Friday, August 04, 2006

My Babies!

Today I was looking at pictures that I have of my 2 babies that I have in a folder on the computer. I was taking a stroll down memory lane as I was thinking about them alot this morning,,of course I always think about them and Love them so very much!
As I looked at their pictures I thought about how very close they are. Even though they are brother and sister,,they are also great friends, and always have been. Oh yeah,,they have had many squabbles and fights through the years,,but they also have been conspirators in mischief too. Even now they still hang together and are very tight. And in their language,,"they have each others back".
Kalyn was born 2 weeks before Kyle was to turn 2 years old. At first he didn't think too much of this little bundle,,she was something that was getting alot of attention,,attention that he was use to getting all of,,lol. But as she got older he decided she was a pretty good playmate. Her very first word was "Ki",,meaning Kyle,,,every thing after that was "where Ki?" She was definetly his biggest fan,, and her most admired person. I am so glad that they are so close,,and I know that if anything ever happenned to me or everyone else in their lifes,,they will always be there for each other,,and for that I am so very Thankful to God for this close relationship that they have. Here are some of their pictures through the years.
This is their very first picture together,,I love the look on Kyle's face,,kind of like "ok,,what is this about?" his great-grandmother is holding him.

Guess who was the clown in alot of the pictures? I Love these,,as this was always my funny little boy!

And this is the team now days at 19 and 21 years old.

I Love these two "babies",,,and they will always be babies to me. And I am very proud of them! Thanks for letting me go down memory lane.


vicci said...

Oh Bethie...You are such a proud MaMa....and rightfully so!! Your "babies" are beautiful! It's great that they are friends...I LOVE my brother also..those babies grow up way too fast!

Janet said...

Super! Your babies look like great kids. My two were always close, too even though there's five years difference in their ages. Thanks for sharing your babies with us. And you're right....they do grow up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Awwww....those pics are too cute and precious. Kyle's expressions have me cracking up....too funny.