Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stormy Saturday

I woke up this morning to the wonderful sounds of a gentle rumble of thunder and some nice rain falling. We have been needing rain so much this summer. Its been raining all morning and my beautiful flowers have been laughing and singing with happiness,,lol.
I didn't post yesterday because I spent the day with 3 wonderful women in my life. My Aunt Adelaide is my mother's oldest sister,,she is 87 and still going strong! She had 4 children but 2 have passed away from cancer,,she has 13 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren,,and they keep her young. She had been spending the week with Mom,,then my niece, Emily, came up from Alabama yesterday to spend the night with Mom. Emily is my mom's first grandchild. She is 30 but you would never know it. She looks like a teen-ager. She is a very talented artist. She paints wonderful pictures with oils and water colors,,I will try to post some of her art soon.
We all went to lunch and then we took my sweet Aunt home. My Uncle passed away several years ago,,and she lives in a very pretty Apartment. She can't drive any more as her eyesight is not very good. Her Children and Grandchildren take her every where,,and they take great care of her. She gave me some old jewelry she had been saving for me to use in my creative art projects,,and said she would give me more when she finishes going through it.
After we dropped my Aunt off, Mom, Emily and I went to Hobby Lobby and Booksamillion. It was so a great day and I so enjoyed being with these precious women,, Here are a few pictures that we took.

This is Emily, Mom, and Aunt Adelaide(I call her Aunt Addie)

Me, Mom, and Aunt Addie

I have been working on a few projects that I found in the new Somerset Gallery magazine. One of them is this banner. I made it to hang in my ART room. And yes Mom,,I will make you one too,,lol.

This is where it hangs in my art room.

Here is a funny story about my ART banner. Last night Daniel put some more shelves up for me in my Art room. He looked up at the banner and said,,"What is ATR?",,lol, I had put it together like that,,I even took pictures of it yesterday and didn't even catch it,,so I had to take it down and change the letters,,duh!
But I do like it and it was fun to make.
Well I hope all my friends out west are cooling down some. Its suppose to heat up here again by the middle of next week,,so I will probably be inside doing more projects.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!!!


Golden Granny said...

My Dear Daughter Beth is a wonderful daughter. We enjoyed spending the day with her and my sister and granddaughter. Beth you are a great artist as well as a wonderful daughter. I thank God every night for sending me a daughter like you. Yes, you better make me some banners for my art room LOL. I love you so much.

Janet said...

It sounds as if you had a great day with your family. And I love the comments your mom made here!!

I do very good artwork. Your room looks fun and cheerful and bright. Just like I imagine you to be.

Daisy Lupin said...

That sounds like a fun day, I like the sound of Hobby Lobby and Booksamillion. Your Aunt is an amazing lady for 87 years. How lucky you are to have an Aunt of such distinguished years. Looking forward to seeing Emily's artwork. Yes we had a rain shower for one hour today, I danced round the garden in it. lol! Love xx

Rosa said...

How wonderful to spend time with family. You all look so happy! I love your ATR story. Sounds like something I would do and then the hub would ask innocently. haha. Funny!

vicci said...

Okay...I love the banner!!! Now I have to have one in the artroom! Love the colors Bethie...What a lovely comment from Lottie...mothers and daughters are the BEST!!!!!

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the family pics as well as the art! You are an artistic bunch!
Banners are fantastic.