one is bagless and lighter weight. I usually do the vacuuming at their house so I am glad he bought that too. Its a great vacuum cleaner and on sale now at Home Depot for $39. We actually have 2 of them now at our house, 1 for downstair and 1 for upstairs.
I Love this picture of her. She had so much fun last night and it really helped to get all of our minds off of her up coming surgery on Monday.
My brother and SIL gave me the cutest little Solar dog light for my yard. My SIL knows I Love yard art and I feel in Love with this guy.

And here are a few more pics from our fun last night.

My brother, Rick and SIL, Sarah spent the night at our house and we stayed up pretty late talking and laughing alot. It was a wonderful birthday. I am so glad I got to spend it with my family. My brother is so much fun to be with and we are so close,,,I Love him and Sarah so very much. And so glad that Mom had so much fun too.
Tomorrow I will post pics of all the great cards and ATCs that I got from all of my Art and Blogger friends. I also got alot of Birthday phone calls from alot of my wonderful friends. So it was a excellent birthday!
I hope every one is having a great week-end!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

And the Winners are--------->

The winners for my give away in the One World-One Heart event are:
Annie from Scenes from a slow moving Train. She hinted around that she really like the yellow one so this is her prize.

And the next winner of the other birdie necklace is Pea from Pea's Corner! This is her necklace!
I hope my dear friends enjoy their prizes. I will be sending them out in the mail next Monday.
Many thanks to all for stopping in and entering. My friend, Jessica, at work helped me with the drawing. She has started a blog now and she is a great photographer. So visit her blog, she just started it but has some cute pics of her Kitty and doggy.
This was such a fun event and I do appreciate my dear friend Lisa sponsering this event every year. I know its alot of work and time spent for us all to participate. I have so enjoyed visiting and discovering new blogs and new friends and to see all of the great talent that is out in blogland, its so inspiring!!!
So today is friday, and also its my birthday,,yes, I am 29,,lol, plus 16 more years. My brother and sister-in-law are coming to spend the night. My brother's birthday was the 3rd and my mother's is next friday, 22nd(hoping she will be home from the hospital by then). We are celebrating all of ours tonight with dinner, cake and ice cream.
I also want to Thank all my friends who have sent me cards and ATCs. I Love them all and will try to post them this week-end. You all make birthdays so special!!! Have a wonderful friday!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008