Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cool weather in July

Not sure why we are getting a little cool spell,,but I am not complaining. Its so nice outside today! After getting some much needed rain yesterday, woke up this morning to sunshine, and no humidity. The highs today are only going to be 83 and low of 59 at night. Same tomorrow too! We usually don't get these little cool snaps this time of year,,,what a unusual summer. Yesterday I stayed in my art room and played with some different techniques. I am making some postcards,,just because. I am sending them to some friends as RAKs,,,so I won't post pics of them,,lol.
I need to weed my garden as the soil is perfect for it right now. Last week the ground was so hard and dry there was no way I could pull or hoe any weeds. I also have a disc that likes to flare up every now and then,,and its been twinging off and on the past few days,,so I don't know if I will be able to do much weeding.
Several of my friends have been having some health issue with their precious cats,,and one dear friend lost her sweet Kitty recently. So I am going to post a picture of my own little sweetie. She is about 4 or 5 years old. She was a stray that we adopted. Our area is outside of Nashville and people love to come dump their animals out here,,,,isn't that nice? Any ways, she has been a truly great cat. She had 3 little kittens and we found great homes for them, and then had her spayed. She stays outside mostly,,but she comes in to eat and nap, and if its a boring night,,she will stay in and sleep with her Mama and her bratty sister(our rat terrier),,and Daddy.
Now Daddy isn't much of a cat fan,,but he does admit that she is one of the cooler cats he has ever lived with,,lol. It was so funny because she doesn't hang with him an knows that he isn't exactly crazy about her,,but the night she had her kittens we were sitting outside and she jumped up in his lap and snuggled up to him. Well,,,he was pretty speachless,,so was I! I told him then,,,"She must be delerious with labor pains",,lol. And sure enough, we got up the next morning with 3 kittens under our daughters bed. So heres Carl,,,(named by our 2 crazy daughers).


vicci said...

Beth....What a pretty cat! She look just like Mama kitty that lives behind our garage...mama to Maggie shaquille is is cooler here today also...strange weather is right!

Rosa said...

Dearest Beth: Isn't it fabulous outside today! I have the window flown open and am enjoying the nice breeze. I tell you, after yesterday's rain (which we needed, but ew...the humidity was horrid!), it's nice to have some fresh air!
Your kitty is so sweet. I am a cat person...three here. Miss Bev has been under the weather but is much better now. This summer stuff gets to them sometimes (a mosquito bite to Miss Bev did her in!). We do love them like our own, don't we.
Enjoy your day! xo

Daisy Lupin said...

What a cute cat. I love to hear about dumped cats who are given a lovely home to live in. How lovely for them to be cherished and adored after they must have thought they had no hope of a home. How happy they must be to know that they have food and a place to sleep for as long as they live. love xx

Dena said...

cute cat! Our two dogs were abandoned and we took them in. I think they all make the best pets.