Friday, June 23, 2006

Finally Friday

Its Friday again,,the weeks are going to fast! August 10 will be here before I know it and then I will be back at work in my lovely concrete office with no windows,,yuck! Oh well, at least I get my summers off so I really should stop complaining,,lol.
Its hot outside right now,,but some thunderstorms are heading in and suppose to cool us down for the week-end. I hope so, as tonight we leave to go to Kalyn's friends cabin for the wedding tomorrow. Kalyn spent the night with me on Wednesday night,,we had fun just sitting by the pond and talking. She went with me to get my haircut yesterday and then we did lunch.
I am taking her to get her hair fixed before we leave town this week-end. She is going to have it put up in a very pretty up-do. I have my camera and tripod ready,,and some of the ideas wrote down on how I want to take pictures of the wedding.

It is going to be outside so I am sure it will be very pretty. Hillary, her friend, and her groom have been together 2 years,,they have a little boy who will be 1 year old next month. He was a accident but a very precious one. Chris has been a very supportive father to be so young,,and both of their parents have been supportive. I think that is the key to their survival and to helping them make this such a wonderful day for them tomorrow.
I am getting fustrated with my lack of skills in getting my blog the way I want it. Kalyn has a blog and I wanted her to show me how to post links and to help me make mine pretty, but we didn't get a chance. I am hoping one day next week she will be able to help me. I have tried a zillion times to post links in my sidebar, but I just can't seem to do it right. But I will keep on until I do it right,,I am not a quitter!
Just going to post a few pics today of my pond and where I love to sit and reflect and meditate.


AnnieElf said...

Beth, check your email. I've sent you something now that may help with posting sidebars.


Daisy Lupin said...

Wow I am so glad someone else has trouble with things like sidebars. I managed to get my ya ya button on the side, but I got instructions from the blogger,even then it took me all of a morning to do it. I don't even know how to put other peoples blogs on the sidebar. I haven't even managed to edit in a little picture that everyone else seems to have beside their comments. When I first started blogging I could not believe it when I manage to upload a photograph! I'll get their eventually though. Love Daisy Lupinx

vicci said...

Beth...Have a good weekend....Your little pond looks so inviting...wish I could wiggle my nose and be there for a visit!