Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last day of vacation!

By this time tomorrow I will be back at work. Boooooooooooo!!!!! LOL. So today is a Beth day,,I will just have fun and pamper myself. I am thinking a nice pedicure in the massage chair,,that will work.
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon in the pond area. Its nice and shady there during the middle of the day,,so I worked in the flower beds,,and just cleaned the pond area as it needed it. Even in the shade,,I was soaking wet,,thanks to the lovely humidity that we have here in the summer. It was 96 here yesterday,,same again today.
So I got the pond looking really good because I got 2 new chairs to match my new table that I got last week. I ordering them from Lowes and last night, I met Daniel there after he got off work so he could put them in his truck. They weren't very expensive,,and they match perfectly, as the table is kind of bronzish,,and so is the metal in the chairs. Now the pond looks so much nicer with the new furniture.

I just love this little area of my yard. I spend so much time out here,,its so peaceful and soothing. And when I get home from work,,I head out here in the evening to just relax and do some journaling. My office at my High School is a old book closet,,a really big book closet. All concrete and no windows,,and pretty cold in the winter,,but I have lots of floor heaters,,lol. It sounds pretty dreary,,and it is,,as there are no windows,,but I am tucked away upstairs and no one bothers me unless I want them too,,lol. I spend alot of my time down in the Guidance Office any way,,talking with kids and in meetings. Also I do go out and do home visits,,actually I will only stand on the porches and yards,,learned several years ago to not go inside,,you never know what could be happenning in a home, and you don't want any surprises. All I have for protection is a Cell phone,,so I am very cautious. But it is nice to get out of the office. But when I come home from work,,this is my comfort zone!

Here are is a pic of my Aloe Vera thats by the pond,,I just love it when surprise flowers pop up in my house plants. This has some impatients that found there way into the pot,,lol. I always wonder if a little bird just drops a seed in the pots,,lol.

I listen to the nice bubbling of the fountain.

Finally yesterday my other hibiscus finally bloomed. It was the second mystery hibiscus that came from the seed trade several years ago. This one came up in the pond flower beds this year,,but I moved it to the front flower bed where it could get more sun. This one is a very pale pink,,and the blooms are just as big as the white one that I showed pictures of last month. I am so happy that these lovely plants come back each year,,Hibiscuses are some of my favorite flowers.

Monday I decided that it was time for a back to school haircut. So I went to my stylist, Lee, to get a new do,,lol. I give Lee lots of flower seeds so he gives me a great cut,,lol. I told him that I was sick of the hot hair,,plus it was kind of fried from my last perm,,so he cut it pretty short. And I do love it. Even Daniel keeps saying how much he likes it,,and that I should have had it cut like this at the first of the summer,,lol. So here I am in my new do,,sitting in my new chair, at my new table, in my nice comfort zone!!!(Daniel took this last night) I will probably be here late this evening,,dreading the next morning,,lol. Hope every one has a wonderful day!!!


miss kay said...

pretty pictures. i like the new table & chairs.

Alex Senna said...

Great blog!

vicci said...

Bethie...I love your little oasis...what a nice place to be able to "rewind" in....I love the picture...and your hair looks good! I bet your lovin it in that HOT weather! The table and chairs look great together...and those chairs look comfortable!

Daisy Lupin said...

Your pool area, does indeed look an inviting place. I like the blue lounger swing as well. I hope you have a lovely 'me' day and forget about tomorrow until tomorrow. Love and Hugs xx

amarie said...

i like the table and chairs pretty! and i like your hair cute! i needa haircut

Cat said...

Looks like a wonderful place to relax and read and dream and imagine! It's neat to have a small get-away place in the yard like that.
Bummer on back to work! Every Monday is difficult for me!