Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday's fun to a busy week!

Sunday I was fortunate to get to go see my favorite Pro Football team, the Titans, play some great football. It was a beautiful day for sitting in the stadium and watching some great action.
My best friend Ginny has season tickets and always takes me to at least one game each year if not more.
We have to park in downtown Nashville and walk across the river to the stadium. I had to take some pictures of the view.
Below is a picture of LP Field, home to our Great Titans. It sits right on the river bank of the Cumberland River.

Below is looking back across the river at downtown Nashville.
Next picture is of the mass of Titan's fans headed into the stadium.
Next is our great players coming out on to the field, ready to play some awesome football.

And our pretty cheerleaders ready to cheer them to a Victory.
Some more great shots of the players and the scoreboard. The scoreboard picture is taken at the beginning of the game so there are not points on it yet.

Below is a picture of Ginny and I in the stands having a fun time.

On the way back to the car after the game, we walked past our newly renovated court house and I had to take some pictures of it and the pretty mirror pools that surround it.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Oh and Yes, we won 30-17. We beat the Minnesota Vikings. The Titans are now 4 and 0, meaning we haven't lost a game this season. GO TITANS!
I hope every one had a great week-end.
This week is a busy one for me at work as we have registration again for our 2nd semester of the fall. Tomorrow I go on a interview for a new position that I have applied for. I like where I am now but the new position will be great too and also a little more money! More about that in a later post. Wish me Luck.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I appreciate!!!

My post today is because of what I read at my girlie-Jess's blog! Thanks for making me stop and think for a few! So here are a few things I appreciate!

1. My Husband for the unconditional Love that he gives me and how he always tries so hard to make me happy and for trying to always give me any thing that I want that is in his power to give.

2. My family- My Mom because she lives next door to me and she is my bestfriend and the person who guides me and listens to me and doesn't judge me.
My children- for being who they are and for not letting life get them down and whom I know will always Love me and come to me when they need advise, or someone to listen to them.
My Brother-who advises me in many ways and always text message me every day just to say Hi or to crack a joke. He has always been the best older brother and friend that a girl could ask for.

3. For all my friends, the ones I have known forever, the causual friends, and all the friends that I have never met but who still send prayers and good thoughts my way all thanks to the internet's blogger and the groups I am in.

4. For having a beautiful house to live in and for having a new car and best of all for having a job to pay for them.

5. For all the seasons of the year, espiecally Spring and Fall.

6. For living in a country that no matter how many trials and tribulations it has, its still better than any other country on this planet.

7. For all the Love that I recieve from my Maker and for picking me up when I fall and listening to me when I cry and for tolerating me when I am not so good. For giving me freedom and for giving me life to enjoy my freedom.

This does make feel good to be able to post this today. I invite others to post what you appreciate too. It can be big things or little things, but posting them sure makes you feel good, like a breathe of fresh air!
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last friday my daughter and I went to one of our local shopping centers. We both thought this guitar was really cool. Its bigger than it looks in the picture. A few years ago several local artists painted several guitars for a charity. Afterwards they were donated or bought by several merchants and displayed for the public to enjoy.

Just a little show and tell for today!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Toe Pain

Well of course if any one can get some kind of strange ailment then it would definitely be me.
The past few weeks I have been having off and on pain in the big toe of my right foot. Well on Sunday it got a lot worse and by yesterday morning I was in pretty bad pain but made it to work. Like what are you going to do call in and say "uh, I can't come in, I have a big toe pain",,I don't think so.
So I started googling my painful symptoms and have come up with the problem. I have Gout!
Its caused by too much Uric acid in your kidneys. Its also a form of rheumatoid arthritis. I have also been having some other aches and pains in other joints in my body. Yeah,, I know I am getting old but I don't want to end of in severe pain in 10 more years so I am going to see a rheumatologist next week.
So in my research about gout I read that it mainly affects men but will affect women who are post menopause,,that be me as I had a hysterectomy 14 years ago. The uric acid causes crystals to grow in the joints. The picture above is mild compared to some of the real pictures I saw online,,yuck!
I also read what to not eat or drink, beer is a big no no,,and I do like a nice cold one on a hot summer day. I also read that one thing that really helps it is eating cherries or drinking 100% cherry juice. So you know I went and got some juice yesterday afternoon after work. I also got my doc to send me out some anti-inflammatory medicine and took some of that last night. I soaked the big toe in warm Epsom salt and alternated that with ice. I am glad to say that this morning it was a lot better.
I read that you have to watch out for foods that are high in purine as that's what causes uric acid build up when you have gout. For some reason my kidneys are not getting rid of the uric acid and that isn't a good thing as if it worsens it can cause kidney stones or kidney failure. Uh,,,well you better know that I am going to be a lot more careful and watch out for high purine food.
So if you ever have a pain in your big toe, now you will know what it just might be.
Hope every one is having a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of Gas!

