Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stormy Saturday!

Well what a difference a day makes. Its a nice 66 degrees today and drizzling rain right now.
I got totally scared yesterday afternoon. I was out shopping most of the afternoon. When I came home it was miserable,,,not a breeze around and felt like a hot oven. There were a few clouds to the north but the sun was shining and blazing hot. Well I brought all the groceries and packages inside, and was dripping wet after doing that,,so I went into the bedroom to change. Well the lights started blinking and I heard this roaring sound. I ran to the front door and the wind was blowing about 70 miles a hour,,dust was blowing every where and tree branchs and all kind of debris were flying about and it was getting darker. I thought "oh no Tornado",,,I turned on the T.V. and saw it was just some very severe storms coming in. Well I went outside and stood in the wind and it started to sprinkle and I just stood there,,no lightening or I would not have stood there,,lol. It felt so good!

It rained really hard and then Daniel came in from work. After it quit we went outside and it just felt so wonderful,,after being in broiling oven all week it was like a Fall evening. The storms were really bad for alot of folks around us,,power outages every where and lots of hail.
It had been so dry that the trees were totally dried out,,so alot of branch and limbs blew down,,and yesterday evening a family in Nashville was coming home from vacation and a tree blew over on there car on the way home and killed the father,,,isn't that terrible?
Well I am going to go up to Moms today,,going to take some yard sale stuff for a yard sale we are having in the fall. Then we will probably work on a few things in her art room. Well I am going to try to post the pics of my art work that I could'nt post yesterday,,maybe blogger will let me today.
Hope every one has a great Saturday!


Janet said...

I remember storms like that blowing up out of nowhere when I was growing up in Illinois. But at least it wasn't a tornado! And mow it's a bit cooler where you are.

I like your artwork. Is the 1st one done with felt? So cute. I like the purple dragonflies and the face of the woman. All of them are good but those are my favs!

Cat said...

Being from the mountains and spending some time in the flatlands, tornado's scare the snot out of me!!! One time living in a travel trailer by Lake Texoma a funnel cloud came over - the sky had turned that drab pea green and all got quiet...then... you know the story...egads that's scarry!

Wonderful art, are they ATC size?
I love the dragonflies and the butterfly mornings and wildflower afternoons!

Daisy Lupin said...

Love the art Beth, especially the fabric tree with the cute beehive at the bottom. The storm must have been scary. It great isn't it to run outside and get soaked in the first rain after a heatwave. We are still hot but the temps are not as high as earlier in the week so it is more copable. Have a great weekend. Love xx

AnnieElf said...

Ah, Beth, we are begging for days like this. It was 108 here today and was 113 just a little north of us. The heat is so high at night that we changed our plans and did not go to the Shakespeare Festival at the outdoor amphitheatre. At 11 p.m. it was still 89 and felt like 93. At 7 p.m. it would have been worse. I'm sure the heat is effecting attendance.

AnnieElf said...

And on another subject - I love your postcards. These ARE postcards, yes? The little piece at the top - is it all fabric? What did you use for the adornments?

Hannele said...

Here is hot and dry too, but not so bad.