Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

After procrastinating all week, I finally pysched myself up to carve the two pumpkins that Daniel had bought a couple of weeks ago. Of course he helped me too and had to whip the camera out. He is really trained about what is bloggable, and always runs to get the camera when he sees something he thinks I might want to blog about,,ha! Thanks, Baby No! I wasn't that hungry that I would eat that!!!! Just a goofy shot! And this is in our little workshop in the basement. My sweet hub made this work table for me and it was the perfect spot to carve the pumpkins.
When the kids were little we made the usual scary or goofy jack-o-lantern faces on our pumpkins. Now that is just Daniel and me, I am a little more creative. Since we have the spider web theme on the front porch.
I decided to carve spiders on my pumpkins. So one is a male and one is a female. Daniel also drilled different size holes all around the back and on the lid. He bought these really cool stobe lights that run off batteries to put in them. They look awesome!

Tonight we are going to sit out on the front porch and wait for the trick or treaters. At the old house we never had many trick or treaters as our road was so busy. At the new house we should have a lot of those sweeties. Mom said they always have alot of them as we live on a circle and there is a new subdivision behind us which has alot of children. So we are excited!

Later today I am going to post my dress up picture as Pea over at Pea's Corner is going to have a Halloween party at her blog. Make sure you stop by there and say BOO!!!
Have a safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall chunky pages!

I recently hosted a 4 x 4 inch "chunky book" Fall swap in my yahoo group. I recieved some really awesome cards that I traded out amoung the players in the swap. Sorry I was too lazy to to crop them after I scanned them. Below are the cards.
The first set is from Denise. I absolutely love her Halloween dogs!

Next are Jill's great witchy girl cards. She is awesome with her artistic talent!

Next artistic is name Aiyana whom is also very talented, well heck they are talented!
Then we have some great ones from Judy.

And next some another great friend, Candy.
Then some from my sweet and so talented Mom!

Then last of the bunch are the ones that I had made for the swap.

This was a really fun swap to host as I just LOVE Fall and all the great colors and events that go with it.
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night our Football team and our town was on Monday Night Football!!!! And we WON!!!
We sure are proud of our team as they are now the only team in the National Football League who is still undefeated!!! We beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-21! Next team to beat this Sunday will be Green Bay! GO TITANS!!!!!!
Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meeting up with a friend and having fun!

Yesterday was a really fun day! Mom and I got to finally go back to our Stamper groups monthly meeting. We had not been in over a year because of first, her moving, then me moving, then her back operation last February.
The fun part was we got to take a couple of friends with us.
We have known Charlotte for several years now. She is a member of our ATC Yahoo internet group. For as long as we have known Charlotte she has lived in Modesto, California. But this past August we were so lucky because Charlotte and her family moved to Tennessee and only lives about 15 minutes away from us.

Charlotte is originally from Hawaii and she is a very talented artist! She also has a daughter who is an Amazing mixed media artist too. Lotus is still in California and I know that Charlotte and her are missing each other alot! Below is a picture of Mom and Charlotte.
And the next picture is of Charlotte, Mom, Juanita(Charlottes daughter-in-law's mother, who is a sweetie too!) and me!
The place we meet at is in a really pretty part of our county out in the countryside. It was a beautiful Fall day yesterday and the trees are starting to look so pretty. Charlotte and Juanita just loved the drive and talked about how beautiful it is here in Tennessee. They said it was very congested in California were they use to live and how they Love the openness and country side, and it made me appreciate it too.
We had to drive through a little town between us and the place we were going. The name of the town is Charlotte so we had to take the picture below of Charlotte in front of her store.

We really did have a great time yesterday and look forward to alot more fun times with our wonderful friend!
My ear is feeling better today but my sinuses are still a mess. Today we are going to have to drag all of my house plants inside for the winter as the coldest air of the season is moving our way tonight. I dread seeing winter coming and will miss the warmth of summer and fall.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end and have a great sunday too!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy Friday and Halloween Art

Its a very rainy morning here and also quite chilly. I haven't been a very good blogger bud this week but I haven't felt the best either. Sinus stuff, love the Fall but my allergies do not like it at all. Yesterday I had the beginnings of a ear ache and its hurting even more today so I am staying home and keeping warm and dry. I have some ear drops that help the pain but if it don't clear up then I will be going to the doctor.
I got up early this morning and played on my Photoshop and created the Creepy Collage above. I have finally downloaded a zillion more brushes on the new puter to replace the ones I lost on the old one. I Love playing with the brushes.
I have been in several Halloween swaps this fall. Below are a couple of Halloween postcards that I recieved and I really love these two. I have them in a little card holder above my kitchen sink so I can see them alot.

