Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday!

It sure was a nice week-end. I really enjoyed getting to stay home and puttering around my yard. We finally got a little bit of rain early sunday morning. A little is better than none. Above are pictures of my newest flower bed in the front yard. Next year it will look alot better as all the perienals will come up fuller by next year. Some more pictures of it below.
The vines that are running up the trellis are my moonflowers. They will soon start budding out and blooming. They only bloom late in the afternoon and early evening and they smelly heavenly. They are sisters to morning glorys. Below pic shows how thick they are going to be this year.

On friday afternoon I went next door to Mom's house. We sat out on her back patio and enjoyed the evening breeze. We put some pretty impaitents and geranium baskets all around the wood fence that goes around the patio. The geranium below is one that my Dad and step-brother gave her for Mother's Day. It is full of blooms and beautiful.

And below is my Sweet Mom and her fur baby, Sassy! Mom is doing better and keeping her legs elevated and wearing her compression hose on her legs. They are not swelling as bad now, thank goodness!
So this work week is going to be a short one for me! I am working today and tomorrow, taking vacation days on wed. & thurs., and celebrating our Patiotic Holiday on friday! So, I am in a very happy mood for a monday!
I hope everyone had a truly great week-end!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes, its always my favorite day of the week!!!! Rain is in the forecast for us this week-end and I am happy because we need it! They hubby said I could take a break from working on the other house and I am thrilled. He felt like my ankle needs to heal a little more and that I also needed to be around to help out my parents. Poor guy went down there yesterday and plans on working on it till Sunday. Next week I am having a realtor meet with us at the house and tell us what absolutely needs to be finished and what doesn't. Its looking really good now and I just don't want to sink more $ in if we aren't going to get it back in the sale of the house. I hoping it will be listed soon.
I plan on spending some time outside in my gardens this week-end too. I want to take some pictures of my flowers. I went to Lowes yesterday and hit the half-price racks. I Love those racks because the flowers look so pitifully neglected but not yet dead. I snatch them up and take them home and pamper them and plant them. I can almost see a smile from them when they settle in and start growing. Kind of like neglected animals or anything thats neglected, give them some TLC and they bloom and repay you with beauty or happiness.
There was a terrible news story that came out of the county next to ours this week. They busted a lady who was running a puppy mill and had 700 dogs, some in very deplorable conditions, also some who were not living any more. I just hate to see these stories. It makes me sick at my stomach. They are asking for donations to help the volunteers and Humane Society workers who have arrived from all across the country to help these poor dogs and get them placed in much better shelters or loving homes. I am going get some dog food and old blankets for them. It truly breaks my heart because animals, children, and the elderly are all so inocent and I cannot stand to hear stories of harm and neglect being inflicted to the inocent ones.
Ok,,thats my rant for today.
If you like the cute picture at the beginning of my post, I found it at this blog.
I hope every one has a wonderful friday and a excellent week-end!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesdays treasures

