Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lazy Sundays!!

A nice lazy Sunday,,thats what I need. Today seems like the perfect day for it. Its cloudy and overcast this morning, but suppose to clear off by the afternoon, but still not too hot, high of 88. A little warmer tomorrow but who cares,,I am at work then anyways.
Yesterday was a nice lazy day too. I did get some art work done during the morning hours,,then laid in bed and read my new Stampers Sampler and Rubber Stamping magazines. I had several Art Friends in the Stampler sampler Mag.,,,they did a feature on Shelly Hickox who is in our Tennessee Stampers group,,and is an awesome artist. She does alot of art using the Oxford Impressions stamps which I love! Suzanne Melvin the owner and designer for Oxford Impressions is also a member of our group too and a excellent artist also. There was also art from members in some of the other groups that I am in. One day I hope to be good enough to submit some of my art,,I just have to get brave enough to give it a try.

So after being some what sluggish yesterday,,I am going to try to be a little more productive today. I am very disappointed in my Football team that played a pre-season game here last night. I am a big Tennessee Titans fan,,but here lately they have not done very well. I am hoping with our new quarterback,Vince Young, that we will do much better this season,,but right off the bat, he sprained his ankle,,not good. Oh well just the first game and pre-season so that doesn't count. I know they will do better with each game they play!
So here is the cards that I did get done yesterday. The first card is for my Alphabet ATCs and it is the C card- for Cowgirl Calamity Jane,,I liked her alot,,very fiesty woman!

The next card is for the Alphabet ATC deck and it is the D card for Dancers.

The next card is for my Art Card Deck. It is the Three of Clubs- Repetition. I did this in Paintshop Pro,,I have started trying to do a few more digital pieces of art work.

The last card is also for my Art Card Deck, it is the King of Hearts- Windows. It is a Asian theme which I love to do as much as the Vintage look.

I have a few birthday ATCs to finish today,,and get my Quilt art page finished and mailed. I wish week-ends lasted for 4 days,,lol. Hope everyone has a restful sunday!


vicci said...'ve been busy! I LOVE all the cards! You are catching up fast girl! I better hurry! LOL!!!! Hope you have a nice relaxing least it's cooler! How was back to work???

Maryellen said...

My favorite here is the King of Hearts, but the digital one is wonderful too, and of course the other two are appreciated greatly because I am not of this talent, so it is a mystery to me. To answer your question I am a dedicated Photoshop user. Love the program. No matter how long I've been using it I just keep finding new tricks, and I hardly use 5% of it's potential. I'd love to get that "tutorial" for the side bar. That would be great. Thanks.

Janet said...

Love all your cards. Calamity Jane is a favorite of mine, too. Quite a gal!

Rosa said...

What a wonderful birthday card idea! Please tell me where you get your supplies around here! We had a stamping store in Franklin but it closed down without my even noticing! Help!!!! Your cards are gorgeous! Wow. Love them all.

Rosa said...

P.S. Happy first day of kids back to school!! Have fun!

Maryellen said...

On a second look, I'm really liking your Calamity Jane card. Wherever did you get that great picture. I noticed on your profile your favorite movie. Bette Midler is so great, singing, acting and just existing. She is just a unique delight in this world. She sings my song to me "Did I ever tell you your my hero". Makes me weepy every time, but I love it.

Beaux Cheris Creations said...

All of these are wonderful I absolutely love them.