Thursday, July 20, 2006

Moonflowers and Hibiscus and Heat!!!

Another hot one today! The temperature was 100 yesterday with heat index of over 110. Our electric department broke a record yesterday of the most energy ever used. But after today's heat we are to have storms and rain tomorrow and saturday with a cold front coming in. I hope we don't have tornadoes.
My moonflowers are blooming now. They look so lovely on the new metal lattices that I bought for them this year. They only bloom in the evening,,and die the next morning. But they smell heavenly and the big white blooms glow in the moonlight,,hence the name. They are kin to the morning glorys, except you have to collect their seeds from the pods and replant the next spring, where Morning glorys reseed and are very invasive.

My beautiful dinner plate hibiscus is now blooming too! It is covered in buds so it should be awesome this summer. It has a funny little story to it. I got the seeds 4 years ago in a seed trade on the internet. I planted them in a pot to get them started. They never came up so I thought they didn't germinate and threw the soil out into my flower beds. Well last year this one popped up and when it bloomed I was just amazed at how big the flowers were. I have never seen a hibiscus bloom this hugh. Then this year another one popped up in my pond area. I don't know if it will be the same color or not as I do remember getting 2 different colored seeds from the same person. I moved the one from the pond to the front of the house to get more sun and now its got buds on it. It want get as big as my white one this year but next year I suspect it will be as big.
Well I hope every one can stay cool today,,,I know I am going to try! Ok,,so blog is being mean today too,,won't let me post pics of the flowers,,I will try later!

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