Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today is a perfect day to finish up some of my art projects. Its a cloudy, raining looking day. We are suppose to have rain showers the rest of the week. And I am glad as my flowers really need more rain.
I feel so guilty because my good friends out west are suffering from this terrible heat wave,,and also my friend Daisy in England has high temps too.
I was thinking about how wonderful the internet is for making new and very good friends. And I have to tell this,,My Mom who is 77 has been online for about 7 years,,and she has met alot of wonderful friends. One of her friends flew down from Wisconsin a few summers ago and spent several days with her,,and then Mom flew up there the next spring and stayed with her. They still remain very close. The met playing card games on Yahoo.
Another friend of my Mom has sent her several great e-mails and pictures through the years. Mom has used alot of these pics with her art work. Well yesterday a friend called to tell her that this sweet lady had passed away. Mom had never met Doris,,but they had e-mailed and knew each other that way. Mom was so upset and cried yesterday because she will miss her so much. It just makes me think that even if you never meet your internet friends face to face,,they are still in your heart and mind,,and you treasure their friendship just like you treasure your friends that you see every day. I got to talk to my dear friend Vicci on the phone Monday,,and it was so cool. We just seem to have so much in common and it felt like I had known her a very long time. It made my week to have talked to her. Thanks again, Vicci!
I am going to post some oldie pictures today. Several of my blogger friends do this and I love to look at them,,so hope you enjoy these.

This is a pic of my Mom and Dad when they were dating. Dad was home on leave,,its a double exposure and it looks like they are floating ghosts,,lol.

This was my Mom' grade school picture,,not sure what grade,,but the kids look like they are about 6 or 7 years old. Mom is the second one to the left of the teacher. Most of the kids look a little unsure about this picture taking stuff.

This was my Mom and Dads wedding picture. Check out the hats on my Grandmothers. My Mom's dad died when she was 13 so thats my Nanny was all alone,,(sad).
I will post some more later. I just love vintage pics!!!


Naturegirl said...

I find that certain events in our lives cause us to feel nostalgic.I agree that some of our blogger friends are people we have somehow found a connection with..a kindred spirit.. just by reading the words they print and photos they post.
I am finding that going into my blogsite gives me peace and time away from my worries.When I look at the photos I have taken I am inspired to write the prose and then
reading wonderful comments am motivated! Thank you for your kind comments and about the seed exchange well I have "never" collected seeds from my plants whould NOT know how!Anything can be arranged. Hugs

Janet said...

I was just preparing a post about this very subject! I've "met" so many wonderful people online.

I love seeing old photographs even if I don't know the people! I like to look at the clothes, the houses, just the overall look of a different time.

vicci said...

Oh bethie...I'm with you...vintage anything! The photos are great! My Dad was in the Navy also...and you are so welcome about the call! I loved it! Back to working on those cards! Hugs!

Daisy Lupin said...

Oh Beth, those hats on the wedding photos are amazing, I have been studying them in close up. Post some more photos sometime. Have a good weekend. Love xx