Monday, July 10, 2006

Mondays Muse

Well my little Art Muse has really been alive lately. I spent saturday with Mom and we made some really nice cards and played with some dry embossing. Also made some more postcards. She is so cute,,she gets so excited about the different techniques that we try. I get so tickled at her! I sure hope I am as active and my art muse is as active as hers is at 77.
Yesterday was a cloudy day,,kept hoping it would rain,,but it didn't, so I was out watering the flowers in the late afternoon. Today is the same,,but looks like we might get some rain,,pop up showers. Suppose to be that way all week.
Yesterday I made ATCs for some swaps that I am in. I have really gotten into my rubber stamps and have enjoyed doing ATCs and Postcards with them. Trying to learn new techniques with them too. I also made some more Postcard backgrounds. I have been using the penscore foam pads. You heat them up with your heat gun, then mash them onto textured back ground sheets. Then rub your ink pad on them and stamp them onto watercolor paper or cardstock. When you want another texture you just heat it back up, the old background disappears, then you just mash it onto another texture while it is still warm. So much fun! I use all kinds of different inks too,,mainly dye ink though,,as pigment ink takes too long to dry. I am posting the new ATCs I made yesterday. The butterfly is one that has the background technique on it. Then I stamped the butterfly on top of it and colored it. I love the cat ATC,,it is for a pet swap. I bought this stamp at Michaels last summer for $5. Its a big stamp,,but I used a portion of it for the ATC,,it also makes a awesome postcard too.
I am going to make a few more postcards today,,and then I am going to start de-cluttering the studio,,lol. Going to get somethings that I never use and put them in a box. This fall Mom and I are having a yard sale,,so I can put them in it. Of course as soon as I put them in a box,,,I will need something out of it,,lol. Never fails. Well today Blogger is chosing to not let me post my pictures,,maybe tomorrow.

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Janet said...

Your mom sounds like a lot of fun. I hope I can continue to craft (and have good ideas) at her age. The cards you posted are all so interesting. I love them all! And I love how you posted earlier all the song lyrics to Hotel California!! And that photo (is it a card you made?) is fantastic!!
(Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sooo glad I found yours. I'll be back...)