Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tired Tuesday

I am not sure if my body is ever going to get use to being back at work again,,lol. And its been non stop since I have been back. I have had to deal with alot of my students that were under court orders and who have not returned yet. So fustrating,,they just want to keep on vacationing,,lol. I recieved some very upsetting news yesterday that really brought me down.
In January of this year I had to take a young man to school for not attending school. At the time he was only 14 and was using drugs very heavily. Not just smoking Pot,,I am talking cocaine, ectasy and whatever else he could get his hands on. He was drug tested by the court and placed under a court order and sent to drug and alcohol classes,,that was it. Well he ended up transferring to another school in our system, then he got zero toleranced into a Alternative school because of drugs at school. I found out yesterday that he overdosed and died last friday. He had taken a large amount of very strong prescription pain medications,,he went to bed and never woke back up,,at the ripe old age of 15. It just make me sick and so sad. His mother was a single parent and had no control over him. Somewhere the system failed this boy,,and it fails so many of them. If you have not been in a Public Metropolitian High School in a while,,go and see what life is like in one. Its very different than when I was young,,and it is sometimes scary.
So,,I have been pretty bummed out about this boy this week.
I did a few more art projects last night,,just to try to get my mind off of this sad event. I finished my Quilt page for the Art Quilt page swap that I am in. This month's theme was "Summer and Dragonflys",,,I love dragonflys. This is the picture of it below.

The next picture is the cover for my 2nd deco book. I did Iris folding for the leaf,,I love to do Iris fold,,it looks complicated but it isn't. Mom and I took a class on it last year at a scrapbook convention.

I had to put an envelope and tag on the inside front cover with my name on it.

Now that helped to get me in the mood for Fall. It rained here some yesterday and the humidity has gone down some and also the temps are a little cooler too, so that is nice. Well am going to go visit some of my good blogging buddys wonderful blogs and then its off to bed for me. I hope that every one has a wonderful wednesday tomorrow.


Janet said...

I am so sorry to hear about the student who died. It is such a waste when young kids get hooked up with drugs. And they all think they are indestructable. Sadly they are not.

Glad you got some cooler temps. We are back up in the triple digits again!

Daisy Lupin said...

It is very sad about the student who died, such a waste of a young life. Beginning of the academic year is always tiring isn't it, whether as worker or student, no doubt you will soon get back into the swing of things. I do love your quilt square, such lovely bright colours.xx