After a few days of not posting, I decided I would let everyone know I am still alive. Barely.
I had to work at the old house all week-end. That is getting so old and I am SO READY to get a 4-sale sign on that house.
On monday I took a nasty little spill at work. I caught my foot on the file cabinet drawer and twisted my ankle. It happenned to be the ankle that I broke 8 years ago and had to have plates and pins put in it. So I hobbled down to my car and went to emergency room for a 3 hour wait. I had it x-rayed and everything looked ok. They put a gel splint on it and I kept it elevated with ice on it for 24 hours. I stayed home from work yesterday and by late afternoon was able to put more weight on it but its still pretty sore. I will return to work today.
I was lucky that it was ok.
I was also lucky last week. I won a the ATC lottery in my yahoo group. So that meant I recieved several ATCs from some of the talented ladies in my group. The card above is from a wonderful friend named Susan. Below are some more wonderful cards I recieved.
Ayana's card
The card above is from my Sweet Mommy! Its the cutest little pocket card. The butterfly goes in the little pocket. My Mom is having a very rough time again. Her legs have been swelling for several months now. This is caused by numerous health problems. The botched back surgery which started the whole decline in her health. The surgery has caused blood clots and fluids to form. Also a arrythemia in her heart has a play in it too. She went back to the doctor yesterday and he told her she has infection in her legs now. He put her on antibiotics and told her she has to lay flat on her back with her legs elevated above her heart. Laying in that position causes more pressure on her back and she has such horrible pain. She is on an extreme dosage of lasix for fluid and high doses of blood thinner. They say she still has clots in her legs which are causing the swelling. Needless to say, she is so depressed right now. And I am so worried. She had been doing so much better and was back to doing her art again. But now this set back. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers.
Below is a chunky book page that I did for a swap that she was trying to host. It is called "Remarkable Women". I, of course, chose Lady Bird Johnson. I am taking over the swap and will be helping her put the book together and sending it back to the artists that participated.
We have 9 artists in this swap so I had to made 9 of these pages. On the back of the card I give a little autobiography of Lady Bird.
Well I sure hope all of my wonderful blogger buds are doing ok and that your all having a wonderful summer so far. Thanks for letting me share and please remember my Mom in your prayers.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Year ago today!

I was in the most amazing city. A city that I always wanted to see and feel and breathe. A city that never slept. It was so totally amazing and a vacation that I will never forget. I am so glad that Mom and I went last year because now that she has had the back surgery I don't think we could have done it this year or ever. Its a week in my life that I will never forget. And I want to go back again one day. Here are some links to my posts that I did last year when I returned from the Big Apple and New York State and the Beautiful Mohonk Mountain which is 2 hours north of NYC. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful Summertime!

Today is such a beautiful summer day. A front came through last night and the humidity has gone and its just a wonderful day as far as temps can be in the summertime. I Love these little unexpected cool spells after a long hot spell.
I was just browsing through the NYPL digital site again this morning. I could browse and look at the pictures on it all day. I don't have alot of post about so I just picked a few pictures to post.The picture above is Georgia O'keeffe, one of my favorite artists. And the Lady below is the wonderful Lady Bird Johnson, one of the most inspirational women in history. She was so into making our country look pretty and clean. She started the Beautification of American Highways.
I wasn't too crazy about her husband but she had class in my book.

I hope every one is having a wonderful summery week!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Have a great week-end!!!

The image above is from the New York Public Library's Digital Collection.

I feel better today, thanks for the kind comments. I guess I just had a "whinny day" yesterday. But friday is here and life is better. Hope everyone has a great week-end!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another digital collage.

This is another digital collage that I did the other morning when I was up at 3 a.m. I Love the look in the girl's eyes. She looks like how I feel today which is melancholy.
I am just kind of down today. So much has been going on in my life lately. A little good and some not so good. But thats the way life is I guess. Mostly I miss having friends who I can see more regularly and talk to more often. When I was younger I had alot of friends but then marriage and babies and all that good stuff,well then friends lose touch.
For the past several years I lived next door to one of my bestfriends, then she moved away and then I moved away, but we still see each other at least once a month and she is going to come spend the night with me next monday night so that will be fun.

I have met alot of new friends while blogging. I do enjoy that. I have also met some friends by doing my arts and in being in groups.
I know this is just a temporary stage that I am in right now. So for now I will just take it a day at a time. I have learned through the tough time I have had this past year is the friend that has been there the most for me is my Higher Power whom I talk to all the time. I know I would have not made it if he hadn't been by myside through Mom's operations and other issues I have had to deal with lately. He brings me peace when I talk to him . Happiness and peace is what I strive for most in my life.
I hope every one has a wonderful Thursday,,tomorrow is TGIF time for me, that will make me feel better too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photoshop fun

