Saturday, July 08, 2006

Flowers and Art!

Its another lovely cool morning again. So nice outside. The temps are suppose to creep back up today but the humidity is still going to be low so it will be tolerable. Daniel has a bad summer cold. He is pretty miserable today with a sore throat, and a bad cough. He is trying to feel better, he never gets sick but when he does it hits him hard. I am trying hard not to get it. Taking extra vitamin C, and not kissing him,lol. I hate summer colds,,they are so hard to get rid of.
Yesterday I picked some of my Gladiolas and Sunflowers for a bouquet. It is sitting on my Art bookcase. This is where I put some of my newest ATCs and the lovely altered shoe that I recieved in a swap. The ATCs are in a little metal photo holder that I got at a thrift store, also some in a rolodex holder.
The yellow sunflower is so big and pretty,,it almost doesn't look real! My White Hibiscus bush is full of blooms and will bloom very soon. When they do bloom I will take some pictures of them and tell you the funny story behind them. Also the moonflowers will bloom soon too!

I am going to go to my Moms today to do some Art. I told her about a new technique I learned and she has been going to town on it. She is more dedicated than I am. She will work in her art studio all day and night,,,I burn out quicker,,lol.
Hope every one has a wonderful week-end!

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Laura said...

Hi Beth!! Those flowers are gorgeous!!!!! Also, I want to come over right now and look closely at your ATCs!!!!!!! The rub-ons I used are from Chatterbox and Daisy D's and they went on VERY easily! I was shocked!!!!!! Let me know if you want me to try to send you some!!! Don't know if they will melt in the mail, but I think they would can e-mail me at

love, laura AKA Maude and Mozart