Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday's babbles

Well I just looked at the calendar and realized that in less than a month I will be back at work,,yuk! Again,,,SUMMER GOES TOO FAST!!! lol.
So today I am going to head out of the house,,been in here all week being artsy. Dread going out because of the heat,,and the humidity is awful too. But I need to go to Michaels and use my coupon,,lol,,,I mean, dang, I can't let 40% go down the drain can I? A friend in another group got some cool frames that you can hang baseball cards up in,,but you know what I am going to use them for,,yep,,,ATCs,,thats what the friend did too! They are on sale,,so can't use coupon for those,,but I really want some new watercolor pencils,,so thats probably what I will use the coupon for. I also want to get some new shorts,,I really want to go to Old Navy because I love their shorts,,but our close mall is so pitiful,,no one hardly goes to it so most of all the good stores have closed in it,,so sad,,now to go to Old Navy I have to drive at least 30 miles,,and its not fun driving in Nashville,,espiecally if its raining and definetly not if it snows. Even on sunny days it can be harzidous to your health. So,,,looks like I will have to go to Macys,,which use to be Hechts, which use to Profitts which use to be Castner Knotts,,like how many times can they change the name,,right?
Whew,,had to rescue the Brat Terrier,,,the mean old yard mowers are here,,actually they are super nice,,but to a little brat dog,,they look very scary. Now Brat dog,,,well,,she is a whole other story,,but I will say this,,she needs a doggy pyschiatrist,,honestly,,,she is very OCD. lol,,but she is my little snuggly wuggly and the best dog and friend that I have ever had,,but also very expensive. I broke a ankle 6 years ago because of her,,had a plate and 3 pins surgically implanted into the ankle,,and months of therapy,,but still she is worth it.
Now,,I have to post a pic of the sweetest thing that I got in the mail yesterday. It is a "random act of Kindness" from my bestfriend,,,my Mommy! She made me this card and sent it to me. She is so sweet,,(she's really just buttering me up because I am taking her to see her oldest son this week-end,,lol,,,just kidding Mom!) Mom is the bestest of the best!!!
Yep,,going to good old Georgia on sunday,,to see dear ole brother. We aren't that close, 10 years apart and just different views on life. But Mom wants to see him and I understand that. Besides, he has a nice horse farm and a excellent swimming pool,,so it does have its bonus points,,lol. I love to ride horses,,as long as they are not bucking broncos,,just give me a old nag,,
I guess this will pretty much be my vacation for the summer,,as we used our $ to put our new flooring down. I am hoping that by September, Daniel and I can take a trip to the gulf,,granted if there are no hurricanes wandering around. Its so nice down there then,,and cheaper too. Some very beautiful condos right on the beach,,,Mom and I went about 3 summers ago and just had a blast. Sat on our balcony on the 7th floor looking straight out at the gulf,, the warm salty breeze blowing in ,,sipping some wine and eating some boiled peanuts,,life just can't get much better than that.,,lol.
Well I better get off of here and get ready to meet the heat,,and venture into town. Hi to all my friends in Bloggersville,, And of course blog won't let me upload pics again today,,arghhhh!


Janet said...

I'm having the same photo problems today. I agree summer goes by too fast...we have the heat but not much humidity so I'm thankful for that!

Sounds as if you and your mom have a lot of fun together. That's great.

vicci said...

Bethie.....Are you braving the heat???? It is alittle cooler here today...then tomorrow the temps. are supposed to go back up...YUK! I'm heading out today too...I feel like I've been cooped up way too long...just going to the library. I miss my Mom so much...send yours my way okay! Tell what you get at the craft store!