Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy July 4th! We celebrated ours last night. Both of the kids came out and we grilled out some hamburgers and hot dogs. We also did alot of fireworks. We had to watch them carefully and make sure they all were out good as it is so dry here. We are suppose to have some much needed rain move in tonight and all day tomorrow.
We decided to do our celebration last night as Kyle and Kalyn both have to work tonight, and Daniel has to work early tomorrow morning. It was so nice having both of the kids here. I am so proud of both them,,they are starting to mature and become very nice young adults.

I will probably do something crafting today,,watch a movie,,and Daniel and I have a couple nice fireworks left for us to do together tonight.
I got some sad news on Sunday. A good Art friend of mine had a stroke. We are members of a group called Tennessee Stampers(yahoo). We all get together for retreats and DRIs and classes and just have a blast. Well, she woke up saturday morning and felt kind of funny,,then started having problems talking and walking. Her husband took her to the emergency room and they found she had a stroke. She is now paralyzed on her left side. Can't talk very well and is having terrible muscle spasms. We all having been praying so hard for her. I sent a card that I made to her yesterday. I hope she will get it tomorrow. They say she is really depressed. She is such a great Artist,,her ATCs are so pretty and her greeting cards too. She is also a member of one our ATC groups. We do ATCs cards of the month and I had her name for July,,so I put her ATC in the card so she could enjoy it while she is recooperating. We hope she will get some use back in her left side,,she will be going to rehab after the hospital for intense physical therapy. She is only in her late 50s,,so sad.
Hugs to Judy!!!!

Just going to post some cute vintage July 4th pictures. Any one is welcome to save them. They are off a cd that I bought this past year so they are copy right free.
To all my great Blogger friends,,,HAVE WONDERFUL AND SAFE FOURTH OF JULY!!!


Daisy Lupin said...

So sorry about your friend. I hope you enjoy your 4th July, sometimes a nice quiet day, indulging in your favourite things can be just as nice as a party day. Love xx

vicci said...

Beth...I sent Judy a card this morning...on the way to the vet with my cat...looks like another one of those days! Enjoy the rain! and cooler temps.

Rosa said...

Love your vintage cards!!!