Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where I spend my days!!

This is my new office this year. Its so much nicer than where I was last year. If you remember my pictures from a previous posting. I enjoy it and its alot easier to go to work every day when you have a nice place to work in.
Its been a rough week. Just trying to find all the kids who didn't show up this year. It will be a while before I can find them. Some have gone to other schools or moved out of state,,but I still have to try to find them.
I am ready for a long week-end. I want to play in my yard and do alot of art this week-end.
Speaking of playing in the yard,,,the temps are absolutely wonderful right now.
I came home yesterday and played in my flowers all evening. Its starting to feel Fallish now.
Daniel and I sat outside and listened to music and grilled out last night. Its hard to come home from work and go in my art room,,I just want to go outside when its this nice and I have been inside all day.
I did a deco page finished for a Fall deco swap that I am in. I just love "house Mouse",,,and these are some House Mouse sticker that I used on her page.
Aren't they just the cutest little guys? Here's a few more Fall greeting cards that I made this past week-end with my Mom. I will write more tomorrow or some time this week-end. I sure miss writing every day,,and I miss all my wonderful friends here in Bloggerville. So I will leave you will a Fallish treat!!


Mauricio said...

Hello Beth!

Nice to meet you,

I saw your commnet in the Kristen blog;

You have a nice work, congratulations, very well done.

See you.


Janet said...

Your office space looks nice and organized. I'm glad to hear fall is on the's still hot here! I like the house mouse, and also all the fall things you did. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and get lots of play time in the flowers and the artroom.

Maryellen said...

The mouse card is over the top cute beyond cutest cute. Love it to pieces Beth.

vicci said...

Hi Bethie.....Glad you have the weekend off and can relax and do some art! You always manage to get some done! Love ya....

Cat said...

Hi Beth, Is it Autumn already!? WOW, and I love your autumn art - leaves are favorites of mine, I remember as a child finding old leaves that were disintegrated except for the veins and imagining they were fairy wings.

Looks like a pretty decent place to spend the work day.

Golden Granny said...

My Dear Daughter Beth is such a good artist and she has a green thumb also. I dont know what she does to have such pretty flowers. Guess she must talk to them. I know why you have a sore throat this morning, spending too much time out in your garden at night time. Hope you get to feeling better. Miss you, love Mom