Yes, this is what most of the gas stations in the South look like now. We have very few stations in our area that have gas and if they do its only regular and their lines look like this.
Since I live out of Nashville a little ways its not as bad. My gas station is ok but only has regular and thats ok because thats what Little Red uses. Mom and I were out this week-end in Nashville and were just so amazed at the lines at the stations that did have gas. People waited in lines for hours and some even ran out of gas while they were waiting. And there was alot of tempers that were flaring while they waited. We both said it reminded us of how it was in the 70s when there was a gas shortage. But the problem this time was from Hurricane Ike that shut down the refinerys last week-end. They are saying it will get better by the end of the week. I am paying $3.77 for regular out where I live but most places its $4.29 a gallon. My ride in to work this morning was really nice as most people are driving alot slower trying to conserve on their gas. But then you have a few speed demons that won't slow down for nothing.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end. We are having Indian summer right now and the temps are back into the mid-80s, doesn't feel like the first day of Fall thats for sure.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A night out with the Hubby!

Last week-end Daniel and I went to downtown Nashville to see a concert and have a fun night out. I didn't bring my camera as they wouldn't let me bring into the Ryman Auditorium for the concert. But I did have my cell phone camera. We got downtown pretty early and went down to lower Broad to have some appetizers and a drink. It was a very nice evening even though it was a little cloudy. We sat outside on the second floor patio and enjoyed the Nashville skyline and the hustle and bustle of lower Broad below us. This is a very busy touristy road in Nashville. Almost all the buildings you see are honky tonks and souvenir and music shops, also alot of country and western clothing stores as one must have a cowboy hat when in Nashville,Ha!
Below is a picture of the "world famous"
Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. This is where a lot of famous Country singers started out and was discovered which led to a world of fame, fortune, and some heartbreak. Tootsie was a very nice women who helped alot of struggling musicians. Read the history at the link.
The patio we were sitting at was right next door to the Sommet Center. The Sommet is where are National Hockey team, The Predators, play. It also serves as a concert hall for all of our big Venues. Daniel took a picture of me with the Sommet in the background, its a beautiful building.
The next picture is of one of a unusual building we have in Nashville. It is the offices of AT&T phone company, but every one calls it the Batman Building. Can you guess why?
We ended the night with a great rocking concert with Boz Scaggs!
It was so nice to have a night out on the town!
I Hope everyone has a great week-end!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Blog theme and New Art!

Yep,,you can tell I am definetly in the Autumn mood. Found this cute lay-out thanks to my Girlie Jess and I Love it! So then I had to post some more of my Fall theme Art that I have made recently. It is feeling like Fall here this week. The weather has been so nice and cool, just a favorite time of year! I hope everyone is doing great this week and enjoying some great weather in their part of the world.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Windy Sunday and Bird house!

Hurricane Ike swept by here today. We had some pretty strong winds and a few showers but nothing like they had in Texas. Its been a nice day to relax and do some art and watch my favorite Football team, The Tennessee Titans win against the Bills.
I have been wanting to show one of my favorite thrift store finds ever.
I got this at my favorite thrift store, Yesterdays Treasures which is here in our town.
I also got the picture behind it that says "Bless Our Nest" as my kitchen and dining room is all bird themed. Here is another close up of it.

I have it in the corner of the kitchen on a old antique table but it didn't show up good in the picture so I put it on my kitchen table. I only paid $15 for it. I believe I was with my girlfriend Rosie when I bought it. She is going to come out here soon and we are going back to that store for sure. But next week we are going to go through some thrift stores across the street from where I work. Can't wait to see her!
I hope every one has had a good week-end. And my prayers have been with every one in Texas and Louisanna who have had to endure Ike.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years but still I will never forget!

