Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday's almost over!!!

The first day of the work week is over,,Thank Goodness! Monday's are tough,,hard to get back into the 5 a.m. wake up and commute, the working, then rushing home. When I get home on Mondays I feel so tired,,plus today I had to stop at Krogers for groceries, and had to lug them all in. So I laid down for a few,,lol.
I have been scanning my beautiful Toscano Book that all my wonderfully talented friends from one of my favorite art groups worked in. I started this little book last summer. I bought the little journal at Targets for a $1 and now it is priceless. I Love the art decor store called Toscanos. I sent for their catalogs and they have sent my several every month,,I Love the pictures in them and decided to start a glue book of sorts. So the first several pages are mine. Then I asked my friends in the group to please add to it,,and boy,,did they. I just love it! There are several blank pages left and I am talking other talented friends to work in it too. So if you reading this and want to work in it,,,PLEASE DO!!!!! Below is a pic of the first 2 pages that I started.

The rest of the book can be seen at my webshot's album that I made for it,,here is the link.

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    Janet said...

    Wow! That book is fantastic! I love the pages with the lilies and fairies. I don't know what a glue book is but if this is one I like it!

    Daisy Lupin said...

    That's fantastic Beth, my favourite is the page with all the fairies on, naturally.

    Naturegirl said...

    Amazing idea and art! So much talent in one book ....priceless! So many pages speak to me! The butterflies the
    lilies the gieshas the fairies... just wonderful!

    Maryellen said...

    That is such a treasure. Beautiful art work by all.

    Rosa said...

    What a great book! Hey, how's this weather, eh!