Saturday, June 17, 2006

saturday's news

Another hot day today,,but a good chance of rain by this afternoon,tonite and tomorrow. It has been dry for the past 2 weeks,,having to water the flowers every day. Yesterday was spent doing a little father's day shopping (for a electric razor). Also stopped at Michaels to buy a few things to finish up a scrapbook that I made for the girl across the street for a graduation present. I finished it last night. This girl and my daughter were bestfriends for many years. When we moved in she was 5 years old,,and sat across the street with big eyes looking at all the toys coming out of the moving van,,espeically the girl toys,,lol. I instantly inheritit another daughter. He parents worked alot and an older teen-age sister kept her most of the time until we moved in. She is very pretty,,,she won alot of beauty pageants as a child and teen,,and won a scholarship to college for cheerleading. Its so hard to believe that she is now 18 and heading to college.
I am also making a wedding scrapbook to give the Kalyn's bestfriend who is getting married next week-end. I am taking pictures at the wedding, so I am going to make a mini scrapbook the same size as the one I just made. I really like making scrapbooks. Alot of people who do Rubber stamping have problems with scrapbookers,,,I have never understood that,,as you can use your stamps and make great scrapbooks,,just some kind of dumb taboo.
Any ways,,I am headed up to Moms today,,we are going to do a fabric book swap in one of our groups,,so we may go to walmarts to get some material. I have to go to Big Lots to get another one of those expensive photo albums for the wedding scrapbook($1.99),,lol. I am going to try to post a pic of the scrapbook that I just made. Also a pic of my daughter Kalyn at the river the other day,,,she was showing me a new dance move that she learned,,lol. She was so much fun to be with,,,I had really been missing her. So glad I get to spend the week-end with her next week-end.

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