Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday's Art

Its the day before Thanksgiving and I am off work and LOVING it! Just taking it easy today and tomorrow and doing some Artsy stuff. I will be decorating for Christmas on the week-end.
I made some ATCs this past week-end. Here are 2 of the ones I made.

After I collaged them I used Ultra Thick Embossing Powder on them and it makes them look like they have a thick coat of clear enamel on top. You do this by using versamark ink on top of the card. Then sprinkle Ultra thick on top, shake off, and then melt with your heat gun. I do this twice, and then before the second coat gets hard, I stamp into the ultra thick with a inked stamp. The words on the cards are what are stamped. They look really cool and the scan doesn't do them justice. I went around the edges with my goldleaf pen.
I have also got my soldering gun back out and made 3 christmas pendants last week and gave them to Mom, Rosemary, and Charlotte when they came over. Last night I made 3 more pendants. I really enjoy solding. I will take pics of the pendants today.
I sure am looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow with my family.
Hope every one has a great wednesday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our fun Art Party!!!

I had the best Saturday today that I have had in quite a while. Mom and I hosted a Art Party for Jane's visit. It was a small party with just 5 of us, but we had a blast.
Jane taught us how to make the cutest Mermaid paper dolls. This is Jane with her doll.

Then Mom and her doll.

Rosemary and her cute doll.
Then Charlotte and her great creative Mermaid.
And then me with my Mermaid,,acting a little crazy cause I am having so much fun!

Here is a picture of Jane, Charlotte, Mom and Me with our dolls.

Next, Mom taught us how to make the cutest Christmas ornament by doing "tea folding" with paper.

And I taught every one how to do some Iris paper folding and we made a Christmas Tree card.

And then my Sweet Hubby came in and took a picture of all of us together.
We had some great finger foods and desserts. Charlotte brought some awesome cookies They were made from an old Hawaiian recipe. They were called "Mrs. Hoke's Butter Shortbread Cookies" Mrs. Hoke was Charlotte's Aunt and she made these cookies during the 1950s and took them to the school she worked at and sold them to the students for a nickle. She gave me the recipe and I am going to ask her if she minds if I post it here on my blog.
Rosemary brought some great cupcakes. She went all the way to downtown Nashville to buy them before she arrived today. I was getting worried about her because she was late and I called on her celly. Well, she didn't know that our rival college football teams were playing at Vanderbilt today and she got stuck in the traffic. But I tell you, those cupcakes were definitely worth it. She got a variety of of them and we all had to sample each one. They were heavenly. She got them at

Gigi's and here is a link to all the wonderful cupcakes you can buy there. Here is a picture of a few of them.
I have had a great time while Jane has been here. Mom and I so enjoy being with her. And today was so fun and I laughed so much. It so nice to be with such great friends and do some artsy stuff and enjoy our friendship. Jane will be flying home tomorrow afternoon and I know Mom and I will miss her so much.
I also so enjoyed getting to be with Rosemary as I haven't seen her in several months, she makes me laugh so much and I can act so crazy with her too. I am not going to let months go by before she and I see each other again cause I miss her too much too.
Here are some more pictures of the fun time we had today. I hope every one else had a fun day too.

Thanks for letting me share my fun day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A fun time at Opryland Hotel

Our friend Jane arrived safely to Nashville on Tuesday night. On wednesday her and Mother and I spent the whole day in my Art Room working our Christmas Pendants for a swap that Jane is hosting. We finished them that night and they are so pretty. I will post pictures of them in another post.

Yesterday we got up and packed our over night bags and headed out. First we went shopping. We hit Big Lots, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. We got to Opryland Hotel by sundown and made it to our room. We all were pretty wore out from shopping all day and went to the room to rest for a little bit.

Below is a picture of Mom and Jane resting on the beds.

After we were rested we headed out to eat at a very nice restaurant in the Hotel. Here is a link to the hotel so you can read all about it. Its a hugh Hotel and very beautiful inside.

After we had dinner we walked around inside the hotel. It have a hugh Atrium inside and its decorated for Christmas. There was a live Rockabilly Christmas band playing that we stopped and watched.

Then we walked around a little bit more and I took some pictures of the all the lights and decorations.

