Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life at the Burro!

I am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of being a working woman again. Thats about the only thing bad about being off in the summer,,having to get use to getting up early and going to work. It just takes a while to get use to it,,I am old,,ok? lol.
Life is much better this year though,,and the reason being is I now have a new office!!! Last year the only place they had to put me at was a old book room. It was a really big book room,,but it was all concrete,,no windows,,very dark,,I did have company,,hugh cockroaches and mice,,eeek!!! I made do with it,,fixed it up the best I could,,even dragged my house plants up there and grow lights when the weather got cold enough to bring them inside. Most of them did ok,,dropped alot of leaves. It got very cold in there in the winter,,but I had some little heaters that helped,,so the plants and I survived,,lol.
Well,,last Thursday when I went back to work,,I found out that another really nice office was going to be empty. So of course I pleaded my case with my wonderful Principal,,and it helped that his secretary and alot of my other co-workers pleaded my case too,,so he let me have it. YAY!! Its a really pretty office,,carpeted and walls to hang pictures on. Bad part of it was the people that vacated the office were not very organized and pretty messy. So guess who had to clean it up? I did,,but I didn't mind. They left alot of stuff,,and I got rid of the old yucky stuff and kept the good stuff,,lol. I moved furniture, scrubbed furniture and walls,,and vacuumed the carpet(it didn't look like it had been vacuumed in years). The custodians were to busy to help,,since it was the openning day of school yesterday. They did bring my heavy file cabinets downstairs for me today. The rest of my office supplies I had to bring down and set up. But wow,,I am so happy now,,I actually don't mind going to work now.
I have worked for the school system for 22 years this month. You learn real quick how to beg and scrape for yourself,,lol. I will say this though,,this is the happiest I have ever been. I was moved to Hillsboro last year,,I went from having 7 schools, a secretary, and plush office to being
in-housed in a High School,,but it is the best High School in the city,,and I have a wonderful Principal and some excellent co-workers. So it makes it easier to go to work.
I am going to post some pics of my old office today,,and try to remember to take my camera tomorrow and take some pics of my new office. The old office doesn't look so bad in the pics ,,but you would have had to have been there to understand the difference,,lol.
I sure miss posting every day,,but I do faithfully read all my blogger friends post and comment if I can.
Have a lovely evening!


Janet said...

Oh, Beth, I'm so happy for you! I've been thinking of you the past few days....and how you're doing at work. How nice to get your own office and not be stuck in a windowless room.

Cat said...

Hi Beth! Cool news - new office! Congrats. Sounds much better than the cubicle life I live at work. (lol) Enjoy decorating! Smiles, Cat

vicci said...

Man Bethie...I'm so glad you have your new office now! After 22 years!!!! It's about time! The best thing is that you are happier with things now!!! YIPPEE!!! I miss you too!

Daisy Lupin said...

Hurrah! for your new office. I think the light in your old office looks terrible, using a computer and working with that lighting must have driven you mad. It can't have done your eyes any good. Looking forward to seeing the new. Love and Hugsxx Daisy

amarie said...

congrats on the new space and i hope you have a good day at work!

Rosa said...

What memories that brings back! Before we moved here from VA, I worked at a small private school there. It was a lot of fun, good hours and summers off. Who can beat that? I miss it, but I'm not quite ready to go back yet. With a teenager and soon to be teen, my work is cut out for me here at home. I'm lucky enough to be able to have that choice for once!

Rosa said...

P.S. We used to always get ants! I would salt them down to get rid of them.