I have been having some problems sleeping this week so I got up at 3 this morning and played on Photoshop. I made this collage. I love using all the brushes that I downloaded and then I turned it into a watercolor. So I guess I can say I am creating art even if it does have to be at
3 a.m. in the morning. Why is it when you wake up and can't go back to sleep, you lay awake and worry and fret about every thing and every body? I just have to get up and do something else. I know its all the stress and pressure I am under right now that causes my body to rebel.
Usually when it rebels I want to eat every thing in sight, but wow, this time I am having to force myself to eat, not complaining about that side effect, ha! But I am eating healthier, as I just love the fresh fruit and veggies that comes with the wonderful summer season. Just being cautious about buying tomatoes until our homegrown ones are ready to purchase.
We recieved no rain yesterday and not calling for any until saturday, sure hope we get some then as its been almost 2 weeks without it. But I am feeling very bad for my friends up north who are having storms and horrible floods, not good.
Hope every one has a wonderful wednesday.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday's Marvelous Mail!--Hope you can see my posts now.

*Note* I have been having Blogger problems and my posts have not been showing up. I changed my templete and hope this has solved the issue.

Hello to all and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end! My week-end was spent at the old house, painting and painting and painting. It was a very hot one here this week-end too. I am posting some wonderful mail art that I received last week. The picture above is a awesome postcard that my Dear Friend Rosie sent me from Paris. I LOVE IT!
It is a picture of the "The Pont des Arts" (Bridge of the Arts) in the beautiful city of Paris!
Thanks so much, Girlfriend. Please go read all about her wonderful trip on her blog.
The picture above is a beautiful ATC that I received from another Dear Friend, Jeanie. It was my May Card of the Month swap. I was her partner for May so I received this beauty in the mail from her. Thanks Jeanie, I Love it !!!!
The cards below are some ATCs that I received in the "Far East swap" in my yahoo group.
Jane's card
Colleen's card
Val's card.

I just wanted to share all the goodies that I received last week. It is so nice to come home to such wonderful surprises in your mailbox,,so much better than just finding bills and junk mail in the box.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and my thoughts are with you all!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Flowers from my other house!

This week-end I had to spend most of it at the old house with the Hubby trying to get it ready to put on the market in the next few weeks. Sunday night we had thunderstorms and nice rain showers all night. It was so fresh and sweet smelling the next morning, so I went out and photographed some of my flowers with the fat raindrops on them.
Below is some of my day Lilys.

A close up shot of a ornamental onion.
A old shovel in a bed of speariment and lemon balm.
Then a walk down the path by my shrub roses that are blooming like crazy right now.

Of course a muddy little Brat Terrier had to get in the photo,,she is such a ham!
Next we go out to where the pond was at and we have my beautiful clematis that is awesome this year.(of course it is since I don't live there now)

I Love the seed pods that are left on the vine after the clematis blooms.
This is one of my pretty pink roses.
And it has a little visitor that took shelter during the rains the night before.
Next I spied this guy hiding out in the ivy and ferns. He is a Box Turtle. And how do I know its a "he" ? Well just keep on reading.
Can you see him down in the lush greenery?
Ok, now we get a little x-rated. After spotting Mister Turtle I stopped taking photos and went inside to paint on the dining room. After a while I came back outside to take a short break. I went back out to the pond and sat on the bench and then I looked over at the flowers and saw Mister Turtle and he was uh,,,well,,,you can see what he was doing below.
I was totally shocked and had to run in and get Daniel to see this uh, romantic rendezvous. Daniel was awestruck too. We both had to stand there and gawk,,and the happy couple didn't seem to mind. Is that not a look of determination in his little beady red eye? And where is the Mrs. Turtle? Ummmm,,I don't think she was in to it as much as he was. Doesn't that just figure? Ha!

I just was so amazed by this "sunday in the pond" affair that was going on that I just had to take numerous pictures of it. Daniel and I had never had the fortune to see mating turtles. Mister Turtle was pretty aggressive. I had to come home and read about how box turtles mate because it was a very National Geographical moment in my life.
I hope every one had a great week-end and are enjoying the sweet summer time. I know Mister Turtle was !!! Ha Ha!