Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday's delight.

It is a delightfully wonderful Sunday. The temps. are so awesome. We are below normal in the temperature. Last night we sat outside and grilled steaks,,I actually got a little chilly,,this was the first time we were able to sit outside in well over a week. I am hoping this cooler weather will head west to my dear friends in California,,I know you need it. Heat can really cause alot of stress and it makes you down right irritable,,at least it does me,,lol.
I wanted to say thanks for all of the kind comments on my art work that I posted yesterday. Alot of you asked about the first picture of the tree,, well it is a page that I did for my "quilt art page swap". I have never done a quilt art page before so its not the best,,but I have to do one a month for the next 8 months. The rest of pictures were postcards that I am enjoying doing and then the one with the Lady's face is a ATC for a swap that I am doing. So I was in a creative mode last week while the heat was blazing outside and I was trying to chill inside.
Yesterday, Mom and I went out to our favorite stores in Dickson. One of them being the Scrapbook nook. They have the best prices on paper,,so we bought some really pretty paper. The store is in a building in downtown Dickson,,it also has some antiques in it too. And at the end of the building is the neatest little boutique called "The blue Hydrangea",,with some of the cutest jewelry and handmade purses, and just really neat foo foo stuff,,lol. Mom and I both bought a bracelet that had dog charms on it,,so cute,,and only $5,,so not bad.
Then we went to another antique store,,its like a little mini mall with dozens of booths in every part of the building. I love going there,,you can find some of the neatest items there.
I espiecally love the antique books they sell for as little as $2. I always look for the ones in foreign languages. I found one yesterday that is about Julius Ceasar and the Gallic War. The first part tells about what life was like during that time,,the rest is I beleive to be Gallic,,or is that a language,,lol. Any ways,,,I will use the pages in some of my collaging. The book isn't in that great of shape,,but I just love the foreign language look on collages. I also bought another little book that is full of some wonderful quotes that I can use for collaging and cards. The best things I got were the ATC sleeves. In part of the store they sell baseball and sports cards,,and they have the cheapest supplies for them. I bought 3 packages of the card sleeves with 100 in each pack for $1 each,,and then the hard plastic top loader with 25 in it for $2. These were quite a steal compared to what they sell them for in the stores that sell baseball cards. I also bought a package of coin holders with 25 in the pack. I have seen some of the cutest pins made out of these with vintage pictures in the middle. I will post some pics of them when I make some.

So,,today I am going to work in the yard this morning,,and then work in the art room this afternoon. I am still doing some rearranging in there,,to get some of the clutter down and make it more Beth friendly,,lol.
I hope every one has a wonderful Sunday!
I am going to try to post a picture of a butterfly on one of my zinnias that I took last week,,if the blog monster will let me,,lol.


Janet said...

Yay! Cooler temps is always a good thing! We're still hot out here. Could you point those big fans this direction and blow some of that cooler air out this way!!

Sounds as if you and your mom had a great shopping day. I love foreign language books too. And I sometimes buy books just for the pictures!

Cat said...

Hi. Yahoo, glad it's cooler, we should have a break too shortly.

In answer to your Q: I do make some atc size, however I prefer room to work, so most of my pieces are 5x7.

I think it's great that you share the creative endeavors with your Mom. My Mom used to say, "I don't know why anyone would cut up beautiful fabric just to sew it back together again." She is Ms. Practical, & we do share many traits, just not quilting!

Daisy Lupin said...

Wow Beth, you are going to have such a busy day. I feel lazy in comparison, but the temperature has started cooling down slightly here so I will probably get busy again. The combination you mentioned of Cherokee and Irish, on my blog after the posting on family histories, sounds really cool. Love and Hugs xx

Naturegirl said...

Nothing nicer than having fun finding
treasures while shopping! How nice you were w/ mom.I am back from my weekend away and yes I too had fun shopping and made a few donations to, clothing and things.P.S. your elephants ears you must overwinter inside.I peeked at your Sat. post and oh my what lovely artwork all well done and my fav. are
with butterflies!!:)

Rosa said...

They closed our scrapbooking store here in franklin. Grrr. Maybe I need to drive to Dickson now!! Yes, the weather is so much nicer!!! Yea!!