Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Grief,,so much for posting on my blog more often.  Oh,,it's only been a month,,lol.   But Wow,,what a busy month.  Since the now, very Pregnant daughter, Kalyn got the gestational diabetes we have had to spend quite a bit more time at the doctors for stress test and Ultrasounds.  We also have been taking a lot more walks together since the weather has been so nice.  Hard to believe how mild it has been this February.

The pictures above were made a Beautiful Natural area called Radnor Lake.  It's pretty much in the middle of Nashville.  Over a hundred acres and a lot of walking trails. It's not far from Kalyn's doctor's office.  It has quite a few benches to rest on as you walk around the lake.  When we first got on the trail we passed a Priest in a full robe,,walking with a companion.  Not to far after we passed him we found this on the next bench.
A really neat cross made with sticks and a rock.  We felt certain the Priest had made it and we left it untouched.  It made us feel good inside.  I hope it made the next hikers happy too.  Later on we came to another bench and this is what we found on it.
It didn't have a name on it but I am pretty sure that it was made into the bench in remembrance of a Art Teacher.  You know I Loved this!!!
There were so many logs laying on the side of the lake and just about every one of them had big turtles that were sunning themselves.  Of course I only had my Ipod with me and not my good camera so I couldn't get close enough to them to get a good picture.  But it really was a fun day.
So,,,another big event this month was my 50th Birthday on February 15th.   And my Sweet Hubby had a surprise Birthday party for me.  It was so much fun!  All my neighbors and good friends showed up for it.  But one of my friends was sick and couldn't come,,, missed you Rosemary.

As you can see I had a wonderful time!  My neighbor friends and Kalyn and Larry decorated the house.  It made turning 50 a lot easier!  Also,,my Precious Mom turned 83 on February 22nd.  We had cake and ice cream at her house, my brother made the cake for her.  We stopped in after being at Kalyn's doctor's office and of course I didn't have my Camera.  But as you can see she is doing great.  I Love the picture of Kalyn, Mom, and I at my Party.  Pretty soon there will a 4th generation with us.  
Kalyn has got her sugar under control now.  But we now have to go to her doctor twice a week.  Fun part is we get to see Larriyah every Thursday on Ultrasound.
Life is going really good now.  I am almost ready to finish up my website that I will be selling my Headbands, Bows, Clips, and Hats.  I am also trying to make a new blog with them on it.  But my time is pretty precious right now.  
We have every thing that Larriyah needs now, but Kalyn's Stepmother and her other Grandmother are going to have a Baby shower for her this Saturday.  You better believe I will have my Camera with me then.
I am so EXCITED!!!  Kalyn's Doctor said he will induce her a week a head of time which means she will be here around Easter.  We are calling her "Our Easter Egg"  lol.
Well it's getting late and I am going to go visit every ones blogs before I head to bed.  We get to go see Larriyah tomorrow.  I LOVE THAT LITTLE BABY SO MUCH!!!  
I hope all of you have had a great February.  And I sure am going to try to post again hopefully Sunday or Monday with the Baby Shower pictures.
Lots of Xs and Os.