Friday, July 21, 2006

Cooling down

Finally friday and its not going to be so hot today. Which means that I must venture out and do some shopping. Mainly just going to the grocery store. Kalyn may call me and want to go eat lunch if she isn't working. Mom and I are suppose to go to our Stamping group tomorrow, but the weather is suppose to be pretty nasty, storms and heavy rain. I hate driving in storms and rain and with have about 50 miles to drive to the meeting, so not sure if I want to go or not.
As I get older, driving has become nerve racking to me. I get very anxious if its raining or if its dark,,I just can't see that good so I don't care to drive in either condition. And this is coming from a person who use to drive big Limousines part time for a couple of years,,lol. Another lovely quality of getting old.
For the past month and a half I have been working really hard to lose weight. I don't eat bread, potatoes, or pasta. I only eat chicken, fish, and lean beef, I also walk/run on my treadmill 2 to 3 miles as often as I can and do strenght training with weights 3 days a week. Well finally its paying off,,since the first of summer I have lost 20 lbs. Alot of the first 5 or 8 lbs was water I am sure,,but the rest was just eating sensibly and excercising. Now I am use to the way I eat and not hungry any more,,still a little bitchy sometimes though,,lol. I do feel much better physically though.
I have been doing alot of artsy stuff this week since I got back from Georgia,,too hot to be outside or do any thing else..Yesterday I cleaned up my Art room,,,yes I did,,I am going to be doing some remodeling in there next week,,putting in more shelves and getting rid of some crappy drawers that dont' work very well and don't hold as much as I need them to hold,,lol.
I find the plastic drawer thingys work better for me,,they hold alot more. But I have done a good bit of art work and am posting some pics of the Post cards I did and also a ATC that I have done for a swap.
Now one last thing,,,I just want to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VICCI!!!!! I hope you have a great one and I hope you get my packages today! Well of course I couldn't load pictures again today,,I will try later!


Daisy Lupin said...

Well done Beth on losing weight. I'm glad it is cooler weather but the idea of storms is not so good. It can be fun reorganising a work room or space can't it. Have a great weekend. Love xx

Janet said...

I'm glad its cooler for you today. We are still roasting out here.

I know just what you mean about driving. I used to drive to relax! Not anymore! And I don't like to drive in rain or at night either.

I'm looking forward to seeing your artwork. It is getting almost impossible to put photos on blogger. I have the same problem.

Janet said...

I forgot to mention....that's great about the weight loss, getting more exercise and eating better. I'm doing the same thing. I just got my pedometer and am trying to reach 10,000 steps per day! Haven't made it yet but I'm getting closer.

My main thing is staying away from anything that contains high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. Plus I'm mostly a vegetarian.