Monday, July 03, 2006

Melting Monday!

Well its going to be another hot one today! Yesterday it was 97,,felt like 105. Today is the same. The humidity hasn't been as bad as it could be though. We have not had any rain for almost 3 weeks. We get pop up thunderstorms,,but for some reason they never pop up over us. We can see and hear them as they get close,,but they are just teasing me. So of course,,every night after the sun goes down,,and twilight is setting in,,,I am dragging the hose pipe all over the yard,,watering, watering, watering. I swear I can hear my flowers saying "AHHHHHH". LOL They would much rather have sweet rain water,,but you can't be choicy in this weather. My moonflowers are really growing up the new trellis that I put up this summer. And they have buds on them,,so soon they will be popping open. Also my big dinner plate hibiscus has zillions of buds on it,,and will be blooming soon. I can't wait!
Ok,,yesterday,,I was just plain lazy. I just vegged all day,,lol. We went out saturday to try to find a small little pool that we could fit on our back bottom deck,,as thats the only level place in the backyard,,,but we couldn't find one that would fit on it,,bummer. So we bought this really cool fan at Lowes. You can attach a water hose to it and it blows this wonderful cool mist out. Well me and the fan were chillin in the yard,,I mean even in the hot broiling sun,,,I had goosebumps from the chilly mist. I wish I had invented that. So I just laid in the sun,,then watched some movies. Harrison Ford's movie "Firewall" is pretty good,,kind of violent though. But he still looks pretty fine. And also "Failure to Launch",,,well, it was rather stupid,,funny in some parts but plain dumb in others,,but Matthew McConaughey on a surf board made up for it all,,lol. Hmmmm, I sound like a "dirty old lady",,,lol.
I did finish my white chunky book pages and will be sending them in. I scanned a picture of it,,and hopefully the blogger king will let me post it.


Rosa said...

I didn't know we were fellow Tennesseans! How fun. Yes, the humidity has been quite low. I'm enjoying it tremendously!

vicci said...

You stay cool Sweetie...that fan sounds marvelous! It's abit cooler here today...low 90's...but 2 fires started up the road from us...I captured the start of one on film...scary! The flowers get so thirsty in this heat....mine get a cool drink morning...noon and night...(just like me)..LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, Thankyou for your sweet words on my blog. Mmmm Matthew, me too, yes please lol. You guys are lucky you can use a hose... we have a complete ban here.. no hoses or sprinklers allowed. My poor garden is screaming murder! I have been back tracking on your blog... reading about what you have been up to. Lovely! xox Nicole.