Thursday, July 13, 2006

Brat dog poem.

Ok,,I have decided that since its Poetry thursday,,I would try to write a poem. Its suppose to be a funny poem. Hmmm,,,so think and think. Then when the brat starts buggin me to go out and chase Dots,,,then I know,,its gotta be!
My neurotic, OCD , Brat Terrierist,,she is the subject of this poem. I have to explain what I am talking about.
Out in the pond I have a wire that is strung up all away around the pond. Its for windchimes and danglies. And I have alot of them. Well,,this past winter,,the hubby brought home a lazer light from work. He was shining it on the floor(not at airplanes in the sky,thank goodness), and the brat started chasing it. Well she got very obsessed with it. She would drive us crazy staring and whining at where we placed it on a shelf. She is so like that. Before the light it was the ball.
So finally we got the ball out and insisted she take it back up, because the lazer thing was becoming a problem.
Well this summer,,I had several old cds that I had glued together and put some jewels on them, and hung them up in the pond area. And when the sun hits them,,guess what? Yep,,to a little neuro dog the reflections seem like lazer lights,,lol. She will stay outside all day chasing the reflections around and around. If its a cloudy day,,she sits inside and pouts,,she knows that "Dots" only come out on sunny days,,lol. She will worry the snot out of us to get out there and chase those Dots! Ok,,the problem is this,,,the area that she is chasing them is in the yard of the house next door. The house has been empty for over two years,,(long story),,but we know one day someone will move in. Do we go over and say,,"Uh,,our dog has squatter rights to this part of your yard,,she has dots to chase",,,not,,lol. So Hubby says we will string up dot makers somewhere else when that happens. In the mean time,,,she will be playing in her Dot playground.
Here's my silly poem,,now bear with me,,its the first poem that I have wrote in a long time.

Dots, Dots, Dots
thats all you see
and you chase with glee.

You bark at them
sometimes you growl
your on the prowl,

Can you catch them
or chase them away
I think they will stay,
and Play, Play, Play.

We do love this little Brat,,her real name is Lady. I got her from a puppy mill 7 years ago,,for $50. She has costs me more than that(previous post) with broken ankle,,but she is my little comforter. If Mommy is sad and crys,,she will lick my tears away. She sleeps snuggled up to me every night,,and knows all of my secrets. She also loves her Daddy alot too!


Janet said...

I can just see Brat chasing those dots! How cute! And a fun poem.

Our cat loves laser lights and flashlights and will try to chase them up the walls.

Cat said...

I believe every word of it and am laughing! My Jack Russel is pretty nutty too! He is obsessed with playing with a ball. If we won't throw one, he's batting it out of his front paws by himself.

Before my sweet JR came to live with us, I'd seen a Rat Terrier riding on the gas tank of a motorcycle and loving it. I thought that was so cool. Blue (JR) ended up loving the motorcycle rides as well, but always rode in a soft sided pet carrier on the back seat of my husbands bike.

Cheers to wonderful excitable active little dogs! I love the dot story - that is great!!!

Gotta go check out more of your blog now! Smiles, Cat

vicci said...

Lady is so adorable!!!!