I think they are really cool! I have to get to feeling better by tomorrow as Mom and I are going to our stampers group. We have not been in over a year and they are having a special Christmas Card making group tomorrow. We are also taking a couple of new friends with us too. A sweet lady that we have known from our Yahoo group has moved close to us. She lived in California but her and her husband moved out here to live with her son. Tomorrow will be the first time we meet her in person and I can't wait. Of course I will take lots of pictures.
I hope everyone has a good friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was tagged today by 2 of my Blogger friends. Jeanie from the Marmalade Gypsy. And Maryellen from Catty Cats Music.
Its a Meme and I have to tell 6 random things about me.

1. When I was young I was the tallest girl in my classes and usally taller than some of the boys. By the time I got in middle school I was stuck with the nickname of Big Bird.

I would walk into this very hugh cafeteria for lunch and a whole table of 8th grade boys would stand up and start calling me Big Bird. It was very embarrassing for a 6th grade girl. I would laugh about it at school but when I got home I cried to my Mom and told her how much I hated school and boys. But, it all turned around when I got to High School and that table full of boys decided the girl with the long legs wasn't so Big Birdish looking any more and started asking me out.

2. When I was young I went to excellent concerts, Jethro Tull, Yes, Grateful Dead,, and the list goes on. The best one that I will always remember was Fleetwood Mac's Rumors Tour. I thought Stevie Nicks was the coolest , witchiest women I had every seen and I loved her voice. I went through many Rumor albums, 8-tracks, cassettes and I even have it still on CD.
3. I have to wash my face every night before I go to bed or I can't go to sleep, I guess thats a good thing though. My grandmother use to preach that to me and I guess it sunk in.

4. I have a thing about Moths. Never have like them,,their fluttering makes me nervous. But I do like to take pictures of the pretty moths.

5. I met my hubby, Daniel on the internet 11 years ago. We met in a chat room on AOL. Back then it was kind of a tabu to meet on line now days its the going thing. After e-mailing and instant messaging and talking on the phone we finally met after several months. He then decided he couldn't live without me and I felt the same.
I flew to Washington State on Memorial day week-end and we had a hugh yard sale and sold most of his belongings. Then we loaded up a U-haul trailor and made our way across the U.S continent and I brought him back to Tennessee were he has been since. It took him a while to get use to the humidity and bugs, but he's still here.
Love You, Baby!!!!

6. And last but not least, I am Tall, I use to be 6 ft. but have shrunk about a half a inch since I have gotten older and have a few more pounds on me. And I frequently help little old ladies retrieve items from tall shelves in the stores.

Thats about it. So I am tagging anyone who wants to do this meme.
I hope every one has a wonderful week-end!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Deco

This is my little area of Halloweeny decos. Its in the den when you first walk in the door. Its all just small deco that I have collected through the years and I have added a piece here and there through the years.

And of course I had to hang "Giselda" up with my collection because she is my favorite addition this year! Thanks to my dear friend Jill!
I also have a ceramic pumpkin that my Mom bought me several years ago. It lights up but I broke its top a few years ago so it has to wear a witches hat now.
The next pictures are of the Fall arrangement that I have on my kitchen table at home. Beside the arrangement is a stuffed Halloween kitty cat that I attempted to make this year from a pattern that I found on the internet. It wasn't the easy animal I have made this year but it was fun to make and its a cutie!

I hope every one is having a wonderful wednesday. Its moving towards my favorite day of the week, FRIDAY! Its been very unseasonably warm this week but rain is coming in tomorrow and then a big cool down for us. Daniel and I have been cutting on house plants and trying to de-bug them in the afternoons as we will have to bring them inside very soon.
Have a Great Day!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Colors and a fun saturday!

Yesterday was just a great Fall Day. It was on the warm side but a nice breeze kept it from being too hot. Daniel and I stayed outside all day decorating and trimming branches. The tree in the picture is in our front yard. Its beautiful but it turned orange quicker than the other trees and its leaves are falling rapidly. I am sure it is because we haven't had much rain at all since June. But it is really pretty. I bought one of the plastic pumpkin bags and stuffed it full of leaves for the yard.
Last year we bought some Halloween spider webs that light up and we hung them on the front porch. Well, my might warrior did the ladder part and most of the work after I assembled them. They blink at night and the plastic spiders have lights in them.

I guess it was a family time as we had our furbabies playing the yard watching us work.
I also have a bunch of plastic skeletons hanging from the trees in the front yard too. I bought them for a dollar at the Dollar Tree Store(my favorite store). They look so cool when the wind is blowing because it looks like they are dancing.

Later in the afternoon Daniel trimmed quite a few tree limbs from a tree close to the road by our driveway. My son came over to spend the night so we got be the lucky ones who dragged the limbs down to the back yard.

It was a great day to be outside and have some fun and work too. Later that night we had a nice bonfire but my camera's batteries were charging so I didn't get pictures of it.
I hope everyone had a fun saturday too!