Saturday, August 12, 2006

saturdays sentiments

Whew,,glad its Saturday!! Now that I am back at work I will be saying that every saturday,,well actually I will probably start on fridays by saying "whew, I am glad its friday",lol. But you gotta work if you want to buy art stuff,,and toys,,lol. Oh yeah,,and pay bills and buy food and the outragous gasoline!!
So I went back to school on Thursday,,here is a link to the school I work at. We are the mighty "Burros", and might I add one of the better High Schools in Nashville,,and we were in the top 1000 schools this year in Newsweek magazine. We placed 474. We have advance placement courses and other specialty programs so alot of our kids are special tranfers. But we also have 37% of our population are on free lunchs,,which means low income,,and we were about the only High School on that list with that high of percentage of low income and to rank in the top thousand,,so that does say alot.
I have worked with the school system in Nashville for 22 years this Aug.,,(that long?). I hope that I can retire in another 10 years,,which will make me 55,,so that won't be too bad,,at least I hopefully will still have some good health left.
I have been at Hillsboro for the past 2 years,,and I really enjoy being at this school,,alot of really nice people and friends here.

So when I went back to work Thursday,,my husband's bestfriend and his wife rolled into town. My husband grew up with Flint,,did all their wild teen-age years together,,lol. Well Flint and his wife Cathy are a husband and wife 18 wheeler truck team. They stop in and visit when the run from Oregon to Florida. They live in Spokane, Wa.,,but seldom home,,in their truck most of the time. Not sure if Daniel could do this or not,,lol. But they seem to get along fine and enjoy driving. They headed out early this morning bringing O.J. back to Portland from Tampa, Fla. We have a nice truck stop at our exit on the interstate,,so they park their truck there and we pick them up and bring them here to rest and re-coup a few days. Then we rest and recoup after they leave,,lol. They are really very good friends and we really enjoy it when they visit.
I am posting a pic of my one of my really friendly pets,,lol. It is my garden spider that eats my pests on my flowers,,it is called a Golden Garden spider(argiope). It is a beautiful spider and harmless to all but insects,,here is a little link that you can read about it

I just think its a really cool spider,,that little zigzag is a thick lace of silk that he wraps his victims in. I also have a tunnel spider but I don't have a good picture of it. His web is made like a tunnel,,really cool. I think my friend Cathy thought I was nuts for having these spiders around,,but I would much rather eliminate my bug population this way than with poisonous pesticides. I also took a another great pic of a green butterfly/moth this week on a one of my zinnias,,but of course blogger will not let me up load it right now,,,so I will try later.

I hope every one has a great week-end,,I know I will but it will be too short,,lol.


Janet said...

Your school sounds like a good one. And with only 10 years to go to retiring....heck, that'll go by in the blink of an eye!!

I think letting the spider do his own thing is much better than using all those commercial products that probably do more harm than help. Good for you!

miss kay said...

OMG that spider looks SCARY as hell i'ma kill it if i see it lol just playin. love you :)

Rosa said...

Wow, that's an incredible pic! I didn't know that about HHS. Wow. And, yes, we are just neighbors!! Fun.

Maryellen said...

Congratulations on being proud of where you work, and yes I agree on the weekend starts on Friday, knowing Saturday is next. Saturday morning is garage sales for me. Lots of great surprises and so little money. Beats real prices any day. I've been seeing and reading your posts on Vicci Anns Moon Stars and Paper site for some time. I'm new at the blog and am quite flattered you put me on your side bar. I can't figure out how to create that side bar?

amarie said...

omg that spiders scary!!!!! i like your blog too! i dont have a scanner but heres a link to my kids pics.!

amarie said...

amarie said...


Daisy Lupin said...

I am one of those strange people that likes spiders, they do a lot of good in the garden. Enjoy your weekend Beth. xx