I really wanted to walk around more and look at all the decorations but Mom and Jane were still really tired as their health is not so good and they get wore out very easily. So we went back to the room.
This morning we got up and did a little more exploring and some shopping in some of the stores. It is a hugh resort Hotel and there is so much to see in it. We rent Mom a wheelchair and she really enjoyed seeing the hotel and the shops. But it is hard for Jane to do alot of walking so we didn't get to see all of it. But here are more pictures of what we did get to see. The roof in the atrium is all glass and it feels like your outside during the daylight hours.

Below are pictures of Mom and Jane.

I have a few more pictures that I will post at another time. I really want to go back there again and take alot more pictures as it is such a incredible hotel.
Tomorrow we are having a little Art get together at my house. Some more friends are going to come and we will be making Art and having a fun time. I will take plenty of pictures ot that too.
I hope every one had a great week and also have a wonderful week-end too.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today's the day!

Mine and my Mom's friend, Jane, will be flying in tonight. I can't wait to see her again. The last time we saw her was when we flew up to NY back in the summer of 2007. Below is a picture of myself and Jane on top of the Empire State building. Hmm,,I think I have lost some weight since this picture and my hair is alot longer.

Below is Mom and Jane. We at the marina in Newburgh NY, the town that Jane lives in. She just lives one street over from the Hudson river. It was beautiful there. And we ate lunch at a very nice restaurant and I tried my first taste of calamari.

This is Jane and Mom when we went up to Mohonk Mt. resort. They had a beautiful garden there and this is where the picture was taken.

I came in late to work today as I am staying here till around 6 tonight and then head towards the airport to pick up Jane. I am so looking forward to seeing her! I will take lots of pictures of the fun we are going to have.
Hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday!

Chilly Monday!

It was a chilly week-end and today another cold front is blowing in with another blast of cold air. Its really starting to feel more like Thanksgiving, I can't believe its next week.
I was in a 4 x 4 chunky swap in my yahoo group recently and it was on Family. You had to make the pages about a relative(s). I did a digital page on my Grandfather. He was my mother's father and I never got to meet him. He died when my mother was only 13 years old. If you read the second page which is the back of the chunky pages, it tells all about him.

I also added some embellishments to the pages too but forgot to scan them after they were finished. I enjoy doing digital colleges in Photoshop. Going to incorporate more of them into some of my art trades.
So, I am at work today and tomorrow. Then I will be off the rest of the week when my friend arrives tomorrow night from New York. I can't wait!
I hope every one had a great week-end!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Wow! Its been a whole week since I have posted on my blog. Its really been a busy one too. Last saturday I took my Mom out to her sister's house to spend a couple of nights with them. They don't get together as much as they use too because of their ages and disabilities. Mom will be 80 in February, her oldest sister will be 89 in February, and the middle sister will be 87 in February. All sweethearts born in the same month. This is a picture I took of them.

First is Mom, then the oldest sister, Adelaide, and then Doll, the middle sister. My Aunt Addie is almost completely blind because of macular degeneration. Its so bittersweet to see them in this shape. I know I have posted about them before but they were the most active and strongest women I have ever known. They were always on the go and doing so much together that all of us children knicked named them the "Golden Girls". Below is a picture of them when they were young and their Mom too, my Nanny. My Mom is first, then her Mom, then Aunt Doll and Aunt Addie.
Looks like Mom was getting ready to go out on date as she is really dressed up. They were all very beautiful and still are. Below is picture of them when they went to the Smoky Mountains about 20 years ago.
Mom is first , then Aunt Doll and Aunt Addie and one of their friends that went with them.
They always traveled and had the best of times. So I guess thats why it is bittersweet to see them not able to do as much any more. But they still get together and play cards and just bond together the way sisters do so well.
Today my Mom had to have her pacemaker changed. Her pacemaker was 10 years old and the battery was almost dead on it. I was dreading it and so worried that something would go wrong. But it was such a relief because she did just fine! She only had to stay at the hospital for a half a day.
Next Tuesday, our good friend Jane is flying down to visit us for the week. She lives about a hour north of New York City. Mom and visited to her the summer before last and got to spend a couple of nights and days in NYC and she showed us a great time. This will be the second time she is coming to visit us and we are so excited to see her again. We will do alot of Artsy stuff and we are going to take her to see some great sites in Nashville. I can't wait! But this week-end I will be busy cleaning and preparing for her visit.
I have missed you all this week and have taken a few minutes here and there to visit your blogs and will try to visit them more this week-end too.
Cold weather is coming in her for tonight after having a gloomy and rainy week. They are saying maybe some snow flurries tomorrow night. Winter is here.
I hope every one has a great Week-end!