I am sure if your like me this is a day that you will never forget the rest of your life. It doesn't seem to get much coverage on Sept 11th as it did the first year or so after it happenned. But many times today I thought about the people just like me, like my co-workers, my friends, family, who went to work like they did every day, but then never came home. Or the ones who had to fly to visit family or for business or fun, but never it made it to their destination because Fate stepped in. So I know that I for one will remember them and the heroes who tried to help and the soldiers who went off to war to try to stop this horrible nightmare from happening to our Country ever again.
Here is a great website that I found too that The September 11th digital archieves. Take a moment and browse through it. I did and found that I felt like I did when it happened and I don't ever won't to forget that feeling, it was hell, but nothing compared to what millions of others went through that day. So to feel some hell today for them is not a bad thing.
God Bless America!!!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Red and I are MAD!!!!!

So yes,,we are kind of upset right now.Yesterday, the first day that I drove her to work guess what happenned? No,,not a wreck, but on the way home she got a flat tire. Lovely,,hmmm, so I have to get off the interstate and she limped into the service station right off the exit. And you know I was like,,,uh,,how do I get that little donut thingy tire thingy on my sweet Red? This is where Hubbys come in handy. But I sure did dread calling and saying "hey sweetie,,guess what?"
Uh yes,,you know how it is, don't ya? And then "what? on the first day you drove it to work?"
And then me "uh, yes, it wasn't my fault that the big semi truck sped up and wouldn't let me get on the interstate so I had to ride on the side a little till he passed me and so I probably picked up a nail or something" Then him "ok,,I will be right there",,,the knight to the rescue. And I did watch him jack up the car and take off the tire and put the little spare on it, so I am confident that I can handle it the next time.
Hubby says he doesn't want me driving all the way home on the little donut tire so we head over to Sears to get a new one. We get to Sears and they tells us "oh, we don't have any thing but the $81 one over there to fit it. Excuse me,,did you say $81 for one damn tire? Pluhhhhheezeee. But Daddy Bear says "go ahead and put it on". So the guy looks at the old tire and then the other tires on little Red and says "you mean you just bought that car from a dealer and they sold it to you with these tires on it? These tires have very little tread on them, you should call them and Bitch about them" So, I call the dealer only to be told that "our inspector that inspects all our cars before we re-sell them said that the tires were ok so we can't do any thing to help you". Now, I wasn't very happy. But Daddy Bear said to just forget because they knocked alot off the car and gave quite a bit for the old clunker. But still,,,that just ain't right.
I could have had a front one blow out and Red and I could have crashed and burned. Hmmmph
So this friday I am going to go get 3 more new tires for it so I will feel alot safer. I got something from Sears saying the tread was bad and I am going to get something from Firestone saying the same thing. Then I am going to mail them to the Nissan corporation and tell them what the dealership did. They might do something,,,who knows. Hmmmm, and I thought that Dealership was a pretty fair one, little do you know. So,,,lesson learned,,,make sure you check out the tires really well on used cars. But I still Love my "little Red",,,no matter if her tires are bad,,she's going to get some new shoes on friday!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

My new and Shiny "Little Red"!

After such a very long year of many difficulties I was rewarded for all the trials and worries this week-end. My car, which was 9 years old and had 141 thousand miles on it, was beginning to start dying on me. Since I drive a total of 70 miles to work and back I didn't feel safe in the Mercury any more. So Daniel and I took off work and friday and went car shopping. Well actually we only went to one car lot because I knew exactly what I wanted and had spotted it on the Nissan website the day before.
She is the prettiest little red Nissan Versa and I had fallen hard for her.
So after spending a few hours at the dealership, she became mine and we drove her home, leaving the old Mercury with the dealership.
She gets excellent gas mileage and drives like a dream. And I am in heaven. No more worrying that I will be stranded on the highway any more thanks to my "Little Red".
Here are a few more pictures of her.

She also has tinted windows but they were rolled down in the pictures. She is a 2007 model and just had a few thousand miles on her. I call her "Little Red" and I think it looks like a girly.
I have to go out and sit in her alot and just admire her. She has a hatchback and the back seats fold down so I can do a lot of flea market and yard sales and have a way to haul it home.
I have a wonderful hubby who helped make all this happen for me.
Yesterday was such a wonderful Fall day! The temps were in the upper 70s and just felt wonderful. Last night it got down to the upper 50s,,brrrrr.
Mom came over yesterday afternoon and we do some artsy stuff. Here's a picture of her in my art studio. We had so much fun!

It truly has been a excellent week-end!
Hope every one has also had a great week-end too.