Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wet Wednesday!!

Ahhhh,,,at last,,,RAIN!!! It was so nice to wake up early this morning and hear the rumble of thunder and the pitter patter of rain drops on my windows. And its a pleasant 72 degrees. I went outside to take the Brat dog out and all of my flowers were smiling and the grass was greener. This is the first good rain we have had in 3 weeks.
I told DH today that it seems to rain almost every year the day after the Fourth. I think its because of all the stuff that was shot up into the atmosphere on the Fourth. And then yesterday we had the Space shuttle that went up,,and also some missiles from Korea,,thanks to the crazed idiot that runs that country.

I don't think anyone was really aware of how tense of a time it was for our Homeland Security Department and our Military. They later said on the news that we were gearing up for a possible nuclear strike. They sure kept it low keyed,,,maybe they didn't want to ruin our Fourth of July? I guess I probably would rather it be that way. Who would want to have a barbeque if you new your were getting ready to be barbqued,,,lol. I am not making fun,,as it truly does scare me,,, espiecally when you know that the idiot who runs Korea is a alcoholic who puffs his hair up and wears lifts in his shoes to make him taller and lusts after tall Swedish blonde women. I saw this on a PBS tv special,,and thought" so if he gets drunk and pissed because he can't find a blond for the night,,he just pushes the button?" Whew,,,,,just another thing to try not think about,,lol.
Well I have a nice quiet house again today. Daniel was home for 4 days,,,I love him being home,,but boy is he noisy,,lol. He's been staining and varnishing all the door frames and hanging them back up. Just when I go in the craft room and start getting into a project,,in he comes. And he has to have music when he works,,and it has to be loud so he can hear it over the hammering,,lol. Well,,,there goes my muse,,,she likes quietness or some soft Enya playing when she is creating. But I do appreciate how pretty he makes our house look so I just stiffle it,,lol.
Well its starting to thunder and lighten again,,guess I better get off of here for now. Its raining really hard too,,,Love it!


Beth said...

Hi Beth.....It's Beth. I saw you on my comments and had to drop you a line. We love Nashville...are you close to there ????
Anyhoo....just wanted to make sure you knew I was reading !!!

Rosa said...

Oh, I love a good storm too! I loved the rain yesterday--although it was a tad sticky last night. But listening to the thunder just sends happy chills through my body! Love it. I love that you have a brat dog too. Mine is becoming too whiny for me. Love cats, but not too keen on dogs. Oh well. They're part of the family too....sigh. Like you insight on the Korean situation. Scary things. xo